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  1. RAS-T


    it looks like it's ready at day 56 but I'm sure she can go a bit longer to give more amber tricks bless u all
  2. RAS-T

    Post your hash stash

    mix of strappleberry, gelato, gorilla glue huckleberry destar dymethyl ether extraction on 50 microns screen
  3. RAS-T

    Rosetta stone F2 By Magilla

    hope RS#2 will be a solid male to make some seeds
  4. RAS-T

    Rosetta stone F2 By Magilla

    Hell'0 open growerz been a month now very slow growin but got a fem RS#1 compact and sturdy plant both have hyper vigorous roots system LST seems very good for this plant fishmix every four day
  5. RAS-T

    Rosetta stone F2 By Magilla

    Got 5 seeds 2 sprouted on december 2018 The first seed take 15day to make a real leave after cotyledon very slow grow but now its good This first seed is a very low space on nodes and some mutation on the apex Its going to be flat now with 9 start of new nodes if i see correctly Never seen this number of pre nodes on a plant Of course i hope for a female plant The second seed take 25 day to make the first leave growin' very slow too But it seems it will be good not flat but same structure as the first
  6. RAS-T

    2018 NAW christmas party

    HAPPY GROW YEAR STRAPPLEBERRY diesel pheno Strong uplifting folow by a very nice cool stone to the muscles Very good pain reliever Thanks @Naw guys
  7. RAS-T

    NAW Test Center

    It looks like the old Pacific G13 Beautiful pur indica plant
  8. RAS-T

    Beach's Backroom

    Indica power MAGNIFIQUE!!!
  9. RAS-T

    NAW Test Center

    Hell'0 NAW team I have just cut 3 StrappleBerry The smell is insane Double Strawberry Diesel i got few years ago as freebee Can't wait to try them Thanks guys
  10. RAS-T

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    StappleBerry 56 days Dryin now
  11. RAS-T

    2018 NAW christmas party

    Yo naw boy!!!! Gorilla Glue x Airborne jack Mexican Haze x Airborne jack  Girl Scout Cookies x Airborne jack bless you guys ur StrappleBerry is awesome
  12. RAS-T


    Cut day 56 of 12/12 Still dryin'
  13. RAS-T


    Cut 3 of 6 at 56days I will post pics tomorrow
  14. RAS-T

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Bravo gonna be huge
  15. RAS-T

    A re-introduction

    Oh yeah!!! Always like your humor and ur state of mind Mr Dirt