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  1. sorry... MPL #4? what am I looking at there?
  2. hi gents, I happen to know a gentleman who has gone and seen this setup, spent time with this guy and has personally tried the honey. As far as he can figure, the bees appear to be trained to visit the canna, and then they carry back what is stuck to their legs. Obviously a full explanation was not given as it is still open to debate, but he said that the honey he sampled was def. cannabinoid active
  3. BIG misunderstanding and SERIOUS for doing that publicly. I didn't mean to negate what you were trying to offer as a token my friend. I realize in hindsight that I did exactly that and it was rude. We're all on the same team here, regardless of our opinions and beliefs. Fire in the Hole! Bless I forget that some of our brethren aren't up-to-date on various jargon so I'll make sure to clarify in situations like above.
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the love I'll just create a rabbit trail to my threads from one to another, keep things fun a bit, yeah? From Greetings to Budshots
  5. Ulduz x RD was a pleasant smoke, even with a quick dry and minimal cure (due to lack of smoke) she gave a rotten, fruity funk that carried over onto the palate. I'll be making some f2 once I've had a chance to get a space up and running for seed production (in the works)
  6. 'lo @agreenpassion, both the Ulduz and the Wild Paki were a fem hack from over in the UK. They're OD strains, but I'm always interested in trying to tame things. I think if enough variables are close enough to where they need to be, every strain can be an indoor strain. I DID have some herming on the Ulduz, no seed or pollen as I went ahead and pulled her a little early. Pulling 18"+ colas indoors... I can't wait to see what they do OD Even killed it with the White Yeti. The White brings the trichs and brings them early. I was seeing trichs on these, both male and female plants, before they were pre-flowering. I'm going to run a few OD next season and see how they fare. bless!
  7. It's a damn shame that literally a handful of people can dissect what appears to be a decent collection of competent growers. I think at the end of the day, you have to remind yourself that this IS an open forum, and like anything left open, pests are going to get in and disrupt. I encourage you guys to stay the course. You were here before them, and even if you weren't, you offer more to the group than they ever will. Communities have to stand up and defend the things they love! There needs to be a sub forum for these types of issues, so mods aren't having to patrol every thread on the board. If you have an issue with someone or something, you bring it to the mods sub-forum. You have to bring about the changes you want to see. We have to make it happen. bless!
  8. If you know anything about Bros. Grimm, you'd know that they've been SHUT DOWN since 2002. Duke Diamond didn't become a part of that brand till 2015. That said, tell me more about how long Bros Grimm have been working the RKS line that you heard about through an email from a guy you bought seeds from who buys seeds from someone who said so. :thumbsup: Your what you seem to think is a tenure? here means jack shit if you contribute absolutely nothing but empty comments and hollow declarations of purchases and grows. Sack up, put up or just shut up dude. Talk is cheap and a pic is worth, well, not much from your direction at this point. I'm done mods, said my piece. @santero bro, if overstepped, I apologize, but fuck me dude... lol
  9. 'lo Wolfie!!! good to see ya bro check out the Ulduz x Royal Dane mang, I don't think you saw this one unless you backlogged my thread elsewhere
  10. WPxRD pre-cut: and trimmed bud with a little bit of cure
  11. A UK friend made an awesome female hack using a wild Pakistani cultivar and Royal Dane Super resinous, I'll throw up a couple of indoor shots of her in a bit.
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