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  1. Plants look real nice. Getting me excited for mu first octo. Bought to try some new mixes but so far yours looks so familiar...I think garden is gonna make urban farm food famous Honestly dude I would just build a aero cloner, if theres one thing aero excels in, its cloning, there is no better method for clones, and I cant think of anyone who would try to argue against this. Complete aero systems are a bitch but cloners are a cake wake, easiest part of setup. You set one up you have a full system without any of the complications later on in flowering....just make sure you set it up in a mini pool or large bucket, dont trust a flawless no leak system. all you need is a strong box or rubber maid, drill 2 inch holes, 2 inch net pots (make sure you get the sturdy plastic kind), neoprene collars, 396 eco pump, 1 on 4 off titan timer, PVC for plumbing, sprayers (come with drill bit if u look) and boom your set up for complete success. Also these plants transfer well usually. One time I had a flowering Male, through it outside in the dirt (made a little hole and planted it lmfao). I didnt think itd make it but it got watered with some of herbs and survived. A shame I still killed it so it wouldn't pollinate any of the outdoor plants I just wanted to see if it would work.. plants go straight from aero to octos.
  2. Veg bucket 1 ppm 250 other 2 400, I was shooting for 300 but I miscalculated a bit, put ph back to around 6 on all buckets. The Malawi's are getting out of control. I might try to start flowing some earling and move outdoors so they have space. I can already tell things are gonna get crazy in the stretch department.. still brainstorming what I can do. Through out a tlr cause it had small sings of root rot and I'm paranoid now. Added some enzymes and bucket change inc on hopefully wed or tomorrow. So far I think I'll run slur in aero with some honey badger haze and kinky blaze while I get clones and pots ready for the long sativas. Gonna try a malawi in crib set up as well
  3. Slur 9 looks the most indica and is fastest growing. This is how I took in roots to try to slow them getting too long. So far slurs look nice. Today I will add small amounts of nutes. Keeling a close eye on this tale 13, tlr 11 doesnt look like it will make it.
  4. MouseE


    And all 4 beauties too, you hit the pollen chucker dream lotto
  5. Before I leave this Jenny kush 33 is PHAT. gotta get my ass to the bank so I can get my landrace order in to start get ready for f2s.
  6. Easily my new favorite? I was hoping to get alot of these to cross but man shit happens I'll have to preserve this female and make as many broodlings as possible. Maybe one day I'll come across some kinky pollen or more seeds down the road. Trying to expand my baskets rn if ya know what I mean. Got plans for isolation chambers think I have most the parts now just gotta heal and do it. Dealing with insurance, attorneys, doctors, auto adjusters, and now I gotta take pt but at least I'm gonna get some ayurverdic counsel with it which I'm pretty excited about. It's like lifestyle and diet based on dosha.. Anyways these slurricane have this crazy 1 short lead syndrome. So far I like 8 and 3 and 1/7 are aight. This Turkish landrace has some early purple hue, thought it might be deficiency but it's still seedling so I'll keep an eye on it. Bog bub 2 jalisco xi hbh2 (honey badger haze this one I like alot) and 1. This "tlr1Aa" that I took note of when sprouted, seems highly resilient, beautiful and fast growth, and takes topping super well, it's actually a jalisco ibl, most likely this will be 1 keeper for this line. Of new seedlings I like "11 2" and "1AAA" both seem vigorous and healthy, AAA has fat leaves, both tiny amount of yellow tinted round leaves, starting slowing adding notes, a lil earlier and a lil less than usual. Will be toning done nutes this run and slowly build up this run. Recalibrated my ph meter. Gonna have to go hunt done my ppm.. Jalisco 1c and durg x blue hammer are also among my favorites with 3 and 2 from the Durban mix. Malawi 1 and 9 are stellar, 3 is nice but slow growth and 2 is very lanky. 3 is least impressive. I wanna change my lighting, this is also a basic essential I feel I could have improved when I started, I feel I went a set up for a more indica small plant route but since I'm into sativas the 1000w is putting put too much heat even with my 440 inline fan and glass hood, would be better with 2 400s or 600 400. I'd like to save for a nice led though.. I might try to get another light, turn 1000 50%, use spare watts for and led for a landrace under the big ceiling in the inc 7gallon air pot I'm gonna make a dui with a 10gal slumper. Gotta decide on if I need a frame...
