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  1. lol why bother I'll just be ignored like last month.
  2. Who voted for the ten best though lol.
  3. why was I not included in this poll exactly? I posted a nice photo.
  4. Immoralist


  5. Yeah dude try with an ultra clean knife, Wear gloves, RINSE the Clones after cutting (I immerse them in water to wash off potential spores), ontop of cleaning all your equipment.
  6. Immoralist

    Some thangs!!!

    Just some Thangs guys
  7. great looking outdoor plants dude. I love AK47, Had the cherry pheno once too but lost it due to PM. treasure the genes!!!
  8. I still cant upload that into a gallery onsite for some reason. could someone explain this to me so I have a chance of winning? lol EDIT---Thanks JWF!
  9. this grow is sick, plants look great from start to finish man
  10. This is so weak man, I mean, its one thing to NIp ONE bud if you stumble across a patch of weed, another to steal everything. fucking assholes.
  11. I use Promix 50% and Coco40% with Perlite 10%, GREAT fluffy mix great areation, ive never seen roots look better. I like using Botanicare or General Organics (hydroponic) they are really nice, I also use CNS 17 grow and bloom.
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