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  1. I have a question: If I were trying to use an octopot (or something very much like it, I'm in europe and they don't ship over here so I'd have to make my own) to grow in the no-till organic style, could i still throw a bunch of red composting worms in with the soil mix? If it's possible that they would survive, I guess it would be near to the bottom of the container.. or do they need to be in the top few inches of soil? The lack of needing to transfer, the monster growth once the roots hist the res, the double rooting system and the reported thick stems are what are attracting me to this growing method. I'm an absolute beginner, still. Hoping to get my first grow going this summer- I'm making moves to move into my own flat. It's been almost five years since I lived like this. Quality and quantity, all while keeping it simple.. beautiful
  2. Hey all, Just stumbled across this video of an interview with the author of the organic soil biology books Teaming With Microbes, Teaming With Nutrients and Teaming With Fungi. He seems to think autos are the future, and is writing/has written a book about them. Check it out:
  3. hobbs

    The spiral down?

    It's a spiral out, at any rate. Keep the faith
  4. Cheers guys, I'm leaning towards a tree growing method, with a drip feeding water system so i don't have to visit to water quite so often. Maybe a blumat system, or a ghetto equivalent.. thin cord or rope leading from a water tank into the soil or something.. I hate to think of all this good weather not being used to grow me pot.. Grr
  5. Hey fatrasta, thanks for the advice.. Yeah digging holes with a spoon is no fun, i should try a fork instead! I've been experimenting with making my own organic fertilisers, and not without success.. I completed a batch of lactobacillus serum, which i then lost (stashed it outdoors but i guess someone removed it).. Made another batch and it turned out alright, but i haven't kept the results.. I'm happy just getting used to the process for now, i intend to go pretty hard with organics once i have my own space. I actually found a coco brand that includes some mycorrhiza, i was thinking of adding that to the soil mix.. I'm worried about location though.. I found a lovely spot (not too easy to get to, and it's very close to a good water source, maybe too close), but people definitely go there.. There's a lot of litter.. So the search continues.. Was seriously considering growing up a tree, since the problems with common pests can be avoided that way, but i think the plants would be healthier in the ground, especially when it comes to sourcing water. I would have to visit them way more if they were in a tree, so in the end which way is more stealth? Its no question which is more effort.. And the police here are stopping and searching an awful lot.. I hate to say it but i might have to put growing on hold.. Or just keep looking for a patch of fucking dirt to put a seed into.. Arrgh!
  6. Thanks for the tip, saxo. I'm still active on this, haven't given up I'm going to have to retry BIMs.. First go didn't work out. I'm a few days into the fermentation stages of a lactobacillus serum, though I've no idea how it's going.. Time will tell. Finding a spot is proving more difficult than I thought, I followed a watercourse upstream the other day and came upon a beautiful clearing in the forest.. Tall grass, rotting logs.. And then I found where someone had dumped the used soil from a past grow.. lol.. The perlite gives it away. So I need to keep going. It's a bit frustrating. Strain-wise I'm now leaning back towards autos. I see more likelihood for a successful harvest. So, automazar is currently top of the list (Dutch passion currently have a 2 for 1 deal going on these). And i think I'm gonna do a very very simple grow. Mostly local soil boosted with my own natural ferts, mycorrhiza and mulch. I'd love to go deeper into organics, but I've got to think practicality.
  7. That there is a community compost pile, situated at one of the entrances to a public green space (forest).. That's a community shovel as well, I believe.. I didn't steal it though, much as I need one. I'm guessing the park rangers put the compost there; they are pretty active in these woods, there are nature trails and reforestation areas all over. So the pic is of their pile, not mine lol, I only took a little bit. But yeah, I did cover my pile with the surrounding soil when I dumped it in the park hempy These woods sound too populated for my liking, even though they cover a very large area. Got to be careful, or go further afield, or both. Soil is on hold too now while I focus on making fertilisers.. I'm starting a lactobacillus serum today..
  8. Yeah.. I'm gonna just try and ignore logistical issues relating to harvest and drying for now, and just hope for the best.. Today I refound the first spot I was considering.. After doing some reading on the gc forums on guerrilla technique, it occurred to me that I Really need to know my way around the place where I intend to grow.. It's easy to get lost in a forest, and the wilderness is no joke. So I've been exploring. I also refound the compost pile and filled a rubbish bag with it. Very dark, fine.. I'm pleased: I dumped my bag full in a kids park near where I'm staying in the city.. It will have to do as a compost spot.. I'm figuring the worst that can happen is that someone takes a whizz on the pile, which is no bad thing.. I got some coffee grounds from a starbux (I hear they have to give them away for free, if asked), and another rubbish bag full of fallen leaves.. I'm gonna just keep adding stuff to the pile in the hope it'll grow me some tasty bud. And once my microbe stew is complete I'll feed that to the pile too. I'll add pics and method if it goes right with the breeding.. Got to keep scouting for grow spots now Strain-wise I'm leaning towards critical kush.. might as well start with something that's at least supposed to be good for hash and forgiving of mistakes when grown.
  9. hobbs

