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  1. High everyone, First off course we wish everyone the best these Holidays. Thanks for the interest Hupla and Joker. We'll try to keep ya'll updated at least once a week. But we've just started this new job and our legal office is off to a running start. Hi Hiwatt, In the first three weeks we use the: - humboldt humic acids - humboldt prozyme - mayan microzyme - humboldt roots in the growing weeks after we add: - humbodlt honey es - humboldt flavorfull - humboldt grow Then when switching the lights we start the full flowering schedule. Everything according to the feeding schedule of the moderate organic program. (see link above) When we prepared the pots we added the mico maximum and let the pots rest a few days before using them. Meanwhile new life had allready started in the propagator. And after that they move to the growing room. We have three sets of Killing Fields going. The first are (13) KF F1 normal going now for a little over two weeks. The second are also KF F1, (9) normals to compare to the femenised going a little over a week. The third are (9) KF femenised testing seeds going about a week. We are going for 9 to 12 flowering towers. Twelve would be nice to compare a few sets. Now for some more pics. Till next time. Season-Greets from the BrabLab, Eindhoven, AS Grow
  2. High Guys an Gals, Thanks for stopping by. The Humboldt test is going steadily. We had to make some preparations but we're on our way. The Feeding Schedule instructs to use non-chlorinated water and to let it brew for a day. The Site of Humboldt offers many different feeding schedules not just differentiated by usage of soil/cocos. Feeding Schedules Humboldt But because of the instructions we decided to use two buckets. One to let the water rest for a day for de-chlorinating, And one to let the nutrients brew for a day to get the optimum biological activity Both buckets have little airpumps for circulation. Starting with seedlings means you don't have to feed them nutrients in the first few weeks. Off course additives can be of use. So we decided to start by using: - Hum-boldt; humic acid - Prozyme; enzymatic concentration - Mayan Microzyme; bacterial enzymatic complex - Roots ; organic root stimulant We left the flavorful out and will start with that in the second week. Flavorful is also about humic acids so there's a lot of comparison with the Hum-boldt Circulation pumps De-chlorinating and brewing Next time more about the new ladies... promissed. Greets from BrabLab, Eindhoven, AS Grow
  3. High Sannie, Nice Going. When do think this will be ready. Ready to smoke that is. What about the red leds, do you think they make a difference? They seem so far away. Greets from the BrabLab, Eindhoven, AS Grow
  4. High Guys, Thanks for the interest. We're pretty excited too. @Joker and Hiwatt25, We add cocospeat to our soilmix no more than 30 %. The cocospeat improves the watering of the soil. Also it prevents the shrinking of the soil when getting dry. We've done the pure cocos grows which treatment is like a hydro grow. Adding the cocospeat to our soil gives us the advantages of both worlds. But its treated like a soil grow. To enhance this test, Sannie send us some nice material. To compare to our Killing Fields F1 seeds we received Killing Fields feminised. Its it just a test to see how this batch works. They are not for Shop purposes. We've put them in the new and improved pitpots and now we'll just have to wait. Everything is being plopped in our mothercabinet under T5 lights. Next we'll tell more about the preparations we've had to make before using Humboldt. Greets from BrabLab, Eindhoven, AS Grow
  5. High Blackthumps, Welcome to the Opengrow show. Why you get to be Blackthump? We know about mister Greenthump here above... Let's take a wild guess who get's to be mister Pinkthump... Why don't we get a cool name like that. Greets from BrabLab, Eindhoven, AS Grow
  6. High everyone, The testing kit for the Humboldt organic feeding line just arived, so we're on our way. First off course let's thank Sannie for giving us the opportunity to test this new gear. Testing environment: Vegging cabinet: under T5 lights and in two liter containers. Flowering cabinet: under 1200 watt HPS in 15 liter containers. Soilmixture: starting with mixture of cocospeat and cutting/seedlingmix in final container, mixture of cocospeat, wormcastings, and compost from our backgarden. Testing proposal: - on killing fields seedlings 9 max 12 - following the organic feeding schedule (moderate) - testing how easy it is to use the product line - testing on healthy plants - comparing to previous experiences with organic product lines. A lot of different product lines offer many different elements, that need to be well belanced when applying. We've been pretty content using the Sannie tabs and that one bottle of Organic Plant Feed from BAC. So this new and artfull looking product line needed some studying. The first thing we noticed is the same old story with most product lines. There's no distinction in the growing schedule when starting with cuttings or seedlings. Since we find the difference important for starting growers we would like to see this implemented once. The rest looks good. Clear explanations about the contentions behind the combination of elements. As Ome Willem would say: "Let's get busy" With got some Killing Fields plopped. And there some mo getting south to be plopped. Killing Fields is our personal favorite from Sannie's stable. Let's pray for the best smoke results. Off course we looked closely at the moon to determine when to put our seeds in the ground. Next time some more about the usage of Humboldt. Greets from BrabLab, Eindhoven, AS Grow
