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  1. Marigyp, those are nice but damn that rojo/verde is Uhhhhmazingly beautiful
  2. UPDATE IN TODAYS PAPER Why deputies' DCF lie deserved to be tossed By Tom Lyons Law enforcement administrators should note the court ruling that says a lie Sarasota County sheriff's investigators told to get into a house, without a warrant, violated the residents' rights. I hope most also see that Circuit Judge Deno Economou was right to throw out the evidence that search revealed. Sheriff's investigators on that case suspected a couple were growing marijuana at their home, but had no evidence to justify seeking a search warrant. So, instead, they gained entry by tricking the residents with a lie. And not just any lie. Claiming to be working with the Department of Children and Families, they said they were there to check on the welfare of a child. That was entirely made up. The couple has a daughter, but there was no report of neglect or abuse of any kind on her or any other child. I'll admit I've enjoyed some almost legendary police ruses, including a creative one, based on fact, portrayed in "Sea of Love." In that movie, New York detectives make numerous felony warrant arrests, conveniently, after convincing targeted arrestees that they are being specially invited to a Yankees "fan appreciation" breakfast. Al Pacino was great at pretending to be baseball broadcaster and former player Phil Rizzuto. Far more serious are lies designed to make a criminal suspect think his accomplices are about to spill the beans, leading him to confess first in hopes of getting the best deal. I have no objection to that, either. But the DCF lie? That's creepy, and wrong. What parent wouldn't have qualms saying no to law officers with child welfare concerns? Even if parents thought they had a choice, saying no to a child protection team wanting in is an almost sure way to convince them they were dealing with an unfit parent. Allowing officers to impersonate child welfare agents would mean they would almost never need evidence of wrongdoing to search any home where parents live. Unless parents want to risk losing their kids, they'd almost have to give up a basic constitutional right. Real DCF investigators should object to that scam most of all, because they want parents to trust and allow them in. A DCF spokesman, Alan Abramowitz, didn't want to criticize any law officers, but did say his agency has worked hard in recent years toward a more family friendly image. The intent is building trust through more cooperation with parents, when possible. The last thing DCF needs, I'd say, is for parents to wonder if child welfare workers are actually lying cops running a scam. No law officer should have trouble understanding the harm that does. It is the same harm done by creeps who impersonate cops and so undermine real law officers by creating public doubts about who is and isn't real. Sheriff Tom Knight acknowledged Wednesday that the court ruling makes sense. Knight said deputies have been told not to use the ruse again. That's good. Pretending to be with DCF was not a clever or cute trick. It was destructive fraud that violated rights.
  3. Deputies' ruse fails to hold up in court SEARCH RULING: Police can't use child welfare inquiry as a trick to enter a home By Todd Ruger SARASOTA COUNTY - Two detectives suspected a couple were growing marijuana in a home, but there was not enough evidence to get a search warrant. So they came up with another plan after learning the couple had a child. The Sarasota County sheriff's detectives went to the home and claimed to be with the Florida Department of Children and Families, and said they wanted to go into home to check out an anonymous tip about their child's safety. The couple let the detectives in, and eventually they found 36 marijuana plants and drug paraphernalia. But a judge who heard about the ruse last week threw out of court all the evidence the deputies found inside Matthew Kennedy's home. The felony cultivation of cannabis charge against Kennedy, 29, is still pending, but the ruling cripples the case and underscores how the law protects homes from warrantless police searches. Prosecutors argued that Kennedy gave consent to the deputies to search his home, and even had the deputies wait outside for five minutes so he could "tidy up" his home in the 3200 block of Williamsburg Street. Law enforcement officers are allowed to use some deception to get a homeowner to agree to a search of their home. But without a warrant, the state must show that any search was based on the homeowner's voluntary consent to the search. Circuit Judge Deno Economou ruled that the deputies told Kennedy they had the legal authority to enter his home, so Kennedy was not in a position to voluntarily consent. Pretending to be from DCF takes deception to a whole new level because it preys on a parent's worst fear of having their child taken from them, defense attorney Liane McCurry said. "Is there any greater issue?" McCurry said. "To use that is horrifying." In July, the deputies told Matthew Kennedy and Kristen Stoltzfus that they were there for DCF to check on an anonymous tip about a 12-year-old child living in unfit conditions, court records state. But there was never a tip about that, and at no time were they acting with DCF. The couple have only a 9-year-old daughter, and they said she was at a friend's house. Kennedy asked them to wait before coming in so he could put the family dog in a contained area, McCurry said in court records. Once inside the house, the detectives could immediately smell an odor consistent with a marijuana grow operation, noting a stronger smell in the kitchen. The detectives eventually got a search warrant and later found the marijuana plants.
