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  1. Crimson Fart

    My secret garden

    Having/setting high standards for yourself while growing leads automatically to progression (=so to succesfull grows). So this is actually not really a problem. I'm experiencing the same issue; just like any other fanatic here on the board. Maybe your expectations should be fine-tuned ? The sun has a 'full' spectrum to offer & and this has an immediate impact on the composition of cannabinoids and terpenes, which provide odor & taste. The artificial lights which we are using contains only a 'small' part of this spectrum. (This is just a simple explanation tho') If it's possible; grow outdoor canna-trees so you'll harvest a one year supply
  2. Crimson Fart

    Beach's Backroom

    Man, I only could wish of going to see & listen to a 'local' band with Krist Novaselic on bass. Cool that you, despite of your pain, went to the concert. I'll check that band, cause I wasn't familiar with them. Many thanks The Nepalma's are looking stellar btw; although I'm not really a sativa-smoking-guy I'm in love with the 'complexity' of these varieties.
  3. Crimson Fart

    My secret garden

    Despite of your dissapointment in growing your (own) weed; your plants are looking very nice & you made an interesting choice of genetics... Because of this you seem a passionate grower so why give up ? In my growing years I tried several things to get better plants, harvest, etc.. . But I learned that growing isn't rocket science & that our plants thrive on only 'the basics'. Create a stable environment(temps, humidity,..), don't overfeed & chose good genetics. It's not the first time I see & read about hermie-plants coming from 'Connaisseur Genetics'. They have some cool strains but a lot of their genetics are known for their herm-traits. Crossing these without testing properly results in seeded buds in the grower's growroom So again, don't get unmotivated by this
  4. Crimson Fart

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Hunting 'new' strains, buying seeds & than (obviously) grow these is amusing but it's way more fun growing a cross which is made by yourself. Nice plants & interesting crosses, Keep up the good work Sunny
  5. Crimson Fart

    pretty projects in progress

    Looking very nice Mr.-W but I think I see something what every grower doesn't want to see in his growroom. It's not so clear to me but do I see mold (or is it a dried spot coming from the HPS) ?
  6. Crimson Fart

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Two times Larry, makes a lazy summer. Lemon Larry F1 @53days- Santero's selected keeper from a pack of 'Elite Genetics', released in 2006. In the back, she's @19days. Without Santero this line wouldn't be around. Thanks Sifu !
  7. Crimson Fart

    RipT Genetics Perkins Cut BX Seed Run

    Nice to see you harvested a lot of seeds. Now the 'real' treasurehunt begins.. Are you planning to look what these will bring ?
  8. Crimson Fart

    Opengrow is online again

    Nice to see both forums are up & running again. Top notch @sannie
  9. Crimson Fart


  10. Crimson Fart

    Cannarie's Trees

    You didn't said you were growing baseball-bats in there .. Very nice Cannarie. You're stepping up ! What Xaim said: Carefull for mold in the last few weeks when growing buds like these. Try to avoid a too wet medium & high ec in the end.
  11. Crimson Fart

    i cant load up my pics on wietforum ??

    Wietforum.nl & it's members could use a status-update @sannie, We already knew that you're changed you're focus on the international markets (especially after the more aggresive canna-laws in Holland), but please... Just give the members an explanation of what you're plans are with the dutch forum
  12. Crimson Fart

    Ben Tokin's 2018 harvest pics

    You got yourself dialed in
  13. Crimson Fart

    RipT Genetics Perkins Cut BX Seed Run

    They seem much happier than earlier Interesting genetics.. I didn't knew these before so ofcourse I'm watching ! Good luck with the repro.
  14. Thats one of the reasons I love canna-plants (&nature in general) so much... They never give up
  15. Crimson Fart

    Swamp Grow 3

    Can't be prepared enough when starting the outdoor-season