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  1. COBs w/onboard drivers on sale 85% off! I couldn't pass up the sale price and have ten en route. Thought others would appreciate the heads up.
  2. I have been running a Mars II 900 with a ViparSpectra 300 in a 4 x 4 tent. I would recommend an LED with a rating of 600-900w for a 4 x 2. Don't worry, it won't be too much. I've run 1,600 watts of HID in my 4 x 4, and I only have a 4" fan! You will be killing it with 900w (rated, not actual draw) of LED in your 4 x 2. Side note: Check this sale on COBs. Super cheap DIY option of you have a source for aluminum remnants in your area. I have ten on their way. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hydroponice-AC-220V-20w-30w-50w-led-grow-chip-full-spectrum-380nm-840nm-for-indoor-plant/32720760568.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.e6734c4d1jh5Jb
  3. That's terrible news, but I'm glad to hear that they caught it. This guy is a bit over the top for me, but somebody really did their homework on this website. Here is a link to tons of legit studies that prove the effectiveness of cannabis on this front. Stay positive. http://www.infowars.com/u-s-government-owns-patent-on-cannabis/
  4. I'm fully confident it will be a major clusterfuck. We just had Reefer Madness II with all kinds of counties passing bans with all kinds of stupid limitations. It will be self defeating, and most will likely resume purcahsing illegally. Looks like corporate takeover is a go from everything I have been able to decipher. I'm afraid it will pass, then turn out somewhat like the spaceshuttle Columbia's re-entry for medical users. http://www.bmcr.ca.gov
  5. I ran a Mars II 900 for the last few weeks of flowering last year. Seemed to work fine as a replacement for 600w HID. Sorry, no pics as things went to shit at the end of my run and personal life was extremely busy. Longevity of light, can't say because I haven't used it again.
  6. You accidentally soaked them with rubbing alcohol instead of H2O2 by grabbing the wrong bottle? 69 is a good number.
  7. @bigun - Thanks, I love a good skunk myself. I believe that I may have forgotten to mention that while away from posting, the purple widow male matured, and I pollinated at least two sites on each plant. I'll be curious to see how each cross performs.
  8. First off, thanks Hempyfan. Secondly, I figured out what happened to the aero unit. Somehow, I got a bucket into circulation on my aero/dwc unit that had been used to apply a sealant to a concrete floor. After using the bucket to change the solution, I refilled all buckets and this one had a white, translucent film develop (after 3 days) around the sides and the bottom of the bucket. After a few minutes, I realized what had happened, so I chopped them and started over with some autos to try to still pull off a semi-coordinated harvest. I hope. don't mind the mess......... Day 33F Lemon skunk Diesel Haze Auto by Stitch single testicle removed today Left is Royal Queen - Diesel Auto, Right are Diesel Haze Flash by Stitch Closer shots of: Lemon skunk Lemon skunk - second cola Humboldt Seeds - Desert Diesel (personal fave) CBD Botanic - CBD D Diesel As you may have noticed, I picked up a set of Parsource growroom glasses today at the hydro shop when I dropped by to get a 1,000 watt HPS bulb so I could swap out the Halide. Best pictures to date-taken under a 600 & 1000 HPS, both burning at 600w. Don't forget that tomorrow is Valentine's Day.
  9. @youngsta- It's been a bit of a bitch. Lost a family member and a few plants (two due to error on my part, one due to being killed after pollen was harvested). I'll make an effort to get an update posted by the weekend.
  10. No clue how it was seeded. I was hoping to ID male plant in room. Clearly, somebody was trying to breed in a room from which they intended to sell. I would consider that a mistake, but I was interested due to at least one of the strains that they had to screw up with. The flowers are dense, firm and sticky enough that it is impossible to tell that it is seeded until you really start to break it up. I was gently grinding mine, so I would not damage seeds. Smell, taste and effect were all noteworthy enough for me to give one or two of these seeds a try. Here are a few pictures of the 'Snow Cap' and seeds. This bud had 6 seeds in it. another angle and this one had 4 seeds in it. One huge nugget left in the jar. The rest I already ground and bagged on my quest for seeds. 25 seeds so far. (Sorry about the harsh light out there, but it's either overpowering metal halide, HPS and LED or one cfl bulb. Not much middle ground.)
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