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  1. It was renamed to iOlite, also in Europe. I thought I-Inale sounded better, but I guess they got in trouble for it or something.
  2. Welcome! Good advice from el NeGrow there. Try to get the basics down first.
  3. Wb, hope you used a password easier for you to remember this time, lol.
  4. Welcome, and best of luck with your grow projects.
  5. You'd have to provide us with some more information regarding your feeding schedule, ph, ec, etc first.. see https://www.opengrow.com/index.php?showtopic=94 Could be anything judging by those vague photos!
  6. Nice pick of strains ND I'm growing some Biddy Early myself for the second time this season, it's an excellent early and mold resistant strain.. Have you grown her before? And are they the feminised beans or regular?
  7. Yo Bazz, looking nice! Why not force flower them though? With one more month of vegging they're definitely gonna outgrow that nice little greenhouse of theirs..
  8. Awesome scenery there, nice looking plants too Just wondering; what made you decide to use bags instead of planting them in the earth? Or are the bags cut open on the bottom? good luck battling them slugs, they can be a real pain in humid/rainy weather..
  9. tomas

    hey all

    Welcome, enjoy your stay here and best of luck with your grow
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