  7. High guys, We've been a little quiet in the dance department lately. But we sure liked to crash the Eindhoven underground scene. Local Hero Rick Angel has a memorable set on Technival we'll allways remember. Technival is a European touring underground festival. We've enjoyed it for three days before the cops came. We'll always remember smoking a joint in one hand and in the other gasballoons, and Rick playing in the background while watching sunrise from a empty trailer. From the German DJ's we like the subtle beats of Kalkbrenner. Greets from BrabLab, Eindhoven, AS Grow
  8. High Guys, Today the testing kit arrived, so were studying all schedules and tomorrow we'll start the test topic. We've used several product lines when we started as hydro growers and never found significant differences. Though we do think highly of BAC final solution. The biggest difference we noticed in taste is when we started growing on soil. The usage of organic products seems to enhance that difference. A big difference in yield by choosing the right (color) product is something we don't really believe in. That's just wishfull thinking. We do believe right product lines show the healthiest plants. We intend to test how easy it is to use Humboldt and the producers schedule. Many experienced growers take a good look at a product line and decide to custom the schedule to their experience and growing environment. We intend to follow the producers research and development and trust these results and their growing schedule. Greets from BrabLab, Eindhoven, AS Grow
  9. High Weimer, Seeing your question about growing sativa's we read a question about the difference in growing Indica's or hybrids. Every grower(indoors) is limited by his growing space. Wanting to optimize your grow is about knowing the limits of your growing space. The difference between growing sativa's and indica's is mainly about controling the size of your plants. While indica's roughly double in size after switching to 12/12, sativa's grow three times as big on average. Other points are: Sativa's grow more in height and Indica's grow more broadwise. So Sativa require more topping/fimming to optimize the use of your growing space. Other general points are: - You always need to get to know a new sort of Cannabis plant. The way she likes the climate and requires feeding. - You always need to fit your specific growing room. - Learning by doing. Greets from BrabLab, Eindhoven, AS Grow
  10. High Alpha, Removing the cap is a meticulous task which has cost us several young ones. We dare not touch these fragile seedlings with our brute hands anymore. The leaves will eventually force the cap off. We do keep our pots covered with transparant foil in the beginning. To keep the humidity high. We believe this helps getting the cap off. A little drop of water also works. Greets from BrabLab, Eindhoven, AS Grow
  11. High Guys, Ever since we met Evert and his Verdamper on the first High Life Market we were smoked. The first High Life Markets we visited only as smokers and the stand with Everts Verdampers was enough reason to embark on these ventures. It would be many years later when we sat next to Evert for an entire afterparty at one the Cannabis Cups, and many samples of cupwinning weed later we decided to put this Verdamper on the must-get-wish-list. We know of this Fries Cabinetmaker who makes incredible cases for the Verdamper and this close relation to Evert gave us this gift to celebrate the first born. We know Evert has spend a lot of time investigating the best way to vaporize the Cannabis. This translates into the best tasting experience we know. Even when smoking an entire night and many different sorts, you can still taste the last one, like it was the first one. It is stylish, but definately Homebase use only. Unlike Evert, we don't have the casing from Basic Buildings (yet). That's now on the wish-list, and would enable us to take it to meetings and places. The best thing about it... You don't have to smoke tabacco anymore. Stats: model : Reize De Luxe klein Compleet price : 355 euro's store : online Everts Shop portable : yes filters : some kind of metal filters powered : 12 volt adaptor Greets from BrabLab, Eindhoven, AS Grow
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  13. High Clepter, Busy busy busy. Looking good. Have you ever thought of bike lifts to hang the lamps? Not very expensive and available at bike shops. Greets from BrabLab, Eindhoven, AS Grow
  14. Thanks Huppske, Yes we have Bavaria (off course) and Carnaval has just started nov. 11th. But the BrabLab is also serious business. Just like our bigbrother NatLab en little sister MiniLab. We'll be checking your report, just like we follow DLS's. Greets from BrabLab, Eindhoven, AS Grow
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