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  1. Hi PG! Long time since we last spoke Those snails... shoot them bastards! Your plants are looking nice nonetheless Is that S5 still growing with 3-fingered leafs? Gr Bazz
  2. @Beachbud, that's Sodelicious (same as my previous post). Here's another one: Romulan from Next Generation Seeds, it was the 'best' pheno out of 3, but to be honest nothing worth saving as a mother. It's a good smoke, but nothing special:
  3. dry-trimming a Sodelicious pheno: Great pics everyone!!!
  4. Been a while, but here are some pics of the Sodelicious I'm currently running: other pheno:
  5. You would think those leafs on the VB Afghan are made of plastic I bet she will provide you with some great med's blowsterke
  6. @ Giraffe, your purple NBD looks amazing! S5 @ 33 days 12/12:
  7. Thanx everyone for the kind words! @Bodderas, the purple Kf is getting better and better in the smell and taste department. The green one has that spicyness to it, but also some Jack in it. About the reveg KF, I took 2 cuttings today too see if 1) I still got the skills lol 2) they root well. @ esko, thanks for your likes About the light hours, I think you can remember El Andy's report on the CB's, that's where I found the way to do it. Indeed, the top of the buds just kept on going, while the lower regions were going amber. Yes, I'm having a hard time identifying both smell and taste. But I like them both, you can see some budshots below. Is the Chocolate Berry coming back in stock esko? Because these girl have impressed me big time @ Roodni, with your eyes closed you wouldn't identify this as cannabis would you @ Santero, huge yield..... Oke last Sunday I finally got the chance to trim everything. Unfortunately the humidity was low during drying, so after 2 weeks of drying the buds were crispy dry. So as far as weight goes..... The Chocolate Berry that was in the front: The one that was in the back: Both smell and taste different, the ones on the top make me numb as hell, seriously. The effect is intense, watching TV or playing a game makes me go 'uhhh wtf is going on?!?' But I like both, the ones below have a more high than body, but can still be very trippy just like her sister. Oke, results for this run: Purple/pink Killing Fields 25 grams (this girl was left with around 25-30% of her buds due to the revegging, so around 70-75 % was harvested) Green Killing Fields 44 grams Front Chocolate Berry 81 grams (keep in mind that I had to cut down 2 big buds because of mold, around 14 grams total. Around half was infected, the other half was smokable). Back Chocolate Berry 120,5 grams (this girl wasn't infected with mold whatsoever) So totally this run brought me well over 270 grams I have to say that esko's CB has played a big role in this result. I think she would do great in scrog, her growth potential is ideal for scrog or LST. But this run has also proven me that you don't need high end gear for good results. I mean, I've been using the reflector since my first micro-run (Anesthesia 150W half-pipe scrog), and the 250W bulb already made it through 6 runs. Thanks everyone for following this thread, I hope I've inspired some folks. Next run will be 1 S5 again, she's already in the DR90 in veg till I got some money to buy some soil and a new bulb. Till then
  8. thesamboy, thanx Indeed, they just keep pumping out new hairs. That's why I put them in full dark for the last 60 hours, it made a difference but not much. I'm not worried about the yield either. Still got 1 bean left, I'm considering it my 'precious' now Roodni, indeed a lot of nice sized buds! But genetics also play a big part in this run for sure. About super skills, nah haha. I'm just doing my thing, in the future I'm hoping to upgrade some stuff (like a new bulb lol). What does your KF smell like? After a few weeks in jars, a rich fruity cream blend comes out, nothing compared to the green pheno I got. Lexn, Don't worry, I'll spoil you with enough dry shots the next time Santereo, thanks bro. Everything went well till the end, except for 1 bud that was on the one in the front. She got mold in her, so I had to harvest that bud and clean it up. Sp I already had some Chocolate Berry to smoke last night Very exclusive taste, and the effect was well balanced (more high than stoned, which is fine by me at the moment, to be honest I'm getting a bit tired of that couchlock effect) So they just got the chop after 107 days flower (not 107 days 12/12, because the last couple of weeks they got 9/15): The one in the front: The one that was in the back: So now the drying can begin, which takes place in the same tent so I'm on hold for now. Next round will be another '1-plant grow', again with S5 Next update with weight and dry budshots!
  9. No rush Santero, next round will be S5 again Bodderas, yeah the pink Kf is something special in the taste department. Milky cream with fruity notes I don't think the pink Kf will throw nanners either, but you never know. Yeah 9 hours of light and 15 hours and dark, I've read a thread from a dutch grower (El Andy) who has also grown the CB and he also gave them 9/15 the last 2 weeks. If you have any more questions, just shoot Might as well update with pics tonight, day 96 12/12: There are some nice sized buds: this buds goes all the way to my thumb: Haven't fed them for over a week now, next weekend will be chop time (if they need a few days longer I don't mind). They are drinking less and less, signs of the end coming near.
  10. Thanx Saxo update for Santero: I've set the timer to 18/6 a week ago, first 2 weeks 24/0 was just to be sure she come's out of flower mode. No nanners yet, the freakcircus has begun: I will update on the Chocolate Berry's tomorrow, 97 days by then..... I'm planning on taking them down next weekend, set the timer to 9/15 few days ago. The leafs are getting more yellow every day, but I've also stopped giving them nutes for over a week now.
  11. You're an early bird Blowsterke Wow already amber on the NL?? That's a quick finisher Diesel always brings some nice stash, keep it up!
  12. Thanx San! The smell on the pink/purple pheno is like cream candy, a soft scent which is getting better every day. Also still no nanners on the revegging KF. LaVieEnRose, I'm deeply impressed by the Chocolate Berry! It would be nice to reach gr/W Welcome back kooshpuff! Can't wait to smoke those berry buds Here you go Santero Barney, I don't have a clue. But when these will be restocked I'm also getting a pack, just to be sure 90 days 12/12: I've also set the timer to 10-14, I don't have any problems taking them to 110-120 days, but it would be nice if they are really finished by then
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