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  1. RAS-T

    out 2019 small grow

    Hey Shiska I hope too can not wait summer 2020
  2. RAS-T

    out 2019 small grow

    Hey!!! Summer gave me good weed still drying at the moment I have made few cross Rosetta Stone f2 (mom) x GreenManalishi f2 (dad) Snow Lotus (mom) x Rosetta Stone (dad) AK47 x G13 clone only x Rosetta Stone (dad) I will made some pics soon of the dry product Bless u all
  3. Long time no post Well this ghetto repro space is still here but my lack of time have them suffer a lot but plants alive f3 project is still going My new job takes all my time and it is very hard for me to manage this ghetto space I have some f3 viable seeds but not enought for sharing I will make all what i can for that
  4. shoeless and jetdro PM me for your seeds please
  5. mine are dead for me Shoeless and Jetdro Ex Aequo i can send seeds for both
  6. my winning seeds are still waiting to be post....
  7. well for me its the end my plant stop growin Shoeless and Jetdro pm me for your seeds
  8. very slow grow heat stress temp° stress no sex but alive
  9. Ghetto space for f3 repro i have repot the the 4 dad and the two mom I will let them veg a bit before 12/12
  10. very hot no time but still alive pics tomorow
  11. new spot balcony grow before indoor for f3 Repro front 2 moma's back 4 daddy's as an Humble Man said good things takes time
  12. RAS-T

    Green manalishi

    love this Sacred Plant
  13. RAS-T

    Green manalishi

    GreenManalishi f2
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