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  1. I am just discovering this now.... I was unaware- *PS makes a very disgusted face* I'm not liking that one little bit. I was hoping for more control. Perhaps the issue is front end- rather than prevent existing members from editing posts- how about being more selective on the front end regarding allowing members in? More careful vetting would weed out the dumb-dumbs better... and yes, the pun is intended.
  2. Hey Mr Prawn.... if you use a script blocker, or some other firewalls and security, it will not show the edit button- when I "allow" OPG on my mozilla browser's add-on NoScript software, it shows the edit button- if I activate NoScript- no button. Just a thought...
  3. Thanks! I am glad you enjoy the thread. The only problem I have with the hydroton was I filled the buckets too far originally and now the plants are pushing it out due to the massive root structure... I have plants over 6 feet tall in full flower now from the grow that follows the one documented here. This thread is about 5 months behind my current state. I keep trying to get it caught up, but always find other things to do. I'll keep trying though. I should also reiterate... while I am a very experienced grower, I never did hydro before this run pictured... I did however have a spectacular support group online to nurture a success my first round. I now am so happy with hydro for so many reasons, on so many levels, I doubt I will ever return to soil mediums. I get bigger, better, and more potent plants faster and with much more control and consistency. I went from doing 3 runs a year, to a perpetual that will net me the same approximate yield from 1 soil grow about 5 times a year. I spent close to $1000 setting everything up and rehabbing my room to accomodate a ebb and flow type growing style and I feel I am way ahead. I could have done the same thing for about 1/3 the price if I would have built my own system as opposed to buying a pre-made system... I wanted to reverse engineer this one and have already done so- all additional equipment will be DIY to add on. Til next installment- PS
  4. To continue the thread.... I am documenting here my method for transfering clones from the bubbler with bare roots into a 3.5 net cup and then into the ebb and flow buckets. This was described to me by a good member over at TCC and it works fantastic. (Thanks Rev!) First I get a 5gal bucket and fill half way to 2/3 with 6.0 p/H'd water. I then put the washed and rinsed hydroton (about 1 buckets worth) into the 5gal bucket. I don gloves (I am a cigarette smoker and you don't want nicotine stained and nasty fingers touching those fragile and precious roots) I then set the net cup into the hydroton and place the rooted clone in the cup before allowing it to settle into the clay pellets. I slowly and gently submerge the cup and the hydroton fills in arounf the roots. Next I set the empty inner bucket of the ebb and flow set up down into the 5gal pail filling it with water and hydroton. I set the net cup on the surface and it will literally settle down into the clay and water with virtually no resistance. Lastly, pull the whole inner bucket up out of the pail being careful not to go fast or the net cup will get sucked down into the inner bucket too far... gravity is a wonderful effect in this case. One last pic of my meter when the res is dialed in for the veg cycle.
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    Liquid Thread pics
  6. I'm back.... seems there may have been some changes made that will allow me to delete my pics I hear. I'm quite grateful if that is the case. I am wondering if there is a way to upload pics straight from my puter instead of hotlinking them from photobucket? I don't see any controls for that. A little help? I have been gathering- uploading to photobucket, and then linking them here- I have a grip of pics on the HDD I want to go straight up and not deal with the middle step if possible.
  7. This thread is found in its entirety at TCC. Thanks for understanding... I am not leaving- I'll lurk periodically.
  8. I'm sorry folks.... I can't continue the thread unless I were to have the ability to delete. I am not bitter or requesting this thread be deleted. I am not harboring hostility towards OPG or anything like that. I just have a different philosophy and would rather participate on simpler level and not upload pics I cannot remove at a moments notice. Respect to the management and members- PS
  9. Hello SS... you don't know me- I have been a lurking fan of your thread for almost a year over at PG, and now I get to keep up here. I am a friend of Ms. BMcgee's and she told me about your thread a while ago and I got hooked. You do have a certain way with presentation and have a real knack for engaging reads... respect, ma'am. Just wanted you to know you have another freak along for the ride.... not as much of a participant mind you, but voyeuristic and sending the best just the same. (... I was not the guy in the truck.... but I could have been. I do that shizz all of the time-) Peace On-