  7. I've been reading this excellent book called the cannibus encyclopedia and I'm starting to question everything. Mostly aero and nft, I think the only reason I did it was i was young dumb and ignorant. I think I'm at a crossroads right now with my set up among other things. I'm thinking about long flowering landrace sativas, the high ceiling I have, and already the root clumping problems I have with strains over 12 weeks. I'm also really getting into these octopots. I think I might wanna take it a bit further, I've been skimming ideas in my head for DIY airpots. The problem is the air pot 7gals, the ones I want for the 16-20week strains arent the right dimensions for the buckets I have. I need to find buckets with 14" diameter or change plans..anyways got some octos set up let's see how they run I tried to make a lil on the wet side due to the high drainage and long time for root development. Using sunshine 4 to get started but I'll prolly change that up. Got a real nice slurricane and soul mate. I have a strong preveg smell coming from a slurricane and a more old school pungent one from a jalisco. So far my favorite smell is the kinky blaze. I'm gonna have to get out my notes to remember it but its haze, sweet, citrus, with undertones of musk pine and sandalwood. I think its gonna be my 1st chosen female. Looks like the reveg process will be a success on all 3 cuts. I marked a slurricane with a minty preveg smell, I remember reading I think DJ short who said mint in preveg was a bad sign. More later.
  8. The mess was more or a mess than I realize. I'm starting to regret starting my spring cleaning on the adjacent rooms of the house. Got super in there, even cleaned under insides of dresser drawers. Took 2 days but I got walls redone nn everything (even got a black eye from a dresser, didnt notice till everyone started getting me strange looks in public and started asking questions at work -.-) Made it to the buckets too late tho (it was weeks later after the car shit) and root rot everywhere. Took clones of what I could and went back on the cleaning marathon... New packs in Goals this grow Kinky blaze (if I still can), jalisco IBL, and BlackBerry haze preservation and f1s. Will be looking for jalisco IBL and kinky blaze studs. Then priority will be malawi, Durghan chiral x blue hammer, Jenny kush, and pine sol keepers Want subtle lemon lime kush uppity energetic but also body kush old school haze mix type highs, with exploration on main flavors. First I'm gonna try to put some blue hammer Durghan Gene's in one of the landrace sativas to try to control growth a bit more. Got an outdoor too so will be doing more selections of slurricane and a Durban mix from fleur de mal. Meanwhile gonna get some of that blue hammer and salmon og off of sannies and more landraces. Moved seedlings, Turkish landrace is very consistant and healthy, only 2 of 4 germ with jalisco rn but both look great. Will upload notes later. New clones and seedlings
  9. That Suzuki actually looks like something I would have got a few years later in life. In high school, never, style matters. But after 4 years of traveling/marauding in a coupe the sport wagon seemed ideal (cause I also love to floor it 110 all the way across the state (after 6months you get bored and want something faster, especially after that dude in a Thunderbird straight smokes you). I went with a passat, didnt think about discomfort on long drives.... Now it's all about efficiency in comfort, the young me speed races can take all the fun, and the ~3grand of speeding tickets I racked in 2 years..
  10. Oh it has poles!!!! Theres where that 19 bucks went. Glad I bought that giant roll of plastic sheeting long as time ago to stop certain chemicals from burning holes in carpet. Figure that plus stakes=ftw. One time one of my jars cracked and I had sodium hydroxide spraying everywhere. Was glad I was wearing safety goggles and had everything covered in sheeting like a m*fucka. I'm a dumbshit sometimes but at least I took chemistry class seriously. I go overboard with cleaning solutions every once in awhile..nothing like home made soap though...
  11. Hahah I knew someone would say it. Its definitely what I was thinking looking at the first page lmao. The sad part is I feel old, I didnt go to college til I was almost 22, never really finished my first degree, didnt really seem like much point these days. Degrees only matter in certain fields.
  12. Yeah I had custom exhaust, brembo breaks, tinted windows, and some other mods that got me harassed alot if I wasnt in the city, especially when douchebags decided to look and or profile me on their records. Plus my shit was red, something hard to miss, especially with the designer subs. What really ticked then off were the police radar and argon lights I had inside for "flaire." Driving it on acid was like driving in a spaceship though and just way to find. Miss the hell out of it for sure.
  13. Lmao, that's how I felt about their "scrog net" also 23 .99 or some bullshit. A few bamboo stakes (can get for 30cents at grow shops) you orientate like a teepee then put their scrog net with clips on. Overpriced bullshit but I did get a good deal on my pots with 50 percent or something sale, made it just a lil more than diys but not requiring set up time. Plants looking real real nice. @gardenartus is gonna have to make a thread with all her recipes compiled together someday. The garden cookbook for nartuses
  14. Finally got the chance to go into the mouse crib tonight. It was a ~3 and half minute hobble but I made it. It's a semi mess semi jungle. I did as much maintenance as I could without transferring some stuff to octos but its gonna be a rough run again. 2 males almost fully seeded think I'm gonna try to grab some pollen then reflower same Male later so I can observe it better. I started an observation chart but I'm not ready to spend more time standing yet. Bob bub 3 is the Male I'd like to get pollen from, I initially threw it in the trash but later decided to pull it out. It's a bit...crooked now..I'm considering it a stress test. Got honey badger 1 and 2 in with kinky blaze 1 and something else. Getting strong smells from badger and kinky blaze too. Interestly I got minty smell from one of the badgers. Gonna have to re veg a couple cause I'm tight in space and lost some initally clones. Glad I still got this kinky blaze, shes quite a nice little lady.
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