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  1. DukeA#1


    Sounds good to me! Need a clinical trial Would also test theory that pot smoke takes the killer out of killer bees. Pothead day dreams and I hope they come true
  2. DukeA#1


    What a great video! Bees are awesome infused honey is the best for a bad cough (10Q gardenartus 4 ur recipes) thanks for sharing that Zanzibar
  3. Ditto on the dough sunstone. love their beans
  4. No worries mate im sorry I still just lurk around. Still very self conscious
  5. @organically challenged Yes, you can use everclear. If available I use spirytus polomos 192proof polish moonshine. I believe gardenartus uses extractol Also, I hope you use the distiller snd magnetic stirrer/heat that Gardensrtus suggest. That will save you money and the stirrer will save ya the grief. stay safe and god bless
  6. @gardenartus auntie doing fine. She is quick to give me an ear lashing. So I’m satisfied the oil is doing the job. @SPW &GA it is funny how common sense goes out the window. The Australian govt has told the country not to wear masks!!! (Politics) My aunt insists on wearing it and I have to obey her wishes. But people look at us like we’re infected. Also schools stayed open out here. Teachers are upset
  7. It’s so sad watching US news from another country. Down right depressing. Trying to explain the madness to my elderly aunt. I’m full of anger and bitterness as it is. But don’t agree with protesters who just take out their aggression on others. I understand. I got a few people on my shit list. by the way GA, seeing ur medicated Gum makes me smile.
  8. power corrupts here in Australia their prime minister makes me sick !!! Money is their god shit all over the world stinks signed bitter bob
  9. Australia is beautiful. Reminds me of California in the 80s. You pump ur gas first then pay, 18 is the drinking age and it’s mostly undeveloped. My pansy ass jump out of my pants when I saw this wolf spider on the garbage bin. My aunt says you got to watch out out for the red back spiders. Check your shoes and all that.
  10. Oh yes GA I love helping others. Love open grow family. When rhino posted, "help somebody some way some how" then i read Your wonderful caregiver experiences with your Patients.; and how this love keeps you going. Its soo hard caregiving. I felt like i was drowning. The light bulb clicked on! Especially when you shared your plight caring for both your parents and(in my view) family wasn't supporting. To me, It seems like history keeps repeating itself. Shit all over the world stinks. And kind words of support, random acts of kindness is where it's at. Open grow messages received. I'm going to try to do my part. Thank you God Bless scared plant warrior, GA, pappalag etc. Bless us all.
  11. @ GA and Paps Thank you for condolences still out here in Australia (stuck for now) The nations capital Canberra to be exact. Went for my morning walk up mt. Anslie. Couldn’t stop thinking of papalag close call and snap that photo of their capital. Auntie is doing fine, been dropping some of GA’s recipe: infused oil with the frankense, cinnamon in her tea. Think you said it before GA those senior citizens do great on the oil. It’s great to hear from the OGers! Check out the kangaroos I saw
  12. @Paps greetings from the land down under. Little scenic view to keep ur mind off things.
  13. Fudge!!! Paps thank you God and guardian angels
  14. Doing well GA. Everything is depressing since mum passed. Went out to Australia back in February to care give for my aunt. been stuck out out here and the news from NYC really sucks know a few people positive from the virus and 1 who died. On the bright side popped a sugar punch and freebie somari X madchem. wish the world would learn it is the healing of the nations
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