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  1. Hey ifish come find me at beam basement please same user nameĀ 

  2. ifish

    Need Help

    An ec meter and ph meter from Bluelab are great tools to have , if your not organic growing ( I would be lost without mine ) im not sure about the conversion of us/cm to ec but my water is very soft and it's about 0.1 , it's like using RO water I must add calmag every feed , I use it right from start as I am hydro and there is no calcium or anything else in my media to begin with : )
  3. ifish

    Need Help

    Thanks for that @Papalag much appreciated : ) @Sparrow , apart for the cal def the plants look great and will bounce back no worries : )
  4. ifish

    Need Help

    Yes start in flowering : )
  5. ifish

    Need Help

    it all depends on the size of plant and envioment etc
  6. ifish

    Need Help

    If mixing 6 L then add 4ml if mixing 9L then add 6ml
  7. ifish

    Need Help

    How much feed do you mix at one time ? In litres
  8. ifish

    Need Help

    Rez , is short for the container you mix your feed in you might have a bucket say or a barrel maybe , depending on how many litres of feed you mix at one time
  9. ifish

    Need Help

    For every liter and a half ( 1.5 L ) in your Rez add one ml of calmag : ) but for these next two feeds , go with 1ml per liter in Rez, just as a top up , then back to 1.5 L per ml , and monitor from there : )
  10. ifish

    Need Help

    With very soft water , you will need to add canna calmag with every feeding I have very soft water and I have canna calmag : ) i will go now and see how much 0.4 ec calmag is in ml what size of Rez you have ?
  11. ifish

    Need Help

    @gardenartus I even did ye olde high teck , switch it off / power off iPad , wait a minute and then switch it on again , that's the limit of my hi-etc wizardry lol
  12. ifish

    Need Help

    I'm not even getting to log on , I put overgrow into Google , then click on the website link and it just goes to green screen ( overgrow colour ) and I can't do anything else ,
  13. ifish

    Need Help

    sorry did get back quicker had to go to work lol just tried to get on again , but no joy , just green screen on my iPad 2 @Papalag
  14. ifish

    Need Help

    @PapalagI've been trying to get on the other site everyday for ages now , all I get it a green screen , is it up and running for yous ????? would love to get back on : ) been lonely , sitting here not being able to chat to yous , thinking site was finished : )
  15. ifish

    Need Help

    @Papalag Been here : ) just in the backround as usual you speaking to @JetDro ?
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