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  1. It sounds like I need to start simple and easy to get the hang of it and come out of the experience wiser. I've never been able to talk openly about starting a grow and I want you all to know that I appreciate the time you took to dish out wisdom. Now.. It looks like I have to get some sprouts sprouting.
  2. Okay Okay - that makes sense. I was looking today at getting 2 Sun Hut Tents (9.4 ft x 4.7 ft x 6.5 ft). Do you think that I could manage it? How much weight do you think I would turn out with that size of space?
  3. I should have been doing this years ago ! Thanks for the advice - totally going to get a quality dehumidifier. I think I should only have to water the plants about once every 3 days with this system.
  4. My goal is 10-20 pounds each month. So, I'm looking to profit and want to go the extra mile for quality's sake. Supplemental CO2, solid climate control, ideal lighting. I plan on using an Ebb and Flow system with Growpito as the medium.
  5. On lighting, what should I be most concerned about? Will any reflector work? Should I hit the plant with different spectrums at different points in its life? I recently started reading Ed Rosenthal's Growers Handbook - so I am sure things will start to make more sense soon.
  6. Thanks OGers. I've committed myself to a few weeks of study before I purchase anything. Im a little worried about energy usage - Does anyone know the risks of running 6000ish Watts continuously? Thanks Rayne - This project is already becoming so much fun.
  7. Hey all! I am brand spanking new to OpenGrow and plan on growing my first crop of flowers soon after I move. I am seeking advice on how to best set up my grow. I'd like to harvest once a month. I plan on growing just a couple of plants at first but once I get the hang of it, I will upscale the grow. I have a few direct Q's but I am also seeking the wisdom of all of you Veteran growers out there on the interwebz ! Im was thinking about buying 2 tents, one for Veg and one for Flower. I saw some big 10' X 10' tents that looked about the perfect size for the basement. Maybe that's too big to start.. I have around $7000 to spend on the project.. I want to get my first crop then upscale the grow. In your opinion, where is the most economical and trustworthy source to acquire high quality grow tools? How many 1000W lights would be needed for each tent at max capacity? Do you recommend using different lights for the veg tent as compared with the flower tent? Should I get another tent to keep a mother(s) and propagate my favorite plants? At capacity, about how much weight can I get out of that set up per month? Thanks for the help. Im sure I will have a boatload of questions in the coming weeks !
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