    Guerrilla '16

    Pics relating to my first grow
  10. @youngsta Yeah that's a good post.. Pity I don't have a chainsaw ha..No exposed freshly broken ground and no Christmas trees.. Sounds like good advice.. Don't be seen, yeah.. I might just end up sleeping near the patch come summer. Stake it out.. Just think; if you saw a wild man dressed like tarzan capering through the forest your first reaction would be to steer clear right? Could defend a spot near harvest time this way. stealth by audacity haha.. "this is my HOME!" it could get political.. Misdirection! @hempy Ah.. That sounds annoying. I'm mostly concerned about the smell come flowering though to be honest.. If I'm careful enough my plant(s) will just look like another bush in a big green forest.. I'm leaning towards indicas strain-wise because of the faster turnover, shorter plants and type of stone (from what I've READ.. Bloody hell I've only ever smoked schwag). @rose I mentioned autoflowering plants because I'd prefer a faster growth cycle, and looking at some of the outdoor grow reports on here I'm frankly a little bit intimidated by the yield you can get from a plant that's been in veg three or four months lol. I'm operating on my own; I'm not sure how I'd be able to handle multiple kilos lol. That said, whatever I manage to grow I will turn into hash, so growing a big tree could work out.. Also, the danger of having a bush becoming too visible because of surrounding falling leaves does not appeal really.. Ai.. I don't know yet.. Perhaps an auto trial run, to get the hang of growing.. I don't have any seeds yet, I'm mostly focusing on soil at the moment.. Today I started preparing my homemade bacto, I'm gathering microbes from grassland and woods (cooked carbohydrate source left in a container with holes to gather mould).. I'll check on those in a week and if they're all good I'll feed them up with honey and then use that to speed up composting. Haven't dug my hole yet.. It occurred to me today that it's actually still winter.. Scouting around for free amendments.. Leaf mold, Rotting wood, cardboard, coffee grounds etc.. I'm still liking the fish at the bottom of the hole thing though, could be an incentive to grow a photoperiod monster.. There should also be some stables nearby for some horse crap woo!
  11. @saxo Thanks for the input Good point about the fish ha..
  12. Thanks for the encouragement folks! I went out this morning and found an area on a northwest facing slope that's just covered in nettles.. Lots of them. If I could find a way into the middle of there without making too much of a mess (of the bushes and myself), I doubt someone would accidentally stumble across it.. I worry about dogs though.. Do all dogs go crazy when they smell a pot plant? Or just the ones that are trained to? I didn't go as far out as I might have done, and there was a path and a lookout post (but facing the other way) at the top of the hill.. About 20m further up.. Fish in the hole sounds good, I've never been fishing but I think it would be right up my street.. In terms of pest control I'm thinking (after a browse of the threads on this forum) of using eggshells and piss so far.. Maybe also some sort of cage thing for when it's small. How deep a hole should I be thinking of per plant? Fish in the bottom with some *ahem* free compost I found there and a soil drench of some fermented microbes from the local area (from theunconventionalfarmer) are what I have in mind for soil prep (plus some poop of course).. I was thinking Mother Nature would provide the rest.. It started to rain and I wasn't properly equipped (food, water, gloves, a knife and a spoon for digging with lol) this morning so I came back early, but I'll head out again soon and take some photos and maybe you guys could advise on pros and cons of a certain spot? Anyway, it was nice to be back in a forest.. Fun times
  13. So I was hoping to be in a more stable living situation by this time; I first started making plans to grow maybe five months ago.. Grr.. But things haven't worked out as neatly as I had hoped, and I am still living out of a 65L rucksack with no money, and worse still, no pot. So the idea came to me just tonight.. I'm saying f*** it to the idea of waiting to get a job, saving enough to get a deposit for a flat, then saving some more to get some fancy gear to eventually start my growing adventure. I just wanna do it straight.. Get busy.. So I've decided to go scouting for a spot in the woods here at 48 degrees north.. tomorrow night, and start clearing some ground, preparing the soil for a round of autos. It will be my first grow, and a low risk, low maintenance experiment. Also something to keep me from going crazy in this catch-22 bureaucratic nightmare world I'm living in. I'm interested in the microbe orientated approach to growing, and was thinking of clearing a small patch and putting some cow s*** on top and some mulch in preparation for spring. Gotta do something lol.
  14. I'm also thinking of doing a no till indoor.. i love the idea of soil just getting better with time. Worms please! i want a proper ecosystem in my pot.. I'm planning on a sort of 0.5 m square sort of fabric trench filled with custom soil (or maybe a ring donut shape, with space for a bare bulb to drop down, and a fan to blow from the bottom up.. idea's still evolving..) with a view to grow several plants in at once.. just clones of the same mother, though, to keep canopy in check.. first timer.. I've been pretty captivated by the fermented organic fertiliser recipes found on theunconventionalfarmer.com (thanks to dude, i think for the link to that).. fairly simple recipes that last ages, and which are only meant to be used very sparingly.. it's just like having one's own brand of bacto.. a fish fertliser to boost N, and feed your myco population.. a calcium phosphate one made from eggshells for flower.. obviously the soil should be doing this work, but these seem really good as standby amendments, and for recharging soil between grows in a no till setup.. As for sterilising soil (mentioned in another organic thread).. i think i would prefer to just beef it up to start with, feed up the worms, and let the goodies and baddies fight it out.. i should say though, this is all in theory talk. generally, infestations suck. i got lice from a second hand couch once (i quickly found out why it was so cheap).. they made my life miserable for a few weeks. But then there's a ginger-garlic extract recipe there too, for the plant's resistance.. in case of some sort of uprising.. i'm way too excited by this..
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