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  1. I hope its real. Maybe they still have CB and HP in stock because of technical issues Darth (but I doubt it). I would absolutely love to get a hold of some Cheeseberry and CB!!!
  2. Thanks for sharing! Looks like it was an okay run. Those foxtails are beautiful. What were the final numbers?
  3. Is there another thread with the selected Kali anywhere?
  4. [/quote name='Indican' timestamp='1448072128' post='674213' The Huckin Heri is almost a gay strain, My 2 favorite male breeders brought together lol...Wow, maybe a huck x heri dad will be a new daddy for a few more indica crosses??? We shall see (Huck x Heri) Maybe this one could be called FanBoy. Or MyTwoDads maybe. Instead of MyTwoDads it could be MyDOODads.
  5. I think it's hasty to cull any seedlings. Most of the seeds I have popped were to see how the flowers effect me. Imagine if the Bubba Kush was culled because it just didn't veg. Just my $.02.
  6. What year seed batch is the Kali Mist father from that is used in the Blue Kali?
  7. For the next year or so, as a noob, the solution to any problems you will have will almost certainly, 100% of the time be, give it less. Lesson has been learned and you are now moving forward, now knowing from first hand experience, that your plants don't need as much water as you once thought they did. Well done Metal head! The only way most of us learn is by making mistakes. When I was teaching noobs I would always reccomend putting some activated charcoal in the bottom of the pots because I knew they would overwater and the charcoal (in addition to other things) would aid in minimizing damage from root rot. Also, starinhazy made a good point regarding the temperature of your room. Because LED's don't generate a lot of heat your plants are going to "sweat" less. So they won't need as much water as a person using HID's. Blowing fans directly on the plants will pull moisture from the plants as well as the medium also, moreso from the plants, FYI.
  8. After briefly introducing himself to me the other day, I must say that madmaster420 seems to be a really nice sort. I hope this job doesn't change that in him, heh. Thanks for your kind words madmaster and I hope this responsibility leads you to even higher highs! This place is what it is because of people like the Maderator!!! All hail the Maderator!!!!!!!!!!!!! (spoken like Arnold in Terminator) (every knee now bows)
  9. I took a break from growing and smoking from 2011 to 2015. A LOT has happened since then!!! @Santero - That Fugu kush looks pretty nice! I love frankincense tasting strains!!! What percentage of Fugus taste like frankincense? Seems like the Blowfish would make the Bubba veg EVEN slower. Is this the case? Thanks in advance friend.
  10. GreenT


    Yeah I missed out on Anna too. Everytime I thionk about it I just go sour grapes and try to tell myself it isn't that good anyway. Deep down inside I hope that Whazzup stops working for Gavita and gets his butt back here with that damn starin though.
  11. The hollow stem thing was conceived (or mostly perpetuated) by DJ SHort. He thinks that strains that produce fiber (in the main stem) aren't as desirable because they use energy to produce that fiber instead of producing cannabanoids. I have seen in the past VERY potent plants that didn't have hollow stems, so I don't put too much weight on the hollow stem thing. If you are looking for a male to pass on traits, the male you are using must have those traits. If you want a resinous strain, a male that's resinous is a good place to begin. Same with smell and plant structure. Potency is tricky however, because you can't look at a male and see that it is potent (resin is not always an indicator of potency but a resinous male is usually a keeper in my book). You gotta smoke it to see IMO. Most males won't get veterna growers stoned but a good breeder/grower who doesn't smoke anything for a couple of days can see which males are potent and which are not. I used to smoke the youngest leaves and shoots from my males back in the day. Here's an interesting link with some cool info regarding cannabis' sexuality and why some males are resinous and others are not. It helped change my mind regarding the whole fem seeds debate. Hope it benefits somebody here. http://www.mrnice.nl/forum/6-breeders-support-information/8805-males-fem-seeds.html But the real way to tell if you have a good male is to cross him and see if he passes desirable traits on to his offspring. It's the only true way of knowing if you hgave a good male. So you gotta just go for it, cross 'em and pop 'em.
  12. I wonder if those beans will be $400 a pack next year? Any updates MGG?
  13. Who says Sinister doesn't do feminized seeds?
  14. Nice looking flowers there!!! Good luck with the re-veg. 24 on and an Alfalfa smoothee is what i would use. Definitely have enough green there to bring them back. You'll do just fine. Well done on the finish!!!
  15. HomOG, TruBlue Balls and OG Bath House are the new crosses? WTF is going on here? This thread is getting weird, but I'm getting excited!!!!!!!!!! (if you know what I mean ) Kush Tush 50 Days in the Hole Okay I'll stop now.
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