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  1. I know I miss @.: V :. hope all is good , sending good vibes to the cosmos for him : )
  2. No point in knowing the square root of an orange if you can’t peal it : )
  3. It was big of you to stand up and comment on that ttf and start the ball rolling at the start , @mrgoodfellow respect : )
  4. Potassium def maybe , hit them with some bloom : ) or maybe there was a drastic change in humidity and them lower leafs couldn’t handle the change as there makeup was made at the higher humidity level and the change to outside environment the plant decided to ditch them as they weren’t preforming up to standard but im thinking hit with bloom for a feed or two then back to grow : )
  5. winners make it happen : ) losers let it happen a wise man once said ” when the going gets tough ............... the tough get going “ : ) who was that ? Lol
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