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  1. Crimson Fart

    Ghetto grow 2018

    Harvesting outdoor is always a "give&take"-situation; Nature takes her part but the growers ofcourse wants his share of the crop also Your garden looks lovely M.G !
  2. Crimson Fart

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Still hoping that your SFV OG x TH's Deepchunck will make it to the shop
  3. Crimson Fart

    The Rat’s Stock

    It's fun taking a look in your growroom. So far, great looking plants
  4. Crimson Fart


    No insect will pass here #5 has an amazing trich-production (&most other pheno's are also looking stellar).
  5. Crimson Fart

    My secret garden

    Having/setting high standards for yourself while growing leads automatically to progression (=so to succesfull grows). So this is actually not really a problem. I'm experiencing the same issue; just like any other fanatic here on the board. Maybe your expectations should be fine-tuned ? The sun has a 'full' spectrum to offer & and this has an immediate impact on the composition of cannabinoids and terpenes, which provide odor & taste. The artificial lights which we are using contains only a 'small' part of this spectrum. (This is just a simple explanation tho') If it's possible; grow outdoor canna-trees so you'll harvest a one year supply
  6. Crimson Fart

    Beach's Backroom

    Man, I only could wish of going to see & listen to a 'local' band with Krist Novaselic on bass. Cool that you, despite of your pain, went to the concert. I'll check that band, cause I wasn't familiar with them. Many thanks The Nepalma's are looking stellar btw; although I'm not really a sativa-smoking-guy I'm in love with the 'complexity' of these varieties.
  7. Crimson Fart

    My secret garden

    Despite of your dissapointment in growing your (own) weed; your plants are looking very nice & you made an interesting choice of genetics... Because of this you seem a passionate grower so why give up ? In my growing years I tried several things to get better plants, harvest, etc.. . But I learned that growing isn't rocket science & that our plants thrive on only 'the basics'. Create a stable environment(temps, humidity,..), don't overfeed & chose good genetics. It's not the first time I see & read about hermie-plants coming from 'Connaisseur Genetics'. They have some cool strains but a lot of their genetics are known for their herm-traits. Crossing these without testing properly results in seeded buds in the grower's growroom So again, don't get unmotivated by this
  8. Crimson Fart

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Hunting 'new' strains, buying seeds & than (obviously) grow these is amusing but it's way more fun growing a cross which is made by yourself. Nice plants & interesting crosses, Keep up the good work Sunny
  9. Crimson Fart

    pretty projects in progress

    Looking very nice Mr.-W but I think I see something what every grower doesn't want to see in his growroom. It's not so clear to me but do I see mold (or is it a dried spot coming from the HPS) ?
  10. Crimson Fart

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Two times Larry, makes a lazy summer. Lemon Larry F1 @53days- Santero's selected keeper from a pack of 'Elite Genetics', released in 2006. In the back, she's @19days. Without Santero this line wouldn't be around. Thanks Sifu !
  11. Crimson Fart

    RipT Genetics Perkins Cut BX Seed Run

    Nice to see you harvested a lot of seeds. Now the 'real' treasurehunt begins.. Are you planning to look what these will bring ?
  12. Crimson Fart

    Opengrow is online again

    Nice to see both forums are up & running again. Top notch @sannie
  13. Crimson Fart


  14. Crimson Fart

    Cannarie's Trees

    You didn't said you were growing baseball-bats in there .. Very nice Cannarie. You're stepping up ! What Xaim said: Carefull for mold in the last few weeks when growing buds like these. Try to avoid a too wet medium & high ec in the end.
  15. Crimson Fart

    i cant load up my pics on wietforum ??

    Wietforum.nl & it's members could use a status-update @sannie, We already knew that you're changed you're focus on the international markets (especially after the more aggresive canna-laws in Holland), but please... Just give the members an explanation of what you're plans are with the dutch forum