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  1. From what I've read, seen and heard. Powdery mildew is a disease inside the plant, not just something growing on the surface of the leaves. If you started from clones then the mother was infected (even if it's not showing any signs of PM on the leaves) and should be replaced. Any cutting that you grow from it with have a high likelihood of being affected by PM. Once infected, it's almost impossible to cure, about the best you can do is reduce stress and keep it asymptomatic. Mold thrives in high humidity, powdery mildew on the other hand can flare up when the plant is stressed due to low humidity. One possible reason why the plant nearest the fan showed the most symptoms is that the airflow dried out the leaf surfaces and reduced the humidity around the leaves. I think this test needs to be repeated using identical rooted cuttings from a different mother, with the same stem size, structure, number of nodes, amount of roots and all from the same mother plant from the same place on the mother plant.
  2. Unless you're working with RAW (.nef) photo files where you can do white balance adjustment after you've shot the photo, trying to do color correction with Photoshop or similar types of programs is only going to get you close to the correct colors. The whites might be white but the other colors are probably not going to be right. The best way to do it is to do a manual white balance on the camera using a grey or white card as a target under the HPS lamp.
  3. Sounds like a good plan. Stop with the Voodoo and Piranha, carry on with the Carboload and Sensizym and start up again with the B52. All your tubs are looking really healthy. What do you pH your nutrient solution/water to and what substrate are you using?
  4. I would recommend going with the 100% organic bloom, light formula on the online Nutrient calculator One important point about the B-52, and this also holds true for any B vitamin, is that you need to stop giving it to the plants for two weeks after you switch to 12/12. The plants naturally experience a bit of stress during the change in the light cycle and if you're giving them vitamin B during the transition period, they don't experience the same amount of stress and because of that they will not yield as much. For the rest of the life cycle of the plant, the objective is to reduce the amount of stress but during those two weeks, the plant benefits from it. I'd up the amount of Iguana Juice to 2ml/L but make sure to watch out for tip burn. If you see it then give just water and then start up with 20% less Iguana when you resume feeding. It you want to give more Voodoo Juice, I'd do it now, maybe 5 to 6ml/L each watering. I'd give more Sensizym too, 5ml/L each time. Stop both the Piranha and Voodoo Juice at the end of week 2 of flowering. The Piranha should have established a colony in the rhizosphere by then that will last until harvest. You don't want to give Voodoo Juice past the end of week two or three due to the nitrogen fixing bacteria. It converts nitrogen from the atmosphere and can give you to much N in your substrate which will cause your herb to burn to a dark ash and be hard to keep lit. I wouldn't add any of either in week 6, even if the schedule says to.
  5. You can begin now with B-52 but make sure you discontinue its use from just before the time you switch to 12/12 light until one to two weeks into flowering. This advice applies to any supplement which contains vitamin B. Here's a quote from our B-52 Product info doc about it.
  6. I'm glad to see that you are doing a side by side test, that's the best way to compare different nutrients, substrates, methods, lamps etc. When doing the test please keep in mind that Advanced Nutrients have multiple chelators and the nutrients are generally more easily taken up by the plants even using the same concentration as other nutrients. The Sensizym is also going to increase the amount of available nutrients in your substrate too so start on the low side for the dosage and work your way up. I would recommend using the light schedule on the online nutrient calculator at Online nutrient calculator and select "100% Organic" for the nutrient base and "100% Organic-Bloom -Light Feeding" for the Formula, ignoring the other product on the calculator that you are not using. The dosage for B-52 is the same as for the Organic-B listed on the schedule. The total cost that you posted seems a bit high. Are you sure you didn't accidentally use a 4 liter price for one of the products? Here are the prices for the products in your kit according to the AN Europe website, including 19% BTW. They retail for even less in growshops. 1 x B 52-1 @ € 29.59= € 29.59 1 x PIRANHA-50 @ € 20.34= € 20.34 1 x CARBOLOAD-.5 @ € 11.10= € 11.10 1 x VOODOO JUICE-.5 @ € 40.68= € 40.68 1 x IGUANA JUICE BLOOM-1 @ € 24.04= € 24.04 1 x SENSIZYM-1 @ € 22.19= € 22.19 Subtotal € 147.94 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the products or their usage.
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