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  1. .: V :.

    Mixed run

    wot did u attach a net pot to mate?
  2. use all organic/air based, remedies in your inventory to battle bugz.....u can win!!
  3. .: V :.

    Mixed run

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...comin round fer a pipe bruv just a coupla planes an a train or two
  4. nice dude, why r the big leaves in the jarz? protection? or slower cure? or maybe both? i want t blaze up yer daydream!
  5. If its a 7 week version of lemon thai......its probz not a version of 7 week lemon thai....double that time up, an im listenin
  6. Hey Rhino, like yer medical Rhino avatar dude, nice too see u hittin it Hard as per....are u still finding pain killing properties in weeds that also make your soar high? u know, u can put G-39 in the middle of anything! u can still feel its very individual type of strength. very hypnotic! an spacey! hard to focus upon anything, exept wot yer not lookin at, lol
  7. Fairplay buddy Fate favourz those that give it a pop
  8. Nice one ging! testers from bodhi! how did that come about bro? u been pestering him? lol
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