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  1. MouseE

    The Mouse House

    To some of you experienced breeders when selecting sre you hesitant about culling plants early in/pre veg that don't look as healthy or sturdy or do you let them flower just in case you have a delicate gold mine? Or do you first look for imperfections in environment when if it's only 1 orn2 plants that arent happy before you explore option of culling before flowering.
  2. MouseE

    The Mouse House

    Been awhile since I was busy on v day. First the resturant, then the girly, then the other girls, then everything else.. got the tent set up.. fits nicely in the corner all tho I havnt seen if how the fans and filter will all fit once said nn done. Got this cree pretty excited for it. Got this jenny kush from rare dankness and a free sol mate (pine sol goji x wookie) 12 pack. Never grown bodhi but heard great things and just picked up some goji oil last month that was fire so here comes the extended kush pheno search. Uppity focused pine body high kushes great for depression and fatigue with focus and creativity is what I'm looking for. With lots of pine lemon and skunk. The 6 pots fit in the tent, forgot I ordered a dual layered dual layer tent (ding dong) and that would fuck with space measurements but I'm liking the tent. Might have to get some plastic round the edges to stop pollen but I'm thinking I can set up 2 male chambers for pollen if I isolate each male and use the main room as a breeding one. With maybe the spare spaces in between pots to red cup stress test males and see sex or just small plants in small pots...idk yet but I think I might even be happier. But also 6 6gals woulda fit perfectly..maybe I'll try upgrading/experimenting later. Next step is to organize clones I'm having this problem, maybe some of you can chime in. Some of my plants leaves are culling. Seems to happen to just a few strains. May sure roots were not in puddle, or light to close, or air, or temp. But still been seeing this fader actual do it in veg. Only had 3 leaves. I tossed it cause seemed like not good traits to look for. Anyways new seeds In case you were wondering why it's called the mouse house.. And a rare shot of the v day panty dropper cakes. With secret special sauce Seems like side 1 of tent is taking forever. Bout to flush and call it a wrap feel like I shoulda done it last week as my clones are starting to get big. Fuck these last 2 plants I've been waiting on. Really thought they would moved along a bit faster these last 3 weeks but meh. Jalisco ibl Panama from ace triple Pakistan blue hammer x Durghanchitral and blackberry haze looking good
  3. MouseE

    The Mouse House

    I w as s gonna put up the tent yesterday, but my gf showed up and needed food and after I put some of this ASS #2 with some kief from the killingfields I got skunked with psychedelic visions and pretty much was out for the night. At least I can verify I grew something that isn't bunk.. Might be keeping this pheno after all. I like this dual layered tent, should be perfect for small plants to octo.
  4. MouseE

    New Sanniesshop

    Yeah definitely one of my future plans is my own grow tent with 16ft ceilings for the crazy landrace sativas in octopots..scrog style. One day..
  5. MouseE

    NAW Concentrate/oil making

    Curious what came with the cookie fam tray
  6. MouseE

    The Mouse House

    Yeah I remember when I was building my system stinkbud over on riu was saying organics without soil is ether extremely impractical or near impossible. Makes sense to me I do have an organic veg nutrient but it needs to be changed frequently. I also remember botanicare saying that their shit isnt labeled as organic but it's as close as it comes without making sacrifices for quality. Lots of times these nutrient lines have some type of enzyme or other in them to break down dead roots and plant matter along with stopping contaminants/rot/or mold from growing in your rez.
  7. MouseE

    The Mouse House

    Shack dom pheno of the afghan skunk x shack a nice shot of the killingfields with no flash in the sunlight before I throw it on my trim bin just because it really pops in the sunlight and wont be there for long! Then theres this laughable grinspoon dominant fader actual nugs. Smells real nice but I cant stop laughing my ass off at this bud structure..lol. I should save this pheno just for novelty purposes. Curious how this other pheno turns out tho on the ASxS (thank God for abbreviations) cause these bugs are straight monster collars, loving the variety in pack, also very very nice vegger, I keep looking in my garden like "what's that really nice veg looking plant" and its always my ass #1 or 2..or the kf. The sour power is more lanky and thin like a kush and needs some babying but it flowers real real nice. Maybe I'll cross it with 9lb hammer and call it the ass hammer..fuck I must be stoned
  8. MouseE

