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  1. Been a hot minute since i've been on here, or grown for that matter. Looking to get back into the game now that it's legal in my state. What soil/mediums/premix's are you using and why? Thanks in advance for all responses
  2. Hey buddy, long time no talk Looks like you have everything dialed in nicely!!! the girls are looking very nice!!! take it easy braaaa
  3. ig skunk420


    Hello everyone, ive been away from the board for awhile... its been a phishy summer so far and im just loving it... anybody catch any shows yet this summer? going to any? i cought the tour opener in Chicago and was just blown away, best phish show of my life still got 5 shows lined up, Raleigh, Deer Creek x2 and Alpine x2 will any of you fellow opengrowers be attending these events??? hope everyone is having as much fun this summer as i am be safe a stay high skunk Get out and support live music!!!
  4. Thanks Uno!!! im quite proud of her myself, she starting to show a little color within the last few days in the new growth too. skunk
  5. Stunning pics everyone, love them all!!! heres my Killing Fields at 7 weeks
  6. ig skunk420

    mix jbbc

  7. 206 grams??? i wish i could pull that out of my dr60 lol, shitt mannn some sexy lookin plants you got over there looks like you got everything undercontrol take care buddy skunk
  8. hi yovato anytime now you she see your girls start packing on the pounds, my mix pack did anyways i thought the same think you did...there gonna finish on the later side, but around 8 weeks they just took off and and the buds filled out very nicely best wishes for a good harvest skunk
  9. Ok HD ive been off the board for awhile and when i come on and see this report.... well lets just say im very excited for this lol cant wait too see how these baby's turn out take care and heres good vibes your way for you girls
  10. Hey Bloydify Everything has finished up, sorry im pretty busy the last month or so havent really been taking pics at all... the jack was sick, wasn't to happy about that but she yielded 30 grams... ill be continuing this thread, i popped 3 more mix seeds and lets just hope for some girls skunk
  11. looks like your gonna have one cramped tent best wishes buddy skunk
  12. ok, so my whip is getting pretty dirty, was going to clean the rest of my pipes today (boiling them in water for awhile) but was wondering if i should do it the same way i clean my pipes or not. or if anyone has another method to cleaning there whips please chime in... thanks everyone for your time skunk
  13. ive never had any problems and they always come alot quicker than i expect. and you can never go wrong with Sannies gear hope that helps, skunk
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