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  1. Hey Hilbillyz, I am sorry to hear you got busted. It is the worst feeling ever watching some pigs destroy all your hard work. It happened to me and the support I got from the OG community was outstanding. I hope it all works out for you Peace and be safe CK.
  2. Hi Guys, I have these little feckers. I have neem oil to treat the plants but I don't know the dosage. Can someone tell me how many mills of neem per litre of water. Many Thanks
  3. Wow e$kob@r, What a cross she looks awesome good work. I would love to grow these in the near future. Keep up the good work.
  4. Wow very nice looking plants keep up the good work.
  5. Nice grow feroce enjoy your vacation Tight Lines. I wouldn't mind seeing a pic of a steelhead if you get any.
  6. holy shit Mack have you got enough strains on the go there. Good to see you are keeping busy. Peace and be safe CK.
  7. I used to vape fresh weed. What I used to do was vape it at 190c without the volcano bag on. I would watch the steam come out first and when I saw proper vapour I would then put the bag on. I have never had any health problems due to this. As far as I am aware you are only vapourising THC. Hope this helps CK.
  8. Wow Mack 10, She is a beauty. A good looking plant with nice tight sticky looking buds. Keep up the good work. Peace and be Safe CK.
  9. ChronicKev

    Chem D.

    Hi Mack 10, I haven't been on much lately. That Chem D looks like a resin bomb any chance of some pics in full flower? Peace CK.
  10. ??? Hey guys, Spaceman I was kinda stessed when I read your post I looked at Florida peanalties and all I can say is I am glad I don't stay there. Carper no fine just 170 hours. El Tiberion I don't have to do no piss tests.
  11. Hello Friends, Well what a day it has been. After 8 months of stress and sleepless nights it is Finally over. I was senteced today for Production and Possesion of Cannabis. I was given 170 hours community service what a f*cking result. I am over the moon considering these b*stards were threating Me with imprisonment last month. I would like to thank all those people who have helped and supported me throughout this. You know who you are . Many Thanks CK. PS. Spaceman your comment "I dont miss the days of waiting for the door to get kicked down." I don't see how that is helpful to someone who got busted and is awaiting sentence. You sound like a bighead showoff.
  12. Hey Nathalie, Long time no see. How your garden growing these days?
  13. Congratulations e$kobar and family great news that all is well. You must be very happy to finally get a Son . Have you named him yet? Sorry if I am getting to personal no offence was meant. I was just thinking we could have a name the baby competition just for fun. The winner could be notfied by PM just to keep things discreet. Anyway I hope you don't get to many sleepless nights.
  14. Hello friends and Opengrowers, It was my trial today and things didn't go as expected. I had the Devil in disguise as the Sheriff today and absolute B*stard. I watched send a 19yr old boy who had mental health problems to 42 days custody for non payment of a fine. So now I am shiting myself this guy took pleasure in sending that kid down. So proceeding begin the PF decides to drop the Intent to supply charge(I should f*cking think so since there was no evedince). So I am charged with cultivation and possesion not bad I think. So the PF reads out what I was caught in possesion of 8.2 grams of cannabis resin value £20, not bad considering it was my Jellyhash. The PF continues to say I had 336 grams of Herbal cannabis and the Sheriff says is that including the plants no was the reply from the PF. I am sitting in dissbelief thats 12 oz there is no way in the world I had that much. At most I had about 3-4 oz of bud, a mason jar with about 7g of bud, some cannabutter and a tub with about 5g of trichomes. So sentance deffered until 31st of July for a social background report. This means I have to go see a social worker and kiss some ass. Before I left this Sheriff reminded me that Prision is a strong possibilty co*ksucker considering the seriousness of what I have done.
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