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  1. Oh just don't what to say....just bless and respect always...and I truly believe you are Open Grows surgeon general (an armed forces of the medical service) officially or not. I'm just one of many of your soldiers! Hope we make you proud. Happy Happy Veterans Day!!! LOVE U GARDENARTUS. TY MR. G sooo happy wishing you fast recovery.
  2. me three!!! We love and miss you Gardenartus!!!When you said you took care of both of your parents,I sobbed and couldn't express my admiration for a hero. Tried to pm you felt vindicated when I remembered you saying something about dosing 3x a day instead of one large dose. Well it worked. Eating and drinking like a champ. Feels awesome when moms nurses said she looks great and lucid. There is light at the end of the tunnel I
  3. ARRRHHH!!! IWE ALL NEED A QUEEN B MEDICINE WOMEN IN OUR LIVES!!!! @gardenartus your love brought me peace Pax et bonum sister Christian keeping the faith you stay , I tell people with confidence how someone actually met you in person to treat his wife's cancer.and how your a caregiver and a patient!!! Tell someone that the ingredients she uses are all organic and then you come to find out the cinnamon was pick because it's low in Coumadin! I read an article about DMSO and got hype up. Then it's like Wtf was I thinking when Gardenartus sez it's not organic use emu oil. I notice there is a difference in pain relief without the emu oil and fan leaves, stems, that are process (for the CBD) it's the Gardenartus way. That's powerful statement to tell someone. They submit and accept an invitation to try. I need to remind my twin sister not to roll her eyes at me when I give tincture to our mom. I realize that I look like a fool to my sis when taking a bong hit blowing it in a empty bread bag. Then rebreathe that smoke and take some tincture. She looks at me like this stupid pot head been drinking bong water again. I know I bring this upon my self but I tell people I don't know jack but this lady gardenartus.... It's humbling to know how Gardenartus and other members here speak first hand on their random acts of kindness! Pax et bonum Open grow family.
  4. Pretty cool,Tac! I tried this guys method but gave up on pressure cooker mode. (Bud got wet) and went with the slow cook mode. Here's the link. it's a funny name to the site.http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/instant-pot-decarb-extract.26157/
  5. what is best in life? "Set up small tier farm,. Grow old school organics,. And humillate the competition..... Scone the Barbarian!!!
  6. good for you! dooms day prepping it's just smart
  7. I'll never forget in the late 80s trumps mom was mugged. A guy driving his truck saw it stops and saves his mom from the mugger!!!! At that time Mike Tyson was going around giving away carsand hundred dollar bills to kids. I remember two kids on the news showing their $100s. So, one would think a multi millionaire in the 80swould show his appreciation. Yeah he showed his arrogance. When they asked him about showing gratitude for someone Who caught your mother's mugger, he replied with his chin up, I'm going to take him out for a nice dinner. I know our hero didn'tdo the deed for a reward. It was the way Trump said it. Almost like let them eat cake. I also know our hero wasn't aporn star but pay him like he was wen he saves ur mom. i hope I'm wrong and trump really rewarded him financially. I remember thinking he dropped the ball with the question. He should of said don't worry we know how to show our appreciation. Instead, he grabbed his money belt and said he'll get a nice dinner. You know went cheap for a sec.
  8. My mom has stage 4 CKD, that article scared me. They test her levels every month, it's a game of balance. The treatment robs your protein. They say eat before and after treatment. Whenever shes weak and just feeling terrible her potassium, hemoglobin etc are all low. The doctor wanted to put my mom on marinol for loss of appetite. F....k all synthetic drugs! Ever since I been giving her the infused MCT, life for this caregiver and her has been so much better! Her dementia almost made me crazy(a lot of repeating comments like help, help help......) if I stop giving it to her the repeating comes back and whole lot more stuff. I adjust dosage when necessary (wen she's weak or sleeping all day). The pain relief from the balms priceless. Oh and thank you Gardenartus for the tip about infusing the leaf for hemorrhoids. Save the fracking day!!!! (Scary seeing blood) It's the perfect bandage. 10Q Gardenartus
  9. What beautiful pics! Look professional to this untrained eye!
  10. Road kill skunk, recently read thread on another forum about RKS and understand that it's lost. Read somewhere plants grown next to mango trees Tend to taste like mangos. Something like that. Can't someone bring back RKS by growing over A dead skunk? DUMB Stoner daydreaming? Maybe rhino.
  11. Wow, eye opening!!! Just follow the money.
  12. Reunited and it feels so goodhttps://www.13wmaz.com/article/news/local/georgia-mom-charged-with-giving-son-marijuana-for-seizures-regains-custody/93-569867650
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