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  1. Busy or not forever lurking around
  2. Another great thread on behalf of all the lurker’s this place is not dead
  3. Glad to see this site wasn’t closed was freaking out for a bit when I couldn’t find the page
  4. Wait a second undecarb oil! I missed this lesson! stop decarbing??? details please gardenartus or weezard merry christmas OG family
  5. yo Jethro, Tree envy- laughing my ass off yeah man just like the old saying becareful for wut you wish but seriously though I love pairing cbd&thc oil with things like cherries to boost it up. it’s the gardenartis influence/way with your info which I hope will help someone with gout issues. thanks again and stay safe web,
  6. @webeblzr thanks for sharing info on cherries! freaking price for 32oz is insane high at$21 something bucks at king orchards but cheap compared to other companies you got the right idea about the tree got tree envy after the price shock
  7. I shouldn’t complain but f$&k! It https://www.npr.org/2021/07/06/1013578552/u-s-sprinter-shacarri-richardson-will-not-compete-in-the-tokyo-olympics you bastards suck you cut Sha from the olympic team because of mmj for grief of her mother’s death! bastards
  8. Such awesome advice! Again! Welcome back happy happy
  9. This is exactly what happened to my current grow. had some runts that needed to do alot of catching up and.so....light cycle from flower back to veg last plant showed is giant sequoia tree IMG_0172.MOV
  10. @Sacred Plant Warrior So sorry to hear about your illness! Praying for you brah! and hoping your ingesting the RSO. your words on depression Speaks to me feels like im looking in the mirror when said take care and stay safe bless and respect to you brother love
  11. Whoa never knew sad and funny great article thanks for sharing
  12. @Mr Goodfellow Good to hear from you buddy
  13. Whoa thanks for simplifying it guys Wish I could suppress my ADD enough to read through it all. @Papalag ur right still lots of work to be done and love the way you celebrate!
  14. @Halforc what a sad story but a happy ending.. it’s sad that I read so much on how Australia has come as far as mmj studies and you would think one could get access to it easily. god bless this lady in Adelaide need to follow her lead
  15. Freaking A !!!! i was in your great capital of Canberra! Cousins told me cops have check points for alcohol and Dna tongue scrap for weed,etc I got so high one day i was so paranoid about driving. kept thinking of getting pull over and then they give you the old tongue swab for weed!!! You guys got some good bud out there! love getting buzzed before hiking mt Majura, Ainsle, Telstra tower, when i was there two growers were raided! Hopefully im correct wen saying no heavy jail time just fines and rehabilitation I popped some seeds out there but germ rate sucked. The grow was a flop. Not enough time, winter weather etc. I just made what i had and the roots! Into cbd oil. make your oil cheers mate
  16. F..k pot stocks F money invest in ur own grow and watch your flower stock rise.
  17. @gardenartus my nervous system Told me to tell you, “thank you!!!”X 1,000,000.
  18. Took a look at my pot stocks today and couldn’t believe how bad they all dropped. WTF??? Tilray was $50 something this morning and is now $30 something a share. Cronos is another sad Canada stock i invested in via cash app .I tried to buy US pot stocks from the cash app but haven’t figured out how or why I can’t make the purchase. maybe cash app only likes canucks??? love our northern neighbors but would love to support US companies too sad for now but hopeful for the future
  19. @gardenartus yes, I noticed you did change recipe! no more: turmeric ,black pepper and I believe frankense. just ordered herbs (passion flrw& skullcap from amazon. very exciting stuff really looking forward to results Im having trouble sleeping too Lmao over your sad kitty comment original video was very funny
  20. @gardenartus your night time recipe with skullcap and Passion flower is one of yours which I never got a chance to make. -living with regret now So anyhow, watching the news today a gentleman joined a zoom call with a face of a cat!!! (Young family member used his computer earlier and put cat filter on) Hilarious it was. But thought of you immediately because that filter would be great for staying anonymous while doing your tutorials. also, will let you know how your peppermint tea with cbd honey does for someone I know who suffers from migraines The only thing that works for her migraines is caffeine and ibuprofen.(if memory services me correctly) and... it’s becoming less effective too. Will let you know
  21. For those who don’t Rick Simpson had a stroke and has been keeping from the public. Check his site 4 more info http://phoenixtears.ca/
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