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  1. The ratio kind of stays the same , weaker , but the same , telling the plant it can survive abit longer , kind of , because of the strength of the n in relation to the P and k , this stays the same even at weaker strength what is the npk of the ttf
  2. Been thinking that myself @Mr Goodfellow
  3. Great , I’m looking forward to seeing them in action : )
  4. Fasten you seatbelt , place head between knees .............. and brace brace brace lol
  5. Plenty of budddddddddddds : ) i swear , I think that animal cookies just winked at me lol
  6. Thankyou for the look inside , I enjoyed it : )
  7. Looks like a faulty connection between that blue wire and it’s corresponding terminal thing , do you think the rightish bend in the very first pick ( way back ) was the culprit , putting stress on the internal blue wire connection , which is on the outside of the bend ? if you look at scorching ( black burntness ) it always tapers back to the source or point of origin . The connection between blue wire and terminal thing , causing arcing and high heat
  8. I would keep lowering the fuse in the plug till it blows one and then just stick with the previous one , the slightest twitch then will blow the fuse , the fuse in the plug is maybe too strong and a lower one would be more safe , did the fuse break ? maybe yous don’t have fuses in your plugs : ) i see it as all the safety precautions in place worked as it did not catch on fire , and when the problem occurred it cut off the supply of electric I am assuming : ) we shall no more after cozz completes his fire investigation report : )
  9. Are you going to open up the male connector and investigate further ? Just cozz you can : ) maybe the tight bend of the cable going into the female socket caused it , I only ask as I have some tight bends too going in to fixtures
  10. Blackjack is gonna be tasty I like the look of that aurora : )
  11. Takin stuff apart is fun when something is already broken , as you can’t make it any worse : ) probably just a cheap 5 bucks switch to change
  12. And so might the others : )
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