  4. Growing in no more than a 5 foot by 5 foot area? That's fucked up!
  5. I just can't bring myself to pay for strains ever. If I can't get it from a fellow grower for free, I won't grow it. I'm all about caring and sharing
  6. Looking good as always Mari I just love the variety you keep up with!
  7. WEEK 11 UPDATE: The two remaining FCs in the back will be pulled in 3 days and I can't wait to try them in a few weeks! The remaining plants don't have very long to go either. The 3 Rosetta Stones have around 1-2 weeks left and the FCs have around 4 weeks to go. I can't wait for this one to be done and over with. I may be implementing some changes for the next run, we'll see. Tune in mid week for harvest shots of the final 2 FCs So the first 2 pics are of the cola from FC4. It weighed 22.6 grams and measured 8 inches long This is about the best overview shot I can get anymore LOL, the little ones up front aren't so little anymore Here's a few shots of the FCs ready to come down a shot of a sea of bud The one in the middle is an FC3 clone, I'm guessing about 1.25 Oz from her Here's a couple pics with a 20 ounce soda bottle for comparison. First is a clone of FC2 Second is the tall RS Here's the 2 RS who will be done very soon
  8. Agent-Smith

    24 Lady Cane

    growing beautifully so far, can't wait to see how they look
  9. Wow man, just awesome looking and I love the variety. Keep it up bro!
  10. I think I found where we are having a problem. Your first sentence says it all: That's what happens when YOU harvest. Different strains put out different amounts and sizes of leaves which affect weight, different growers trimming techniques also affect weight of the overall plant(I trim alot, maybe you don't trim at all?), and different strains produce different amounts of bud also. Take a Haze versus a columbian and tell me which will yield better? And about the coke can shot, That is just the top of one branch on that plant which has 4 tops and lots of other buds. I'm sure it will pull 2ozs+ and we will find out in about 2 weeks Maybe I will weight the leaf material as well to see what it comes out to.
  11. It's no problem oxirous, I went back and reread my reply to you and n2ishun and realized that it did sound a little rude on my end, it's so hard to convey how your talking when you are typing, so sorry about that OK so I need to adjust your math big time. 1800 grams does not equal 14 kilos. 14 kilos equals 30.8 LBS!!! 1800 grams actually comes out to 4 LBS. I'm trying to understand what you mean when you say the bud close to the ?coca? can't weigh more than half an ounce??? Also, I never claimed 3GPW, I am only hoping to get around 1.5GPW dialed in, maybe 1.75GPW if I am lucky. And I have seen n2ishun's plants, they are amazingly huge for using only 1 x 400W bulb. I hope he posts some. Marigyp.....I don't mind, and would actually appreciate it if you throw up a couple good pics of the 2 different phenos, if you happen to have some of the old pics from the thread on PG.
  12. Oh yeah, I forgot the pictures LOL WEEK 10 UPDATE: Still running smooth, The "runt" RS was pulled a couple days ago so she is gone and drying now. Everything else is still just chuggin along. 5-10 more days until the final FCs get pulled, and 2-4 weeks for the rest. And here is the comparison shot I keep trying to get. I still think it doesn't accurately show how big this cola is. The thing is like twice the size of the can LOL
  13. LOL Thanks Outlaw God, I appreciate the compliments. OK so before we get ourselves into a pissing match over weights, GPW etc. let me put my input in on this. First off, I don't know who told you this but they are wrong. My last setup just like this but a little bit smaller pulled 1.5GPW with a 400W bulb, Heath Robinson gets over 2GPW with his setups, and I have routinely seen people get over 1GPW before. OK, now as for this comment. n2ishun knows this strain very well and knows the kind of numbers it can pull at different heights. Now from my limited experience with it so far, mixed with my intimate knowledge of the restrictions of my tunnel, I believe that with all plants on the same schedule, 2 OZs. each is completely possible. The 2 I pulled early were both a hair away from 2 ozs. each and they had root rot! I am on track with this very first run to already pull around 1gpw witout dialing in the box or strain yet. I think anything higher than 2oz/each yield wise would require a box redesign but by the end of the year I should be pushing 2GPW+ hopefully since I plan to do a design change by then.
  14. Thanks Chaco Each plant has 1sqft. of floor space. I think 3-5 days veg will be plenty, get them to around 6 inches and then flip. That should make them all just a few inches smaller than the big ones now and be almost the same yield. We'll find out in a couple months And the roof isn't taking up space, I don't want the plants to grow higher than the bulb.
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