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  1. They can’t get pass it , but holes still do there job : ) the cheap dot type weed control fabric like baqualins above , not the heavy duty weave type , it’s probably the exact same as your uplostry fabric too : )
  2. I use it it when using airpots , I line the inner base and inner sides of the airpot , leaving about an inch sticking up out of the top of the pot . It acts like a bung wall preventing messy over runs/surface erosion if top watering . It also helps control gnats as they love all them holes in airpots but not if lined with weed control fabric . Good for protecting the bottom holes in regular pots from gnats also : )
  3. Weed control fabric from the cheap shops work great too : )
  4. Goji meets amnesia haze ................... epic , was meant to be : )
  5. @JetDro you only have one nut left , the right you owe to hamme lol
  6. ifish


    20 20 20 is pretty balanced ( not veg but not bloom either , middle of the road , good mum food also ) , you using this thro the whole grow ? lacking some iron maybe : ) vitalink calmag has extra iron in it
  7. ifish


    I think anyone should be able to come on and use the search facility for info ................ but to see the latest activity feed or to follow a topic , you have to be registered and logged on ............ the best of both worlds : )
  8. On “my guy “ in the bedroom ? lol : )
  9. I break everything too lol even hammers haha I’ll have to think of something else , I thought it might be a bit flimsy : )
  10. I think I might try a potato ricer for squeezing : )
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