    The Mouse House

    Thanks for the input guys, all this is new to me but you have really made my life easy. Top feeding is out but I might try some foliar sprays this round. My main goal is seeds so I dont feel like I need anything too special. Smoke a bowl of the afghan skunk x shack. Nice skunk smell with some shack funk, nothing too strong but probably would came out a little more if I cured a bit better/longer. Throw a bowl in my apix bong. Nice and smooth, nothing harsh nor super expansive. Been a little congested (or I just been spoiling my self on 6star full melt/dabs or too much crack as a teen) so not gonna go big in flavor depart but it was a nice mostly old school funk. Reminded me of weed I use to get like 10 years ago. Started pretty heady with z moderate body relaxed but active high. Then I'm gonna say the afghan creeper in a little after 15 min, felt a little more behind the eyes, hit a seat but not gonna say completely couch locked and was very nice but still heady that kind of moved to a more relaxed state. A tiny bit of sedation but the hybrid effect still allowed me to keep moving. Some morning shots without hps. Its pretty much a blizzard here with pushing near 2.5-3ft of snow soon so gonna have to change reses old school style...snow boots activated and engaged.
  9. MouseE

    The Mouse House

    My guess would be mold? When I leave tea out for a free days it always picks up something, I'm guessing the environment of soil is too hardy for it to really take off. Idk when I grow mushrooms mold will do fine in the jars but once I dump it outside it doesnt stand a chance in the soil. Thanks misterdirt, some good food for thought, think your right about not worrying too much bout organics. The juice looks legit and anything hydro/aero related can be a nightmare of organics. I'm already feeling pretty good about not using any chemical pesticides and such. Think I'll just go with that and see if I'll upgrade later
  10. MouseE

    New Sanniesshop

    I have a 20 ft ceiling in my house. Too bad I couldn't find a tent over like 6
  11. MouseE

    The Mouse House

    Octopots here monday. Went with then3 gal as the dude said I could fit 9 in a 3x3 and if they small they wouldn't be too much maintenance. Still unsure of nutrient route. Shit seems weird gonna have to look into. Jet seems to have made this organic? I have access to my families compost which I was hoping to utilize since there living soil is decades old. Makes their plants come out killer, but seems like regular soil is too dense. Idk gonna have to read more into some of the grows here. I 4hink I'm gonna do some selections then clone for octopots. Still gotta set up my tent tho..I'll be back. Just harvest killingfields some fader actual and sour power og 2, the sour d pheno. Lots of lemon sour with lime kush subtletirs. Loving the Terps in this straight reeks of lemon diesel. Got some heat stress I think partly for not putting in fan soon enough after rez change. Think I might have to tone done ballast too after a certain stretch and maybe keep lights higher. I implemented a mh for more heat in winter but I think the plants under hps are too hot. After I rewired everything I was able to turn both my 600mh and 1000hps from50-100% but I dont 4hink I factored in enough the canopy heat as my temps inside are decent. Been trying to feed less as I feel in general sometimes I overfeed. Need better notes on feeding and slowly increasing it. This fader smells really nice and modern which I'm not super keen on but the yield seems disappointing. Cant tell if its heat or not anc it's just a bit more sensitive, but dont think ioll be running this pheno again regardless. I noticed leaf curling on one of my male faders I was contemplating for selection cause of growth but makes me wonder if it's not heat, cause there no way my t5s doing that in a 65-70degree room. Regardless unique blueberry muffin, not alot of kush. Time to tell. Think I might have let them dry a lil too fast for the cure but they seem decent. Still trying to dial in a nice curing schedule/routine. The killing field of course came at stellar, not as Terpy as the diesel but lovely bud structure, even if they arent giant.
  12. MouseE


    I've never grown it out but lemon haze and lemon kush are 2 of my favorite strains ever. Got a lemon haze from this med company that was local we had called bodhi. Some of the best smoke I ever had. The only strains I remember from those times were ghost train haze, gg4 (this was in wa so I'm pretty sure I was one of the first that saw it), this slh, and a chem dog. Everything else was "just bud," you know?
  13. This some good shit. Been thinking about glassblowing for while but startup just seems unrealistic for another artsy hobby gonna have to sit down with some time later
  14. MouseE

    NAW Test Center

    Glad I'm not the only one
  15. MouseE

    Kinky Blaze info

    Had some a year ago but they got fucked. Got 2 going in veg right now some of the hardiest plants I've seen. Survived a long drought even tho one only h as d about 4inches of roots (I never see plants that small come back from shit like that except an andromina and a green crack I had). Also survived me dropping a cell phone straight down on it. Excited to flip her seems like maybe good breeding work.