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  1. Hey, just a heads up (not sure if this is mentioned elsewhere)... ...but Coast of Maine products are available with free ship-to-store delivery on the True Value website: https://www.truevalue.com
  2. Anybody out there with some updates? I've seen some in flower in 10 gallon pots and was about 9 ft tall - smelled like the color blue and vanilla velvet Can everyone please grow these out? You aren't going to regret it, this is all I know
  3. Everything alright out there Koma? Haven't seen any updates on your threads for a few weeks now - hope all is well
  4. I was also wondering about the Heribei x Killingfields/Chronic. Hoping somebody's got the details...
  5. Oh, you guys are spot on. I'm 5 weeks into flower and just wanted to get an idea of what kind of timeline to expect. Doubled in stretch, and now that I think about it, looks a lot like the Huckleberry Spacequeen next to it, but with more spacing between internodes. hey, mrdirt, I forgot I read through your grow thread at one point last year - it was half the reason I went with these originally, and I'm rather glad I did thanks all good night!
  6. Hey, does anybody have any info on the old Carmel Cough x Drizella freebie? Mostly just wondering flower time, but if you've grown it, I'll take anything you got thasnk
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