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  1. Nice to hear the history ! great to hear you are improving - will consider your "seeds" !!!! Healthy looking plants !!!!!
  2. Please need direction on led lighting. the one mentioned cost 189.00 - looked at Kind, Mars, ect need a good led that will cover a 3by3 space and not have to go to bank for a loan., any information will be greatly appreciated. what led do you recommend ??
  3. steve

    LED's ?

    any one ever hear of Viparspectra 450 / dimmimable,ect ? (189.00)
  4. steve

    LED's ?

    wanting to up-grade to LED - any information will be greatly appreciated !! Kind Led, Mars, Cob Virspectrure ???????
  5. anything special product used for trichome and essential oils production ?
  6. Good information about pain relief - strains you use ?
  7. Nothing !!! Genetics is the answer - thing will grow out of it
  8. there are many changes that will happen in the coming years some positive and some negative - which is normal
  9. Yea ! they have come a long ways in 4 years - all comes down to genetic's
  10. thanks great post !! -auto's ? don't know what to think - guess it's all way s god to include one with your "regular" grow - so you will have a small harvest 1/2 thru
  11. any one have experience with this breeder (Auto Seeds) specificiy the strain "Berry Ryder" ? very disappointed with this breeder - WHO do you think is the best auto seed breeder ? Fast Buds ? Thanks (your best auto grown?)
  12. to make it real simple use Advanced Nutrients "PH" perfect nutrient line - no more checking ph !!!!!!
  13. you can get into the investment of with a 1,000 dollars for a 5 to 7 years period minum
  14. agree WITH ALL _ Top Ten list are very subjective - just mention them to see of any one has tried the so called :top strains" After all there are at date over 11,000 different strain TODAY !!! and new one's being added everyday ( that is a goof thing - (Note there are over 500 different breeders (Seedinders.eu - for list of)
  15. these are the stain that the one's thta folks smoke the most of - this list are very "relative" these are just fun information !! nothining stone
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