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  1. RAS-T

    Any Gardeners?

    Miss Gardenangel what is the Word you don't know?
  2. RAS-T

    Any Gardeners?

    kumquats is an agrum
  3. RAS-T

    Any Gardeners?

    same family of tomatoes and sweet bitter and sugar fruit the taste is very close of maracudja (passion fruit)
  4. RAS-T

    Any Gardeners?

    hey Mr G physalis is a plant who can make beautiful and delicious fruits with very much vitamin C from july to december in lat.47
  5. RAS-T


    Santero Bro you da man
  6. RAS-T

    Any Gardeners?

    lycopersicum esculentum
  7. RAS-T

    Any Gardeners?

    physalis peruviana
  8. RAS-T

    Any Gardeners?

    the variety is little purple of provence
  9. RAS-T

    Any Gardeners?

    Yo Mr G not really wild I have sowed them 4 years ago and now years after years they regrowth by themselves
  10. RAS-T

    Any Gardeners?

    artichoke (landing runway only for insects pollinators) Cucumis
  11. hello tacman of what i learned on experimental horticultural station inoculation of myccorhizae is more efficient before the seedling when you prepare your soil efficiency of microbiot increases from year to year when you feed your soil beyond clean (no chem nutes) we have seen good result after 3, 4 years of inoculation yield increase less water less devastating and pest myccorhizae is naturally present in our soil when there is no external pollution also there is different family of plant who don't need myco. like fabacea and resinous trees fabacea has got their own system of nutrition: Rhizobium, but its another story.... i have experimented a ton of myco. but the best I have found is in natural environment like composted cow manure or wood decomposition... peace if you don't have myco there is alternative solution like make a cover crop with fabacea and symphitum off. it will feed your plant naturally with N,P,K and other rare minerals present in soil
  12. what a rampage of verbal agressiveness it's a pity
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