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  1. @gardenartus What good about that link too , is it tells you the npk ratios of different nutes : ) @JetDro
  2. A friend of mine had a fridge he no longer wanted so rather than just takin it to the dump , he thought he would put it in his front garden and he put a sign on it saying “ fridge , good working order , free to good home “ it sat there for over a week , no interest in it so he changed the sign to “ fridge for sale , £30 “ and someone stole it haha : )
  3. wake up jetdro ( me kickin his shoes haha ) .............................. Yes it’s friday , lol : )
  4. What’s he saying about the amberness : ) You can let plant go up to 80% amber or colour means nothing as aging in the ball will take care of it ?
  5. Hi Rickyb happy shopping : )
  6. The last ratio reduction is correct at 0/1.66/1 but I think reducing it down to 0/5/3 is easier to understand sorry if I’m confusing things : )
  7. I bring down the numbers in this one ( from 5/45/20 to 1/9/4 ) , to make it easier to see the relationship between the numbers in the ratio to each other ( to see what it’s pushing ) This one I do , to give me an idea of the strength or concentration of the bottle nutes as they have different ratios , so I can see roughly what I need to add to the gallon of water , I use ec meter anyway to be exact , for say when I change from grow to bloom nutes and npk ratios are different but I want same ec or ppm i also use this one to see how much value for money the bottle of nutes are befor I buy them its a lot harder to explain in words than it is to actually do it : )
  8. Here’s another way two different npk ratio nutes grow and bloom grow = 4/2/2 =8 = 10ml to gallon bloom = 0/50/30 = 80 = 1 ml per gallon both gallons have same ppm or ec , but both npk ratios are different : )
  9. If you changed from the low numbered ratio nutes to the new higher ratio nutes and kept the same nute ml in the gallon of water , it would be fry time lol : )
  10. @gardenartus 5/45/20 is the same ratio as 1/9/4 but we only add 1 ml to a gallon of water with 5/45/20 were as we add 5 ml to a gallon of water with 1/9/4 so then both gallons have the same ppm or ec strength : )
  11. Lots to do today : ) i better get up and at it lol
  12. The rejuvenating gel is for when after you wash it , you then rejuvenate the foam filter in the special anti bug / mold gel , it probably also keeps the foam in good condition too : ) horti ( grow supplies people ) got togeather with uni filters ( car air filter people ) to make this filter and gel : )
  13. I’ve got one too , haven’t got round to fitting it yet ( must put that on my to do list ) I also got the special rejuvenating gel : )
  14. Horti control dust shroom : )
  15. Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiive come on og , dance n sing along ......... you know you want too The offical opengrow anthem : )
  16. This tune goes out to that one special seedling , we all have high hopes for lol : )
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