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    finding the perfect strains for my anxiety,ocd,depression...etc/always searching,beer connoisseur for life,nature,hunting,fishing,learning about different strains,their effects and the stories that go along with them
  1. nice man havent been on in awhile haven't been the best,been trying to send you pm but it wont let me
  2. looks fucking delicious gardenartus good work
  3. thenobleson

    Good films

    the darjeeling limited,1408,american beauty,superbad,forgetting sarah marshall,Get him to the greek,youth in revolt,due date,knocked up,the 40 year old virgin,thats just some I really enjoyed
  4. your BABABABABABABABABA Baked as fuck lol , and I just a few hits out of my pipe or mini bubbler once in awhile like once or twice a week and sometimes none.Just when I feel like total shit I smoke for my anxiety and OCD.Have a good trip man,sounds like your having a blast
  5. thank you for all the info man,i'll message the guy on there and yeah summit vape does have a nice look I like it alot
  6. yep on that site all the time lol,all the dude does is do vape reviews on youtube with his sunglasses on constantly.he just recently started doing reviews without his glasses,Love watching his videos.I was on his site 5 minutes ago lol.Just getting some info/personal recomendations from you guys who have owned them.
  7. the all look beyond amazing/fucking beautiful man,nice work and indeed the motown kush is very fucking cool.Looks tasty
  8. seen videos on the haze dual v3 and they look killer and have gotten good reviews although a little to pricey for me,maybe in the future though,i've been looking at the gooboof alfa and mivape by vaporfection
  9. portable and and discreet is what im looking for but seen some videos on them,the q..etc,they sound awesome looking for an herbal vape
  10. no problem man I dont have enough money now to buy a nice one anyway lol ,thats why I put when I could afford it in the post,but appreciate you writing back.You can get to it whenever and if you forget its cool man lol ,And to answer some of the questions ...1.portable-Small and discreet like the pax,pax 2 and so on- that "doesnt" stand out so much. 2.no forsed air 3.direct draw 4.digital I guess not sure 5.one that wont run out of battery after a few uses uses is fine with me,just not after one use... battery isnt much of a concern.Just want it to last atleast an hour-butane or fire based not sure about-realistically 170$ max ,I don't think I would be heavily using it,just a few hits here and there.Discreet is important,one where people think maybe its just an regular ecig vape/mod or something,or like the pax 2 without mouth piece looks like a mini mp3 and nothing like a vape
  11. nice man this it watched a vid on it after ken erbis recommended it
  12. i've checked them out already man but thx for suggesting it,it was on another thread on here forgot who suggested it just getting some suggestions/info on it from you guys on og. yeah man and just browsed the site and this shit pops up and right after I watch a creepy ass movie http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/low-tolerance-can-also-be-problematic.21089/ my tolerance is low I only smoke once in awhile,when I actually need too.I dont smoke all the time,and have to calm myself before I smoke.Something similar happened to me when I smoked just like the guy in the post on there.I explained it on here atleast, "alot of it" which kinda gave off a bad vibe not meaning too obviously,You commented on my post,I messaged you..etc,I probably should smoke more to build up a tolerance,I use to smoke everyday that shit happened and havent completely got over it.But yeah Im rambling now.But like I said would much rather get suggestions and stuff about vaping here.
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