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  1. Didn't have any time to clean the lower branches up today. But I was able to transplant the Mango Tango baby I planted a while back. It has been inside the house in the mini-tent and it's been struggling a bit. Its bouncing back now, and I topped and bent it because it was super stretched. My wife wanted me to cull it as we are going on vacation for Thanksgiving next weekend and she didn't want the person taking care of our dogs to see it. I decided to just throw it in the tent. It won't show sex until after I get back anyways so worst case I either get an ounce or two off of it in a couple months or if it's male I cull it and plant another. Prolly chill on the updates until after vacation. Next 5 or 6 days are gonna be cray cray. Hope everyone has a good Turkey day!
  2. Thanks all for the kind words!! I'm really enjoying the cover crop. Even if it does nothing, it makes them look pretty...
  3. Finding it pretty hard to complain about how these girls are looking. Having to water daily now. You can see in these pics they are starting to look a little sad because it's been a day or two since I watered. Don't worry, I gave em a drink when I took these pics, and I'll be doing it daily now. I had to bend one of the sugar punch in the back because her top was going craaaazy on me. Should spread out nice though. Sugar punch starting to show a lot more vigor now! Oh and I got my new phone, so the pics should get a little better now! Tomorrow when I water I'll do a little cleaning up of lower branches and bud sites that won't get any love from the lights. I'll get some pics of the girls all cleaned up after I do that. Cheers!
  4. I soak my plugs in water for 24 hours, plant in the bottom and put on a plate upside down with 1/4 inch of water. That way they stand on their own and never dry out as the peat wicks up the water as needed. I check them daily and keep the water on the plate at about 1/4 inch or so. They never dry out that way, and I've had the same bag of rooters for over a year. I also don't squeeze out any water after the soak. Even after 24 hrs they still maintain a good amount of oxygen, so squeezing I think just dries them out quicker... YMMV I'm excited to see these pools stacked with buds...
  5. Fuckin ridiculous trichs on that Fookies...beautiful bro!!
  6. Thanks T O O! Had some more time last night as my wife was off work. Decided the plants needed a thorough inspection to see if there are any bugs or sign of other issues. Didn't find bugs thank goodness but I did notice a couple leaves just barely starting to yellow that I hadn't noticed before. They needed a watering anyways so I went ahead and gave them some Neptune's Harvest Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer. I know, I know...CHEATING BOTTLE FEEDER!!!111 Meh. I sensed they needed something and I think it was the right call. Also it's not really cheating as this fish hydrolysis is good for the soil, so think of it as a liquid additive...hehe. Really though this method all boils down to doing what's best for the microbes and the soil, and thus doing what's best for the plants. I was a little nervous but I came home to these today and I'm very pleased with how they look. On another note I have a Nexus 6P on the way and I'm hoping I can get some better pics out of it than my current phone...
  7. Good call on the clover AGP! I do need to plant some more. Thanks bro! They are not SIPs. I thought about doing those but I don't really have the need, and in my case I don't have good ventilation outside the room so the increased humidity could be a problem. Just add smart pots vs rigid pots, fill trays to about an inch below the smartpots and you got yourself a pretty simple little SIP though. The hydroton in the trays is just to elevate the pots so they are not sitting in standing water if I get a little overzealous. I've been doing good this round and barely getting any runoff but it's been a problem in the past. Old habits I guess. I usually use perlite but they were out at the hydro store...
  8. Took a few more pics today as the kids aren't home right now and I finally get some time to myself. The plants seem to be doing just fine so far in their first week or so of bloom. I'm not sure how long it's been as I don't really keep track, but it's been about a week. Tops are forming nicely and although I've been fucking with them daily, bending and clipping in strategic places, they seem to be handling it alright. I'm going to leave them alone for the rest of the week unless absolutely necessary and see how they do when I'm not bugging them...
  9. An update! Been a busy couple of weeks for me. The wife is working more, which means more time watching my offspring, and at this age they barely give me time to shit, much less take care of my hobbies. I have to run out to my grow room and water real quick before they realize I'm gone! The plants are starting to look a little more like I want them to now. I have to remember I only have 200 watts of LEDs in the tent right now, so growth will not be what I am used to with 1k+. So I waited an extra week to let the plants spread out a little more and flipped them a couple days ago. Next run I will probably double the wattage. These LEDs run so cool, I think I could slam 600w of LED into this tent no problem! Highest temp has been 75 and lowest has been 73. I think I had the lights a little too high up as well, as the baby Mango Tango I had in the tent stretched like crazy. The Strawberry Blue went crazy too, but the Sugar Punch really didn't stretch much. The strawberry blue is quite a strong and vigorous plant but is showing signs that it will get out of control. I wish I had topped this one now, but it's too late now so I will just have to stay on top of bending it. I think in future I will take the time to top and then LST. The SP are staying nice and compact and are starting new shoots and bushing out. I think over the next few weeks they will develop into really nice little bushes. Exciting! Enough chatter. Pic! Strawberry Blue on the right, Sugar Punch on the left.
  10. I have been leaning towards a hoop house, because I can build it just how I want it, but time is just a real problem for me. Perhaps I can get my dad up here next spring to help me build it over a weekend, and that will be a big help for me. Budfather, I'm gonna check out that Sunmaster plastic. I know some light diffusion is desirable, but I haven't done significant research into it yet. Thanks all! If anyone else has ideas or recommendations, let me know!
  11. Get those printed on canvas and there is a real market for that over here in Oregon, and I'm sure other legal/quasi-legal states as interior decor for dispensaries...
  12. Very nice, looking forward to seeing this insane show!
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