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  1. Very nice indeed : ) yous will make a great team : )
  2. A black malinois ? beautiful she will certainly keep you busy : )
  3. think safety first , and wear a helmet with that lot : )
  4. Amnesia Haze she’s the queen : ) @Hamme Hydro is the king : )
  5. Sounds like the spider mites
  6. ifish


    still sending something tho , you can’t talk me out of it haha : )
  7. ifish


    I’m going to have to dig deep for you @JetDro and pull something good from my stash in return : ) and of course , thankyou @santero I’m very grateful of your time spent creating these , we all know what your about , we all have plenty of happiness in our fridge due to you , and never have you asked for anything in return , so no worries or confusion there both yous guys rock ,
  8. Happy digging madkevin : )
  9. Very nice , wish that was going in my jar : )
  10. Coconut water too , they say : )
  11. Maybe hit them with a low ppm but high in p when you first bed them in to the octos , get them roots going , a clone is more mature than a seed ( as mature as the mum it was taken from ) so it will show / generate more power at the start : ) im with @Papalag ........ “mums is where it’s at “ for seeds , clones for flowering : )
  12. @HereticCleric if you have bud booster lying around ( pk ) yes you could use with goe , but if buying what would be a lot better is a higher pk nute that is complete as in it also has the other stuff in it like iron zinc boron etc as after mixing the two togeather we really want sufficient levels of these still in the mix . Plus it gives you more room to play as you can use the new nute by itself later in mid flower also , to really ramp up the npk ratio witch you can’t do with the simple booster as this lacks the other stuff also needed : )
  13. @HereticCleric In flower we generally want a higher p and k than n say 1/2/2 to push this ratio it’s not 3/6/6 we use , as this is the same as 1/2/2 we use a npk ratio of 1/4/4 for example : )
  14. @HereticCleric everyone wants to push ppm/ec , but we can’t really force the plant to uptake more than it is able or wants too , what we can do is change what it uptakes , the npk ratio for that time , so its the npk ratio that we push , kind off : )
  15. Jetdro has put a lot of work in also .........respect im sure there’s more to come : ) keep her lit jetdro : )
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