  10. Yes- this is an Ebb and Flow system that pumps nutes into a controller bucket with float switches... it has a timer on it and 4 times a day, for 15 minutes, the buckets are flooded. I have actually eliminated the excess water in the buckets by shimming them up- they drain dry now. The timing is perfect- any more flooding is not needed. The ppm's are from pics this past winter when I set the unit up and was running a test cycle. I have now dialed it in, and am trying to get this thread up to date- I had pics scattered at photobucket- on my HDD, and at another site I need to compile and sift through to finish... I have 6 footers in those same buckets now still only feeding 4x a day. The cold does affect ph readings on a meter.... but not the actual ph so to speak. Originally posted by dcyans: Too often the dynamics of pH are not fully explained as an integrated system consisting of two primary parts: temperature and hydrogen ions. The best explanation of the interaction of pH and temperature: All water solutions of acids and bases owe their chemical activity to there relative hydrogen and hydroxyl ion concentration. In pure water, the equilibrium product of the hydrogen and hydroxyl ion concentrations is a constant 7.0 at 22 C. (71.6 degrees). Pure water is neither acidic nor basic. It is essential to recognize that pH measures only the concentration of hydrogen ions actually dissociated in solution and not the total acidity or alkalinity, a fact which accounts for the observed pH change in pure water with temperature variations. As the temperature of pure water increases, the amount of dissociation increases and the quantity of hydrogen and hydroxyl ions increase equally. Since pH is relative to the concentration of only hydrogen ions, the pH of pure water will actually decrease as the temperature of the water increases, although the water is still neutral. Therefore, unless the relationship between the dissociation constant and the temperature is known, it is not possible to obtain an accurate pH reading without compensating for temperature. Temperature fluctuations in a hydroponic solution seriously affect the solubility of nutrients. Each inorganic mineral has a precise temperature range for maximum solubility. Studies show that the ideal water temperature for total solubility of plant nutrient formulas is within the range of 68-72 degrees (20-22 C.). When temperatures are higher or lower than this ideal, insolubility occurs with many of the trace elements. Temperature outside the ideal range have the same effect on plants that a pH above 7.5 has --- iron, manganese, copper, zinc and boron become less available to plants. The solubility of phosphorus acid, calcium, and magnesium is sharply reduced when the pH of a nutrient solution drops below 6.0 and the solubility of toxic substances, such as soluble aluminum and excessive iron compounds found in tap water, is greatly increased.
  11. That is a spectacular specimen... stunning phenotype. What a lucky dog you are to have found her.
  12. I see you found your way in.... we can be newbs here together!
  13. Suckers are efficient... but your thoughts about using them as supplement are spot on... I have noticed a marked improvement when mixing light spectrum (HPS and mH or floro or cfl) in both flavor and potency... The HPS will offer much more coverage and penetration but the color range is still incomplete imo. Not so much that it matters to many, but enough that it matters to some. Very tight little set up there... and they say MJ is a gateway drug; gateway to carpentry maybe.
  14. The ebb and flow cuttings took a lot of punishment this past week while I tweaked the res and played with pH levels and experimented with adding nutes and then draining and refilling and adjusting- the clones that are in the buckets are throwaways basically as I wanted to dial in my shizz before putting something worthwhile in. (I believe I have something special on the way) Freshly flipped on Inauguration Day, the coco boxes are simply astounding with growth. I am blown away... The plants just love this recipe. A series of shots of the coco boxes A few of the buckets and the cold and pH damaged plants. I will be happy to update the next time with brand new clones in the bubbler and hopefully some idea of the sexes in the boxes.
  15. As the indy's are vegging, I am making clones for the soon to be delivered E & G system... The timing should be perfect. These are taken at 12 days in the bubbler from cutting: Phase 2 Official Start... Pictured is how the Ebb and Grow comes to your door minus the shipping label that covered the hole in the top of the barrel. The whole unit can be assembled and set up within an hour. I highly suggest that anyone who does get one of these takes the time to get a nice vessel of hot water with a touch of dish soap in it... The fittings were a real bitch to push on and the pump fittings were bitch squared. The hydroton is all washed up and ready- here is a shot of exactly how far a 50 liter bag will go; about 6 and a half buckets. My one concern is the water left in the bottom after drain cycle; it may not matter and actually be good once the plants are big enough to suck it up between watering intervals- which begs the question: what interval will I use? I have chosen to go with 4 times a day for about 15 minutes each cycle. Seems standard from my reading. Here are 6 of the 12 buckets set up next to my coco growboxes... Kinda sums up this whole thread And the indy plants waiting to be sexed for cloning and then flowering out along with the first round of clones ready for the buckets I placed the 6 clones into the buckets of hydroton last evening. I used a 5 gallon bucket filled halfway with nutrient mix and set the inner buckets of hydroton down into the 5gal. This loosened up the medium and allowed me to push the roots down into the bucket very easily- when I pulled the bucket back up out of the 5 gallon, gravity did it's thing and the roots naturally settled into place and viola! Just put into the ebb and flow outter bucket and your done! The clones were in poor shape as the weather is freaky cold and the cab temps are shifting drastically- I get my best grows in the winter usually but not until I get consistent temp ranges- a long time battle for me. This year is going to push me into new realms of challenges I can see. I hope to figure out a solution in the next week or I have just spent 2 months of planning and prep only to start over again!!! Some updated pics and a side note- Casa Depot carries the 1/2in inside diameter black hose which comes with this kit in 10 foot lengths for about $9. I have multiple cut lengths for various configurations once I get the growboxes out of the cab.
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