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  1. Here is update for Jahliceus! Cured 3 months in jars with rubber band around, mostly in dark.Opening them once in 10 days for 1 hour+-. Short story, smoke from Jahliceus is imho sharing 1st spot with S. Jack and SugarP even Jah is from different genetic pool. I cant enough describe smoke but buzz its like mixing little SJack and Esco's freebie Chocolate cheese with Herijuana (Choco cheese is another strain that im dreaming together with Sugar Punch) This is my experience and smoke report: While im crushing nug with my fingers to put in grinder there is petrol smell with earthy notes. Rolled, got ready with some fresh prepared Juice on table... Lighted up and after few tokes i enjoyed in nice aromas of tastes and take few min to feeling first effect which was kind of rush narcotic effect with little numbness (very very relaxed body effect) but in natural way and feeling. My bone and legs pain was gone!!(i have serious medical issues with thrombosis among others). Reaching half of spliff i slowly started to getting some way of stone, very slow stone but that was stone.. Jah is not two hitter, but more than 3-4 hits are enough to feel effects and you have first feeling like falling down from bed but not in unpleasant way. As i wrote above first wawe is totally body relaxing and continuing while enjoying spliff and after reaching end there is mouth watering effect.. Im sitting and enjoying relaxed, feeling stronger and stronger relaxing body effects while listening some erotic lounge mix and drinking juice. And there after maxed 15 minutes there is suddenly BUM BUM!Like drums from Amazon tribes!!! Strong and TOTALLY cerebral effect! Never experienced in that way, soaring and euphoric!From relaxed mood laying into sofa i got up and started to walk around flat, waking dogs to play with them! Mixed strong euphoric effects and happiness but in relaxed manner, not strong or scary..kinda reminded me of 1-2 hours of my first LSD experience 30 yrs ago in Dam, taking half piece of Acid(Im remembering like was now, square of green underground with red green peace sigh) Soaring and euphoric effects lasted at least 50-60 min, starting slowly to fade out, but that narcotic effect was there whole time. After playing with dogs i sit down and listened some chill out music and think that's all, but after short time there was strong wave of relaxed effect slowly taking me to stone. Not stone to the bone but nice pleasant stone, lasting over half hour.. But that was just my though that lasted half hour or so, because i wake up after little more than 2 hours with CTRL on my front head!( stoned i fall into sleep while sitting on my PC) and CTRL mark on my front head was from my pressure to keyboard! In short story that was my first smoke of Jahliceus. I am very very sorry for Jah hermi issues and taking out of shop but i hope Sannie and Knutsel will sort that out in future because that strain deserve to be always in stock because imho strain is simply impressive. Have on mind that i had never chance to try out any of Chem crosses before and this is biased smoke report. I fell very sorry for not taking cuts from Jah but guess what? I got 22 seeds from buds(I didn't notice them while i was trimming them probably because i trimmed just big fan leafs and i saw them after i opened jars and started to broke nugs for smoking). Seeds was fully ripen and they are pretty big and looked very healthy. I put 5 of them to try germinated them with old proven paper towel method and they sprouted less than 24 hours. All 5 plants were female( i guess from selfed female seeds i can get only female plants or not?) and result is this: Edit: I got two phenos. One is with more leafs and second is identical to their mom with just big fan leafs and few smaller and im leaving them to dry out without triming them, just cutting big fan leafs. Sugar coated, 1st pheno with leafs covering calyxes reaching milky trichomes 8.5 weeks(vegging them 3 weeks) and second pheno identical to mom rippened 9 weeks with 80% milky and 20% amber, vegging them 4 weeks. Yield was equal to 0.8 gr/per watt, growing them in soil with 70% Soil, 20 % worm castings and 10 % bat guanno, adding fish mix in last few weeks.
  2. JB also near end of wk6 under 150 w led- Hans panel. From my humble experience close related or most of blueberry hybrid strains respond very well under led lights. Or its just my personal exp. Cheerzz Jackberry green pheno under led. P.s Just noticed that led is overpowered by 600 hps but you can get picture. For shooting purpose i moved led far away from 40-45 cm where stands.
  3. We will see smoke report in month at least but smell of Jah is unmestikable blueberry with diesel tones. I had no chance to smoke any diesel strain with diesel notes.
  4. Jah 7l pot veg4wk, Pic taken end of 6wk started to fox tail buds. I cut her at 8.5 wk cause most of thrichomes were milky and amber.
