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  1. @ spacecake..these fotos were from a few days ago.. the olive oil tip was one you gave me a few yrs ago hahahaha.. clones not ready i think i might have to make some more as no sign of roots yet on day 18 they were a bit woody and i feared they might not take off but i`ll give them a few more days.. meantime i put the mothers into the big girls room to get them in the groove
  2. not far now till the big chop... another successfull grow, not your best but as you said, shitty clones... this aint rock n roll, this is genocide!!! :punk:
  3. around this time of the grow i get a bit paranoid so i dont post till all is chopped so i started to flush the girls around 8 days ago... the foto of the buds are from the biggest girl with the double head, when dried i reckon around 50-60 gr thanks all for watching and specially space cake and the other HDrs who popped in for a chat.. a little tip for when harvesting, wash your hands in olive oil 1st and then soap and water to really get the shit off yer fingers blueyes
  4. @ hidro thanks buddy... Right on time brother.... @ Hempy that beautiful black stuff comes from a barrel that I got from a mate... Happy st Patrick's day bro... We're suckin diesel now waaahahhaha
  5. yes space i have found that the mapito that i use now (store bought) dosent drain as well and stays wetter a lot longer than my own home made mapito that i used a few grows ago, so next time i`ll add more car seat foam to the mix and hopefully get better drainage blueyes
  6. hey guys, happy St Patrick`s day day 45 bloom 12/12 mixed nutes bloom and grow to EC1.0 added PK 13/14, calmag and 1ml calgreen to total EC 1.5 in EC 1.5 out PH 5.7 in PH 5.8 out removed some dead yellow leaves blueyes
  7. Hey guys, @ rose.. You're nuts my friend lol @ space.. Not close to the chop yet still another 2wks to go buddy I expect these ladies to double in size again.. 😎
  8. hi guys, day 41 bloom 12/12 mixed nutes bloom and grow to EC1.0 added PK13/14, calmag plus to EC 1.6 and 1ml calgreen to 15ltrs water EC in 1.6 and EC out 1.7 PH in 5.7 and PH out 5.8 i removed some more of the large yellowing leaves.. i will start to lower the EC on my next few feeds down to EC 1.0 to get ready for the next grow.. enjoy blueyes
  9. Hey guys, I just found this thread and if anyone is interested in growing in mapito... You guys are soooo lucky to have some of my old buddies from HD here to help. They are the best growers I've ever come across and if anyone's lookin for help the one guy that will help in every way is.. Spacecake.. The best out there that's willing to help all for nothing, he just a good guy wanting to help all... My biggest respect to my blood buddy.. Just ask, he'll help Hope you Don't mind me sayin this space but I know you're the best buddy.. A million karma to you
  10. You're on the way to some great smoke.. Karma up buddy You're kicking those girls to the max
  11. day 37 bloom 12/12 mixed nutes grow and bloom to EC1.0 added PK13/14, calmag and 1ml calcreen to total EC 1.5 in and EC 1.6 out PH 5.8 in and 5.8 out H2O temp 22cel room temp 30cel room humidity 30 the ladies are starting to put on some weight thanks to the dark rose for the posting tip blueyes
  12. all looking good now space.. but i think you could fit one more girl in each crate as they the same crates as mine and the girls dont seem to mind
  13. day 30 of bloom 12/12 not much happens here on OG, i really dont know why i bother to upload.. anyway, nutes mixed EC 1.0 & calmag 0.3 & pk13/14 0.01 total EC1.4 1ml of calgreen to 15ltrs PH 5.8 H2O 22cel blueyes the pint of guinness is for my old buddy spacecake... enjoy mate, many more waiting for you when you arrive
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