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  1. 9 x Orange Diesel on 18ltr Mapito

    ill pull up a chair for this one
  2. First Mapito grow peace and harmony

    ph the water though
  3. First Mapito grow peace and harmony

    i would give them just water mate then see what thay are like at the end of week two
  4. First Mapito grow peace and harmony

    how old are thay i dont give my plants feed till the end of week 2
  5. First Mapito grow peace and harmony

    t5 for veg is what i use and for my mums
  6. Luma's Mapito Garden

    loving your grow mate i will be watching this grow
  7. vapour pen

    can you use any vapour pen for cbd oil as i'm thinking of getting one. if not can any one recommend a good one? Cheers
  8. fresh beginning

    hello and welcome mate
  9. Oldskool grower

    hello and welcome mate
  10. Hello fellow growers!

    hi mate and welcome back
  11. Hy from ex jugoslaavija

    welcome aboard mate
  12. water pump

    thank for the replies .but at the end i went with a clark hippo. which can be used with a garden hose. which is good did not have to buy one. my table is 3m by2m and i fill it 2inch and the pump gets out 99 per cent of the water so if you are looking for a pump give this one a look i hope this is help to anyone looking for a pump
  13. Coco vs Mapito

    i love mapito because its easy for me to use as i am disabled and i love the taste of my weed .but there are loads of different tips of mapito out there so if it ain't broke don't fix it! just try and do better with what you got in. always trying to get more because i always smoke it's never enough :D
  14. Coco vs Mapito

    hi barreleye i've grown weed in most things. soil, water, clay pebbles, coco and now mapito. hands down its mapito for me. flood and drain its easy. good results and short vegging times but you need to learn what the plants want and get your grow room dialed in and then its all good. o and good genetics.
  15. water pump

    what water pump is the best thAT i can use to get all the water out my flood table?