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  1. Give your plant Lot of aspersion and humidity
  2. Yo tacman i just zoom on leaves pics and it spider mite my man look at the web on the leave seration
  3. Heya Shoeless. Sorry to hear about the male Let me know if you want more seeds... BigUp my friend
  4. Impressive Grow Heya You da man Thanks for showing BigUp
  5. Hey Shoeless I Just want to warn you i got 50/50 male/fem ratio on the (AK-47 x G13) x (Drizella x mrs Universe) Watch it well if you Grow them I'm sure there will be killer fem keaper in it BigUp bro
  6. "De toute beauté" Beachbud as Always
  7. Love this cristal clear Awesome Beach
  8. high  ras-t       that was a struggle through 4 jars till i eventually found em    the seeds have 5 rossetta-stone f2  from cannazon( free bs)2012   so if you can tell me what you want e to do & are there any other strains&hunts i can help yu with  sunstone

  9. This Grow Season remind me of my first Grow Great to Grow outdoor in Big smartpot
  10. So much the better I'm not a Breeder just an humble grower I have only got 3 males in my growing life But "Ultimate male" to make seeds with each I have been at the right place in the right time
  11. HuckleBerry Destar f2 Peach feno (AK47 x G13) x (Drizella x mrs Universe) Rosetta Stone f2 x GreenManalishi f2
  12. HEYA Shoeless You Can get incredible smell, fade color and heavy trichs production in Huckleberry Destar f2 have a pheno outdoor this summer stemrub just smells like pure Peach fruit pure indica leaning but you Can find 4 differents pheno at least... About the (AK47 x G13)mom x (Drizella x mrs universe)dad The mom was clone only that is ready in 42days Only five fingers leaves Best rockhard buds i have ever Seen in my growerz life and my best medecine ever buds smell heavy citrus ground detergent And the dad was a pure blend of indica sativa Covered in resin (i could have smoked it) who smelled like exotic fruit Got 3 outdoor plants very uniform and got some mutation on the internodes formation weird thing but i like mutations i will see... great vigor too About the Rosetta Stone f2 mom x GreenManalishi f2 dad The mom is a 3 fingered leave in veg. Stage Heavy resin producer and have a passion fruit olDskool afghan hash smell who made very good fingers hash when i dropped the seeds on it last year ,in only 15 min of harvesting the seeds made one gram temple ball hash this lady is one of the stickiest plant i have grown medium yield strong Med. Good mix between indica/sativa hybrid effect The dad is a pure old Pacific G13 leaning (not from naw) my seeds came from Mota's original Pure indica fat leaves smells like lemon catpiss oignon and earthy Green Manalishi IS my second best medecine ever for muscles relaxation love this plant Got five of this outdoor all the same plant smell like dad with some fruit in it Well thats it my Friend I would recommend to Grow this 3 strains But its in your hand now cant wait to see your grow BigUp yahself Shoe and enjoy Will send some pics of each plant soon
  13. HEYA Shoeless Give us some News my Friend Did you Grow your winning seeds
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