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  1. Guys he said it is NOT ladycane but some old grapefruit strain hehe...
  2. The Sugar Punch i grew recently is straight fire. Smells like berry jam to me, has the most euphoric up high I've ever experienced. My absolute top shelf smoke, several long time tokers deemed it the best strain they've ever had. It is potent, will keep you awake in a super fluffy dreamy happy mindset with absolutely no paranoia. I have many a times thought i should have hit the vape a couple less times, because the strength is intimidating. But it's basically a rush of racy pleasure... And an amazing aphrodisiac! =D
  3. No one will ever be correct without a doubt. Doubt is what drives humanity to know. But to "know" is a personal state of mind. A state of belief, based on facts that corroborate the belief, until perhaps new facts reintroduce doubt. Answering with questions can be more powerful. In the end, getting angry at doubt calls for personal reflection...
  4. Yes it does...thank you!!! Very enlightening honestly!
  5. Promoting the impure tempation are you? Lol. I still have not been able to get clarification on this: do colloidal silver reversed fems cause hermaphroditism? Or is the danger in genetically prone hermies? My instincts tell me genetic hermies, sadly, are out, because they've evolved in places with harsher climates and less of an immediate population. So to survive they hermied. Problem is, they may possess other unique qualities that are sought after...This leads into high altitude, photosynthesis sensitive, short season acclimated strains, which can hermie and autoflower unless all environmental conditions are met. My question is, genes present in pollen and calyx of a hermie plant are identically as dominant or recessive either way they express themselves? So hypothetically if another plant would also hermie...would the resulting cross, regardless of parentage sex, pass on genes identically? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS THAT HURT MY HEAD!!!
  6. @sannie thank you sir! So you basically do double testing... First the female, then grow offspring with different males ONLY to see what she tends to pass on... So i guess using different strain males is a good idea here... THEN... when you find the girl you like, you cross the potential dads to see what they pass. Mmhhh... So with enough space, you could get a cross you like in 4 runs. Then you start making filials. That is, if you want to do it properly. Lol! Nice thanks for the advice!
  7. So in general, is it more rare to have a male plant drastically change the characteristics from the mom it seeded? I feel i never hear that a male caused a previously dense budded female to become airy budded in the offspring. It almost seems that the males always seem to add and never take away? Lol... Or is that just because most people just know which males to select?
  8. Thanks man... Lol great analogy!
  9. @FOTH So basically there's no way of knowing unless you try. And even then you won't necessarily know but might not care to know because you got lucky. Lmao. I'd love to have the means to study this with thousands of plants!
  10. So the dominant chocolate ghost male passes characteristics similar to its mom? Also are the male offspring generally more representative of the mom or dad? Or is it more an even mixture? Although now we have to consider the recessive alernation too... Man lol the more i know, the more confusing... And the less i know...
  11. Thanks a lot indican! Interesting! Were the characteristics added by the male dominant in that male's mom or the dad? I guess that's how little i know about the chromosome exchange that i didn't realize its uniform in all of biology... Seeing how hermaphroditism is common in plants vs humans lol. If they are in fact the same... Then that means female genes would be overall dominant though... Well more dominant in the female offspring. So for smoking and final product that is important. But for subsequent generations of inbreeding or selection, you would probably want to isolate a male not necessarily representative of the previous mom in its generation, but characteristics that are a refined version of its dad? Lol sorry I'm probably getting ahead of myself but I really want to grasp this well enough to feel confident going in. Thanks!
  12. Nice thanks for the tip I'll check it out! And yeah the reason i posted this question is because i tried many searches but it only got me as far as reading about what to look for in males... Lol Thank you! Just downloaded the pdf hehe. If it ends up helping me understand, I'll buy it official as contribution. =D
  13. Nice but the link is to human breeding... So to say lol. Do plants behave the same? I was thinking the best option for a small time hobby breeder would be to collect pollen from as many males as able to be grown... And pollinate different buds with each, then label and store pollen for later use. That is assuming there's no space to keep many miles alive long enough to grow and test its offspring. It also seems terribly males (if plants, like humans, inherit from from the mom than dad. That would mean you can have more control over female qualities, and could vastly improve an exotic female landrace that perhaps lacks what the male's mother had in abundance! So it's almost like focusing on breeding females, with the male a stepping stone used to fine tune and add a lil extra icing on the cake! Gonna go research plant biology lol.
  14. Hey all! So I have been trying to find an answer to a question that may not have an answer. When picking a mom and dad for making seeds...are there characteristics that are more important for specifically a mom or dad? So basically...I assume you pick a female that has all things you want, or almost all things, like potency, yield and smell...then you pick the dad based on trichome production, structure and smell. Right? I guess I am wondering if there are traits which are more dominantly passed down in male vs female. Like, can you use a heavily flowering male to add density and yield to a mom? Is this process half on facts and half based on intuition? Basically...what I'm asking is, if I have 2 strains I decided I want to do selections with and then cross them...is there a best way to decide which strain I should be looking for a mom and which should be the dad? Thank you to anyone able to enlighten me!!!
  15. Oh my god this report makes this sound VERY appealing. Last order...when I saw this was available...it was the first time I saw it, or even thought about such a cross lol. Then I had to immediately request it. Your description is exactly as I imagined/hoped. Thanks!! Wow the first choices seem to intrigue me on all levels! I will have the boudica x silverfields shortly, and have been staring at the drizella x ms uni for months in my seed stash...the purple chem x headcandy is just pure intrigue, but I haven't requested them as of yet... I'd be very excited to watch that freebie run!!
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