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  1. Tinctures with a little added umph

    burning this one in appreciation of the open grow community! These two ducksfoot bare witness to the solidarity!
  2. Tinctures with a little added umph

    @Gardenartus, good fellow and justcozz and everyone on open grow Thank you thank you thank you!!! I've been reading and absorbing. Finally, I got it. Started eating oil after reading comments like good fellow, " ate some oil and slept like a champ last nite"(well it went something like that) gardenartus, "shove it, smoke it , just start eating it!!!hempyfan's,"!enviroment ,environment environment" your words come back loud and clear. Like a kick in da rear I yell I get it now. i read justcozz's and gardenartus infused coconut oil threads and made a very small batch of coconut oil in a shot glass in the rice cooker! Tossed in stems,Kief,oil,flower. Just messing around. It work! Rub some on a old broken pinky toe and no more weird pain!!! WTF!!! now it's time to stop messing around and do it right. Going to get the sous vide and goin to double bag Justcozz! Very exciting!!! Now I'm preaching to all my friends, when you goin to learn? Eat it, shove it, stuff it.
  3. Tinctures with a little added umph

    , Hello Gardenartus, wanted to try to infuse some frankincense and cinnamon, 1/2oz indica, in coconut oil. Where do you buy your frankincense and others? What do you think about what's in shopping cart? Thank you X 1000!!!!
  4. HLG 550 - Site Reccomendation

    These are alittle cheaper because of wattage and you have to put together the frame for it.http://timbergrowlights.com/grow-light-kits/quantum-board-kits/
  5. 20180510_PeekInside.JPG

    Nice! And nice lights too. Just bought new led cobs with passive heat sinks like yours. Figured new heat sinks aren't as loud as those LEDs in box with tiny loud cpu fans.
  6. IMG_2045.JPG

  7. Hash or Kief dabs

    Made it! Thanks much appreciated!!! Just need to be sure your sitting down. Because took a bigger hit than I thought. Good thing I was holding onto bed rail. Left leg was buckling while I was coughing. It was a smooth hit just forgot to blow it out. TKO
  8. Ducksfoot

    Snagged it, Ducksfoot was sold out (Df is back in stock)and believe I got the restock that was put back because no payment was received. Happy happy
  9. Rotstieliger 002

  10. afterglow1

    Beautiful !!! Love that leaf! Wish I could grow outdoor.
  11. Yes sir Paps! I hear ya stay focus. I'm hoping for the snow ball effect for the whole tri-state!
  12. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/cynthia-nixon-weed-is-already-effectively-legal-for-white-people_us_5ace3917e4b0648767760684 I am sick of the politics here in New York from city gov to the state. But I'll play the game to turn into a recreational state. You got my vote.
  13. Pollen stash and sugar punch

    Pollen collection and sugar punch seedling whose tap root is pushing out the top. I know I shouldn't mess with it.... But after three days I tried to help right itself.... Decapitaded it. It's sad cus I got only two from the fem Pak. And we'll one of them survived. It's weird cus both SP seedlings sprouted upside down.
  14. "Treated a patient that way up the nose" please tell us more. how did you make ur nose solution! Need to start the gardenartus M.W. Clinical study. You and others here, experiences are priceless. If I hit the lotto your funded.