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  1. Also took sum late cuts of a few things, so I expect they probs 'monster crop' so I'll take em right back and make em fit.
  2. These are the last of 6 seeds of the 'Vanilla haze' gifted by Hillcrest x a few years ago.
  3. Hi people of the opengrow, long time no see. I hope your all doing as well as can be, I've missed you, I've lurked, I've been unwell....and I'm very tender. I just felt guilty, 'lurking' , an felt I shud 'peep' above the wall. I shall post grow stuff wen I can, but I'm very Shakey, and nervous. Much love all .:V:.
  4. .: V :.

    Mixed run

    wot did u attach a net pot to mate?
  5. use all organic/air based, remedies in your inventory to battle bugz.....u can win!!
  6. .: V :.

    Mixed run

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...comin round fer a pipe bruv just a coupla planes an a train or two
  7. nice dude, why r the big leaves in the jarz? protection? or slower cure? or maybe both? i want t blaze up yer daydream!
  8. If its a 7 week version of lemon thai......its probz not a version of 7 week lemon thai....double that time up, an im listenin
  9. Hey Rhino, like yer medical Rhino avatar dude, nice too see u hittin it Hard as per....are u still finding pain killing properties in weeds that also make your soar high? u know, u can put G-39 in the middle of anything! u can still feel its very individual type of strength. very hypnotic! an spacey! hard to focus upon anything, exept wot yer not lookin at, lol
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