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  1. Refreshing to see some that actually had good luck with the Anesthesias. Very impressive plant when she comes out right. I only wish I could have had one go good for me. This was years ago tho and alot has changed for me grow wise. Hell at this point I'd be happy with any know genetics, hermie or not. lol
  2. There's a member there by the handle "KNNA" that has long been the "man" on lighting setups including DIY led panels plasmargon came here from that thread and Im glad he did... At least here, he can share like ideas with like minds. There, folks, including myself, are not seeing PLS lighting to be anything worth consideration, cost wise, for a year or more.. and even then, there are reasons why it would not be considered as the ultimate in lighting. Hopefully between this thread and his input coupled with Docs, this PLS lighting will become something other than a pretty pipe dream filled with hype for most growers.
  3. Thanks for that Whazzup... so does this say the hermie genetic lies in the Heri or the afghanXskunk? If offspring from 2 different males have similar outcomes, who does it point back to? Look, I need you to see this from my point of view... My flower space is just under 24"x24" of floor space and around 40" of usable height. I grow only for personal consumption and it is a perpetual garden (plants cycle 10 days apart into flower) If I get a hermie and it blows pollen before I catch it, there are 5 generations of plants along side it that will get pollinated. Seeds kill my yields and smoke stash. If seeds are going to happen I want to be in control of it and know my crosses, and know that all thats pollinated is what I can afford (stash wise) to be seeded. So to get a strain with even the slightest of tendencies to show hermie is a real kick in the nads. If I had tossed the male before he spit hairs I wouldnt know about the problem. I wouldnt know to watch this lady as she goes through flower either. So I guess some good has come from it, but dude its just not a chance I can take on that kind of scale. To add to that, I let the first anesthesia male drop pollen in flower as I welcomed those seeds then, but now they are just more crap I cannot smoke and cannot grow. Again Whazzup, Im not asking for the beans be replaced to me at all. Even sannie will back up that I have not requested a replacement or even suggested the idea. What I did, is a few days before finding this herm is PM sannie if his Sannies Jack could be purchased in 5 seed packs since my money was tight... he said no, end of story. This is in no way retaliation on that and I hope its not seen that way. From the get go, my concern was making sure you knew about this. check your PMs at Thcfarmer, you'll find one from me there as this site was down. Since then I've been venting it pretty heavily because, well bro, it really screws up my cycle and possibly future harvests. If I was growing in more space and had a few oz's to sit on I would just scratch this as an experience and forget about it...
  4. Sooo, am I reading this correct Whazzup? you pollinated for the seed run, then found out the male went hermie? You still went forward in selling those seeds, knowing the possibility of hermie popping up? You're 100% right, if you breed with a hermie, the possibility can NEVER be ruled out of it showing back up whenever it wants. all depends on the environmental trigger that sets it off... Im done with Anesthesia... The female will have to be flowered out because she is part of the rotation now, but the 9 remaining beans (5 of the F1s and 4 of the F2s) are going down the toilet, hermie tendencies and all. Cant fucking believe it man... I feel ripped off like a mofo right now...
  5. Yeah, I've used it twice since that post, more like a spike, no full on watering but it has stopped the progression of -P here. BTW, it was not tea that had been allowed to mold, it was a mixture of bone meal, coffee grounds and epsoma flower tone that was molded, then brewed for 2 days. The plants didnt seem to mind it one bit. I will look into the liquid bone meal. a store local to me had it on my first visit and its not been back since. Mixing up new soil tonight to contain 50% of my current mix, 20% seaweed compost, 20% composted manure and the rest topped up with commercial potting soil. Only making a small batch to try some cuts out in. If they dont like I'll make the next mix with less composted manure.
  6. Yeah, I have never dealt with a male hermie til now, so I really cannot comment on that side of it. I do see some worth in "feminized seeds".. some may not be able to clone efficiently or not have access to those strains otherwise. Also sounds like a quick way to setup a commercial space, less space lost to males and hopefully the hermies are few and far between. They just wont be for me anytime soon, lol... "STS"?
  7. No, you get Hermie seeds with a higher tendency to be female Feminized seeds are a myth... Every breeder I've ever heard of putting out 'Feminized seeds" I've also heard of having higher hermie ratios. Colodial silver or introducing Gib acid can force a plant to go hermie and that is the technique used in most cases to make femme seeds and those have a lower rate of hermie's but it still happens. Sorry, IMO any self'd plant offspring will want to self itself again given the right environmental trigger
  8. I cannot find a single reason why I'd consider any hermie (male or female) a good breeding tool. The risk far outweighs the gains IMO. Im looking forward to smoking the Anesthesia when she's done. The plant does look to have amazing potential. I'll just keep an eye on her for nads or nanas. If I see no nads or other hermie signs, I'll hang on to her as a mother for future flower runs, but she'll never see pollen...
  9. Of the pictures I got, this is the best showing hairs and bananas, hairs centered and nanas lower left The last picture in the post above shows a set of hairs and bananas as well. Oh dont worry sannie, I wont be using either males pollen or this female for crossing. Im with ya BlueJay. I not pissed it hermied, a little disheartened because of the female coming up, but not pissed. He's already drying for the hash sack Damn Cleptor thats a nasty one there bud. What strain is it?
  10. Wow, thats scary odds... 2 out of 9 hermies...(your 5 and my 4) I'll keep a real close eye on the lady then.
  11. Slight problem on the Anesthesia Male #2 for me. He was doing ok, til I decided I wanted to collect pollen and noticed this Yeah, he went hermie on me... Trust that there are no light leaks here but that this particular male did go from flower, to veg for 2 weeks then back into flower before it herm'd on day 4. So now what? Anesthesia is a bust for me now.. The female I have I worry about flowering because, well when is it going to decide to gender switch? Even if it doesn't, the potential is there. Just got to find the right trigger
  12. shdowlkr

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    occasional pics from my perpetual grow.
  13. whooo hooo, Half Pipes and weed, reminds me of my childhood, hehe.. Looking good in there FOTH, nice coverage on them ladies!!
  14. What you have planned with the 3 openings across the back will supplement your intake fine If it were me, I'd build a box on the back of that cabinet about 6" deep and install any electronics back there, including carbon filter and exhaust fan. Computer fans are perfect for circulation, I have 4 in my box scattered about..
  15. We have a "Dollar Store" in the area and they normally have 1 gallon storage containers or trash cans in them that work well. Just drill some holes in the bottom bout the same size your pinky is round and go with it. Instead of trying to use large containers with large plants, consider smaller containers with clones. You get more for your dirt that way (IMO), and can set up to be perpetual.
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