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  1. Thanks for all the input guys, if possible i try to get the Lung Candy from Mota, seems like the best bet for me. Just wrote an e-mail if they ship to europe. Hopefully it works in some way.
  2. Hi guys, i have been searching the web on my quest for finding the Strawberry Cough in seed form. I know Dutch passion has it, but i am rather skeptical about their gear in general and their SC in particular since i have read some unsatisfied reports. Anyway i was thinking about maybe Strawberry Diesel, but i Rez is long gone so no where to get those. Then i read a good report on the Strawberry Haze from Connoisseur genetics and i think this is my favorite so far to get. But i wanted to know if someone has another idea of an SC representation. Maybe something you have at the top of your list. Greetings
  3. Hello opengrow, for several reasons i am interested in the shiva strain. Specially the Durga Mata from Paradise Seeds is what i would like to grow and would use for my breeding experiments. Badluck to me, it is only avaible as fem seeds anymore. The regulars sold out months ago and i did not grab a pack. So i consider breeding with fem seeds (i have seen some promising reports of other users crossing paradise gear fems with sucess/no hermies) and i would like to know what strain i should use to get a result close to the f2 i would get if i'd cross two regular Durga Matas. What strain is closest to the Durga Mata? I have a pack of 10 regs Northern Lights from homegrown fantaseeds - is it usable for my project? Any help is much appreciated. Of course if you know any shop still carrying the Durga Mata regs that would be a great help too. Cheers
  4. HI Stargazer, where did you get the cannalytics kit and how many testing plates does it have? Cheers
  5. So how did the testing go? Did you?
  6. Really nice to see this grow report. I've got the Nordle on the way myself so that's at lest one reason to follow this one. I asked myself about the testing for CBD and how accourate it would be. I saw you having the Cannalytics test kit. Do you have any information about accuracy? Greetings RONNI
  7. indican, you are absolutley right. sometimes its just hard to withstand the hype. I'll save my money for 2012 releases of sannie & friends.
  8. Mosca negras Old Time Bluemoonshine is on sale over at the sb. I am looking at these and thinking about spending the last bit of my money.... point is i already have Joey Weeds Blueberry which is supposed to be like the pre2000 Dj's Blueberry. So would it be smart to spend 120$ on something which may be simliar to something i already have? Any advice?
  9. thanks alot for the reply, esko! a hashplant cross would be definatley nice also. maybe something like hashplant x blueberry or hashplant x cacao kush, to produce the ultimate hash. greetings
  10. For the future i'd love to see some Celestial Temple Sativa F2 or crosses and some Hash Heaven crosses from esko. Greetings
  11. wooohoo close to finish! they are looking really nice, quite sensi star looking plants. how similar are those star kush to each other? all the best
  12. getting quite excited about tomorrow. how ready do they look by now? edit: i am a little bit concerned. hope everything is fine
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