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  1. I won't be updating for awhile.
  2. https://www.opengrow.com/index.php?showtopic=37694 smoke report for you
  3. Some veg 19 bagseed clones that have been rooting for 1 week.. Should be popping roots any day now. Flowering room. Macros, making use of what I have now.. I still need an adapter to use my macro lens so stock camera it is at the moment. Some of the bud that was trimmed today.. Got stoned on the scissor hash and forgot to take a pic of the rest of the bud heh All of what's flowering with the exception of 4 plants. Currently 26 plants in flowering total.
  4. SeedManJay

    Current Grow

    Currently under 2400w
  5. Nothing special at the moment, just a canon powershot a650is K heres the start of the update.. (A decent amount of pictures to come..) /\ These are the NYCDxLUI, they're looking great but the mutant leaves are progressing. Some of the individual blades want to be whole leaves? Lot's of extra stuff on these leaves. /\ One of the colored bagseed..This one had several bananas so it was cut down today. /\ The other purple bagseed plant /\ This bagseed that already had half of its buds cut off was also chopped today /\ Two ??xLUIs, both female. /\ HazexLUI on the left, MangoKushxLUI on the right, both female. /\ Three bagseeds, the one on the left already got harvested half way /\ The 4 oldest bagseed clones. /\ The main cola of the bagseed on the right in the previous picture /\ Six bagseed clones that have been in 12/12 for 1 week.
  6. Thank you all. We really are just getting started here.. Working out the bugs (not insects..knock on wood) and whatnot trying to get dialed in to a fertilizer line that all the plants enjoy. Soon we will be expanding the flowering room and adding another 1K hps. Slowly but surely we'll get there.. Money is tight right now, ya know?
  7. SeedManJay

    Deep Or Wide?

    It's really all personal preference. If you want to go wide maybe you could adopt a slab idea. They sell rockwool slabs and coco slabs, maybe other mediums but I haven't seen them. Here's some pictures of what Im talking about. *Note none of these pictures are mine, I found them on google.
  8. yep I also do a presoak.. usually 12-24 hours..
  9. Damn gotta love all that purple
  10. Can't answer your question ghost but I'd never feel safe posting grow stuff on a website whose server is based in the US.
  11. Hello friends... Been feeling shitty lately as I have strep throat. So I bring you and myself plant porn from my current grow to raise my mood a lil Those are some healthy pertaters if i do say so myself
  12. The next strain we will be adding is venomberry. Seeds are germing now.
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