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  1. Maybe the clones everyone is getting are from a gg4 mum that has been reveged along the line at some stage ( watered down / loss of some potency )
  2. This ones for you , blast it : ) Will miss you SPACE
  3. I’m thinking you lost a lot of fans / leafs with the earlier problem , and the plant had to grow them back to function properly , this process had not finished prior to flipping , causing the leafy looking plants in flower maybe : ) if n is slightly too high aswell , then this won’t have helped either and made it even more noticeable : )
  4. Has the mixing action straight in the 90 forced some green through the 90 mesh , maybe mixing in a kitchen sieve would be better , then the forced through plant particles would have been bigger , which the 90 would have then caught / sieved out just letting the smaller trichs fall through , to be caught in the 35 ?
  5. That should keep you ticking over for a while lol great show : ) i think one original 160 bubble bag , some dry ice and make a wappa temple ball : )
  6. You have more friends than you think @gardenartus , you just haven’t met them all yet , sending good vibes to the cosmos for you , exciting times ahead : ) winners make it happen losers let it happen : )
  7. @gardenartus Bigs hugs , thinking of you , I feel the same sometimes since I retired and lost all my work buddies , but we soldier on , hopefully I get this part time job I applied for and meet some new friends along the way , chin up : )
  8. Ahh yes I get you now , sorry my bad I thought you where using flora grow on its own this time throughout the whole grow , sorry for that : ) I’m just going to slip back into the backround haha appologies
  9. what makes a one part easier than a two part one bottle for veg one for flo one bottle system only benefits less space taken up in the cupboard : )
  10. Floranova grow has a higher n than p in its npk ratio , nearly double , that’s why maybe you defol but you can hardly see it as a higher n promotes leafs and maybe if you switch to a higher p than n you will see a improvement as p and k in flo promotes bud density and budding : ) floranova grow is 7/4/10 to make it easier to reduce the numbers to better see the ratio , let’s call it 8/4/10 which is the same as 2/1/2.5 ( I devided all numbers by the lowest number to do this ) a ratio of 1/3/2 or 1/2/2 or similar may work better as it is promoting pushing what we want the plants to do at this stage budding Just shooting the breeze , with what I like to think about : )
  11. Oh yeah , your rollin all right : )
  12. my guess would be that growth pattern shall continue on the ones doing it but raising the light or turning it down will help and maybe slow it down the next grow flip sooner would be my plan , this would take a week off your overall run time and won’t really affect the overall yield noticeably , If at all take a note of this hieght and the next grow keep them under it , flipping sooner , and if some / any look to be creeping over the new hieght wanted , train them sooner to stay below it . Good air flow between the light and the plant tops helps too but I think you already have that covered , maybe you can crank that up abit will be cool for you to fire him a bud or two of the gg4 back , to get his opinion on it : )
  13. Very happy for you , can’t wait to see her grow : )
  14. I can see it : ) first time I seen it it ran smoothly but now it’s jumpy
  15. First have a look at tent sizes and choose a new tent , fire it up here befor you buy and I’m sure people will comment on how good it is and value for money etc and may agree or point you to a better one etc
  16. Put you money into some quality equipment that will last ( buy once ) buy a tent , buy a Soler Palau / s&p in-line fan or similar , buy a mountain air carbon filter , a fan controller , buy a cheap ballast reflector and bulb , a relay and timer the cheap ballast and bulb can be changed replaced at a later date when you have more money and kept as a back up the soler Palau fan can be bought second hand on eBay if money is an issue as second hand with these is fine as they are extremely reliable : ) a clip on fan , some ducting , and a heater for lights out if needed : ) there are lots of second hand deals out there to help with costs
  17. No one is going to mess with you for sure lol
  18. Help me doc , I got it bad lol
  19. Been an outbreak of bud fever here recently , what’s the best cure lol help us dank doctor : )
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