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  1. Welcome to your new home. Enjoy your time here
  2. Go to pet store get charcoal go home and dig your pantyhose out of the dresser drawer and fill it charcoal to fit exhaust side of fan. Easy and cheap. You can wrap pantyhose with onion or grape net bags for longer durability.
  3. y I'm not going to bash anybody's opinion here. Back in the 70 & 80's I also did some micro grows. My yield was not much but enough to keep me happy in high school. The craziest place I grew in was in army barracks over the ceiling tiles. It worked well till the dogs were randomly ran thru. It was over a common area. It worked well for 6 months. I learned lots in those days from those grows. So keep up the micro and learn what you can from it.
  4. Sensi sounds like a cool stealthy grow box. Who would think to look in there Do you have photos posted would like to see the access. Did you pop the back off? Good luck on the grow
  5. It's better to have them send a letter than to have them show up kicking doors down with a warrant to search. There are federal laws still in the US that still apply. They override what state laws are voted in. So yes be careful
  6. There has been alot of good music from all genres. Bands I never heard of and some long forgotten. My personal favorite is blues. And it matters not old or new. Joe Bonamassa rates hi on my list of favorites. But I have a pile of old vinyl rock, the reel to reel even works still
  7. Amazing how an animal can mean so much to someone. I had to spend a long stretch of time away from my pit mix. When the time came that the state felt I was no longer a threat to society and could go home. I was shocked that my boy had not forgotten dad. He was hesitate at first till he heard his name called. The greeting began with high fives back rolls and some floor wrestling. My lady felt left out and joined in. Our dogs what awesome creatureswe are blessed to have.
  8. Organic soil mix will be different from one to another. From sand bat guano to kelp. I've used all even teas from waste of rabbits chickens and even got ahold of waste of elephant. There was even some photos of these in use on some grows. The choice is yours, read,study,take notes and keep workin till you find what's best for your grow and the time you plan on spending with it.
  9. As for tubes or bare bulb.... Drum roll plz... Bare gets more lumes to rest of the kids.. You don't want to deprive your kids do you?? You may stunt the growth of them
  10. Thanks all fellow enthusiasts of fine cannabis products. It's nice to see some of you are still here. And to all those here now glad you made it.
  11. Greets to you and glad you're here. You will find open minded folks here with some of the same goals... Knowledge is key and more input leads to more ideas to use on our own grows. Glad you are here..
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