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  1. Due to my neighbour making a little comment regarding the smell coming from his loft hatch These plants all came down in a bit of a hurry on the day of the last diary post. Neighbours are all cool about things too which is good. I'd been getting a bit jumpy anyway sneaking about in the loft and is a bit of a relief to pack up. I've also had a few issues with access to my daughter this year too so it makes sense to pack it up now as I have my access back again. The smell was mainly the Gigantuan with their skunk influence, the filter did handle it but moving the plants about when watering etc it would linger in the air a little. The gigantuan were spot on at 8 weeks 12/12 and that was 11 weeks from seed to finish too. The Shackzilla was a bit early at 8 weeks and really needed another 1-2 weeks more but was still dense bud. I got 6.5 O total from the Gigantuan's dry weight and pretty much the same again from the Shackzilla. Very impressed with the smoke from the Gigantuan and so has everyone who's tried her. Very heavy Skunky smoke and high. Really nice tasting too in a pure joint. If had somewhere safer to do it I'd happily do a full tent of these, 6 plants in slightly bigger pots say 30-35 litre instead of the 22 litres used this run. I'd also up the lighting to 20 hours light a day instead of the short 12/12 schedule these plants had. You really wouldn't know at all you were smoking an automatic unless given that information upfront. A Gigantuan Bud
  2. azza

    Gigantuan Auto and Shackzilla

    Mixed tent with autos on a 12/12 cycle shared with Shackzilla (non auto)
  3. I make this the end of week 7 12/12 for the scrog. She's looking well and still has around 3 weeks to go yet.
  4. Nearing the end of week 8 on 12/12 and all going to plan all will be down after 9 weeks, I gave plants a feed early in the week and they have been on plain water since and will remain this way until chop. Shackzilla Gigantuan
  5. Personally I think Shackzilla is the lowest odour strain i've ever done. she has a little peak in smell around week 5 but she really is low on the smell
  6. Its usually around 10 ounces in a 60cm x 60cm tent, when the top screen weight is lower it's usually made up for in more popcorn bud below
  7. Shackzilla has stopped stretching and buds are starting to swell up. Everything has stayed relatively the same height on this one. chop on around 3 -4 weeks
  8. Everything is looking really good and I'm pleased. almost at end of week 7 so thats 2 weeks left to go for the 9 weeks i've planned. At the moment the Gigantuan looks like could be ready a week early and shackzilla looking more like she needs 10 weeks, However unless any signs of bud rot everything coming down at week 9 still as I want to dry it in the tent space. Gigantuan Shackzilla
  9. All looking good on scrog front, had a dip in temps earlier in week but been sorted now with some extra heating.
  10. Had a bit of a cold spell this week so made a few changes, plants are coming to the end of week 6 12/12, I had an intake fan bringing cooler air from outside into tent which I've taken out of tent and a radiator has been added to loft as well. The cooler air was likely responsible for the purple tones on the middle auto All looking good and although still smell a bit the Gigantuan have mellowed down a little in smell now. The Shackzilla are really packing it on now too which is nice. My plan is to take everything down after 9 weeks total 12/12. Shackzilla
  11. Just thought I'd include a photo of the Shackzilla bonsai mum I have, Shes kept on a window sill and prevented from flowering by lighting candles when gets dark for a few hours.
  12. Coming to the end of week 3 12/12
  13. Thats good advice cheers. i'm keeping an eye out for an alternative thats cheap but the card should be ok as its dry at bottom of tent Almost at the end of week 4, I've added in a tube heater in tent today just to raise temps up a little bit in there. I've some colouring on one of the Gigantuan autos and looking at the photos I think all the Gigantuan could probably handle an increase of 2 feeds a week where as the Shackzilla seems to do fine on just one a week Shackzilla starting to fill out now and are looking nice plants. Gigantuan have an unpleasant dog shit/vomit kind of smell at the moment and are much stronger smelling then the Shackzilla. Shackzilla front row , Gigantuan auto back
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