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  1. This ones for you , blast it : ) Will miss you SPACE
  2. I’m thinking you lost a lot of fans / leafs with the earlier problem , and the plant had to grow them back to function properly , this process had not finished prior to flipping , causing the leafy looking plants in flower maybe : ) if n is slightly too high aswell , then this won’t have helped either and made it even more noticeable : )
  3. Has the mixing action straight in the 90 forced some green through the 90 mesh , maybe mixing in a kitchen sieve would be better , then the forced through plant particles would have been bigger , which the 90 would have then caught / sieved out just letting the smaller trichs fall through , to be caught in the 35 ?
  4. That should keep you ticking over for a while lol great show : ) i think one original 160 bubble bag , some dry ice and make a wappa temple ball : )
  5. You have more friends than you think @gardenartus , you just haven’t met them all yet , sending good vibes to the cosmos for you , exciting times ahead : ) winners make it happen losers let it happen : )
  6. @gardenartus Bigs hugs , thinking of you , I feel the same sometimes since I retired and lost all my work buddies , but we soldier on , hopefully I get this part time job I applied for and meet some new friends along the way , chin up : )
  7. Ahh yes I get you now , sorry my bad I thought you where using flora grow on its own this time throughout the whole grow , sorry for that : ) I’m just going to slip back into the backround haha appologies
  8. what makes a one part easier than a two part one bottle for veg one for flo one bottle system only benefits less space taken up in the cupboard : )
  9. Floranova grow has a higher n than p in its npk ratio , nearly double , that’s why maybe you defol but you can hardly see it as a higher n promotes leafs and maybe if you switch to a higher p than n you will see a improvement as p and k in flo promotes bud density and budding : ) floranova grow is 7/4/10 to make it easier to reduce the numbers to better see the ratio , let’s call it 8/4/10 which is the same as 2/1/2.5 ( I devided all numbers by the lowest number to do this ) a ratio of 1/3/2 or 1/2/2 or similar may work better as it is promoting pushing what we want the plants to do at this stage budding Just shooting the breeze , with what I like to think about : )
  10. Oh yeah , your rollin all right : )
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