  5. No my friend i had no other similar issues with Jahliceus or any other strain from this order or any before. As i said before i had issue with Pk def in middle of flo but i sorted with fish emulsion. I have some half decent pictures from this grow ill add them now in same album. P.s I read in some organic article that transition from hot to cold weather could affect Phosphorous absorbing and in my case while they were in veg about month they were superb, just tab water and they thriwing with thick stems and everything alright but since they entered stretch phase temperatures went from 25-30 to 5-10 degrees and even this is indoor grow i keep window open cause fresh air and normally earth is cold and watering regime changed from every second day to 5 days. P.S Does organic grow slowing a bit maturing or im wrong because most of plants need 1wk flowering longer than stated on site? probably this is question for Organic part of Og All Og, stay happy and take care.
  6. I forgot some pics. Mb finished 9wk, dryed and curing.Same as few Jackberry all green phenos with very decent yield and fantastic resin, almost dipping wnen i cut off them. BTW i learned that some plants or maybe all?plants finishing their maturing few days after they are chopped down?! probably some natural process. None of rest plants show any slight sign of hermies as expected and now i wish that i had space to save some pollen from Jb or Jah..another time Now i want to notice that S.Jack fem i belive its F8 same batch as i had last year. Same fantastic vigour and shiny Indica pheno leafs, stretched 1x this time probabbly because i toped them twice. Jack again show P def after stretch is done almost at end 5 but i solved with fish emulsion. https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/album/6112-jb-sj-madb-jahliceus-shack/
  7. ciko

    JB, Sj, MadB, Jahliceus, Shack

    Jah, SJ, M.Berry, Shackzilla, SF, B.Cheese
  8. Thanks all for responses and all help, really dudes. Im new in organic grow and i very very like when im seeing my ladies happy and green from start to end. But, there is always but ! Here in my disastrous country im unable to find all necessary stuffs like dolomite lime, bat guanno with guaranted npk. Even i cant find bone meal or fish meal and im experimenting with buying fish scraps and steaming bones my self. This time im almost 100% P source was pretty low or was unable to break down in time, so i found my self in situation where in middle of flowering near 4 weeks most of strains(except S.Jack and Sf cause they were still in stretch phase) show P def. I had no other choice and ordered online fish emulsion Npk 2-2-2 but i waited 5 days to come. Some plants were fine and some with pretty leafs with P def. However one foliar leafs spraying and P def stopped, and i continue to apply fish mix when wattered them. Im not complaining because even with not properly dialed super soil mix plants gave very nice yield and some of them now curing in jars while Sf and S.Jack still pumping buds at end of 10 weeks. Maybe im not lucky enough and no colored pheno of Jackberry but now im gathering funds for Kf or another pack of Jb even this green pheno smell amazing and is full of resin as usual with House strains. For my next Ssoil grow i will be prepared 100% or im not starting at all. Another thanks for help and support. Sannie man thanks for offer but its not fair from me to ask replacement just cause few nanners. I really apriciate but im from that kind of people that will cut my little finger before i ask for replacement or trying some schemes just to get free pack of seeds, even my sallary is little more than 200 euro. If im unable to purchase this precious genetics i will kindly ask for few free seds, but not because few nanners. Im very happy that you have AST also because they are really special kind of breed. I have Ast since 1992 but this is my first litter and man oh man such a joy is to raise them in healty, socialised and happy dogs- babbysitters I will throw you email or pm because im very intrested to see what bloodlines left in Nl because there lived one of best breeder and Amstaff fancier Mr.Max Von Slijpe, sadly now passed. P.s Im uploading pictures in a few minutes.
  9. Never mind now but i soaked into distiled water 24h+- (some sprouted some not for that time in glass). After i put them in soil i covered them with transparent plastic cups and misted them few times. My guess is that i drowned them. I will never ever germ without spongepots or if im outif them old papér towel worked fine. I hope regular Jackberry will gave some nice mom. Its pretty hard to work with reg and fems in same time if you are limited with space, as im atm. Nevertheless my Amstaff mom gave birth to healty 4 puppies 3 fem and 1 male. Male name is Jack Herer and female is Sannie Sativa Queen I will update pics of them and from flo tent tomorow. GN fellàs.
  10. Thanks dudes. Next order from shop will be 5 packages of sponge pots. When i folowed Sannie instruction and had 100% germ rate. Btw now on pictures with flash where is showed whole plants im noticing dark green discoloration.. Is that begining of P def or im mistaken? Jack showed P def after 7 days from flip.. Probably fish meal is not enough.. Im not in situatìon to get some Bac or BioBizz blooom nutes so fast so anyone sugestion for home made Phos source? I found online some people using all kind of bones previosly baked in oven or grilled them. I can get proven domestic made mineral PK nute, but im afraid that i will ruin soil life. Thanks
  11. https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_6098/gallery_15914_6098_771178.jpg
  12. Sorry i forgot https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_6098/gallery_15914_6098_150264.jpg upload pics.
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