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  1. Awesome for reading for all those of us, who have bags in freeze! Btw i dont want to open new topic so i will ask here: I must admit that still i have no chance to smoke or grow Bubba(pre98, good repros if they any worth name?cuts if bx etc)big thanks for good point, Eu preferable. edit: Or good Chem. I had half bad luck with first fem batch of Jahlicious F1 fem which Sannie pulled back off asap after grows with nanners reported. i had two phenos 1 female 1 male.I have there somewhere part like smoke rep..in short bless!very very dankfank! especially after at least 100+- days. Proly i made mistake for not taking polen even from fem..who knows? Girl show no new nanners after chop them, and gave me auto pilot grow, very good vigor and above average yield.Smoke like riding on s300:) If i have chance in near future i will grow reg 10 Jah with starters pack and everything proper, documented. I miss bacto and tablets!Lucky i hope guanno tea helps in every aspect.
  2. ciko

    next project?

    Any info what Mastero decided into what project will put his effort this time?
  3. Little old thread but still i will share my experience with BioBizz line which i think its pretty decent. BioBizz recommend BioGrow until end of grow supposedly to "activate" Top Max but my first experience with BB line N overfeeding and at week 11 of 12/12 most of strains had dark indigo foliage from middle to top of plant. After some research i found that BioBizz have N in almost every of their nute. Yield vise that was above average crop, but next session i used BioBizz but without BioGrow after end of veg period and half of recommend feed schedule. Way much better and healthy plants, yield vise also higher. But after i found OG and SShop i stop to use "brand name" nutes. After 4-5 grows i learn how properly to dial growth condition and start to using mostly diy nutes(Comfrey, Nettle and Soya bean tea) and unavoidable worm castings and brown algae. Lately i started to add my own made Lactobacillus when i mixing soil amendments and i fill pots and add Lacto then i add about half litre water, depend from pot size and wait around 3-4 weeks and misting from time to time(pots are closed with black plastic bags). When little greenly sprouting starting to show (mostly from legumes i guess) then poting my seedlings which are at top 2.5 week from planted into rapid rooters. I will never used "brand name" nute again, except Algae or maybe fish mix, and of course myco. Bat guano is also welcomed into my soil, but with my previously described method of soil atm have no real need for guano. Take care and spread love not hate. Ciko
  4. Clones from Sannie Jack-ssh pheno mom sprouted from seed early 2015 ( i think its F7 or F8). I found this mom in 5 seed pack and 1st batch of clones was ready in 9 weeks but after few generation of cloning and properly dialing environment, soil and timing, they were ready in 8-8.5 weeks at top. Those on pictures are old 7 weeks since flip, with mosyt cloudy trich and 20% amber. One more week and they packed 25% in size and weight and trich went 70-80% amber. Fantastic haze smoke, heavy yield and most important no lost of vigor, or any other department since 1st batch clones taking in jiffy pellets and sprouting average 8-10 days. Sadly my dogs eat her but lucky for me cause after shortly i was "ratted" out by my brother stupidity. Btw i grow them in SOG 5.5 liter pots 5x5 rows in tent under 600W gavita and "veg" them under 2x 150 led, real 2x150 from wall. 2 wks veging to adapt after cloning and flip to 12/12. Sorry for average picture quality, in real they looked fantastic. Hard nugs, different from other SJ pheno i had, and no foxtails, but other pheno need at least 11+ week to fully ripen. Grow with organic composted soil, 30% castings, little bat guanno, comfrey tea, Egg shells and unavoidable 2 times foliar per week Brown Algae(A.Nodosum) only on leafs. Gzz and best vibes.
  5. @SPW m8 i was referring to his Cheese S1 which can be obtainable(legal in Eu) for 5 per cut, or even cheaper. I was wandering why they releasing Cheese as new release when he saying they have elite cut sourced since 2005? Also his PKC is obtainable from Ace (which my grow buddy had awesome experience with outdoor grow and smoke was...incredible) or Cannabiogen. Even Bodhi packs are under 100$ or similar. Cannabela and Seed heaven are very good places(for those in Eu) for sourcing good genetics for decent prices, not to mention breeders on OG who have awesome crosses for more than fair prices. Some people are used to pay more for good stuff but times are changing and old phrase " If you dont know what is good, ask what is expensive" is just phrase, not true of false. Nova days money is not guarantee that we will got what we pay for, even we pay good salt, still there is work to do, not just put beans in soil and wait Best luck with your muffins, i hope you will find gem and show us. Btw MadScientist is one of best pain and stress relief strain ever tried by me. As far i understand you are also medical patient as me, so give a shot if you havent until now. Peace. Ciko
  6. Money, money, money. Cause "$$$" rush thriving in decent amount of people " i got feeling that earth became stopped by and telling us this is last station, for long time. Before watching this video i was eager to get hands of some of their gear in distant future, but now almost lost interest for sourcing CSI gear, at least once in lifetime. Not just because i cant afford to pay double for beans(after losing job due to covid) but also that i became aware than there is stable genetics from same or similar gene pool with for very decent price. Or just i prefer to stay with familiar in house genetics and trying to source some repros of esco or Naw, either to spend my "virtual" money to people who even gave shit to customers(non related to CSI interview). Stay healthy and positive! Ciko
  7. ciko

    next project?

    Spending more than 2 hours and still voted wronglyl Skipping 1 and 2 because im not familiar with any of them, even i want Lady Cane but im staying little away from Satty although i adore SSH. I wanted to vote for 5 because i havent chance to score CB even(San send wrong fb) and i was ordering at shop because those fbies, but had lucky and got C.cheese which was(in few words) most mellow and happy feeling same as my first kiss with girl as teenager!!! Choc Rain grow was little different story, since i had fully loaded stash of Heri, S.Punch, S.J Shackzilla i have mixed feeling about smoke reports, but i know one thing that im craving for some Choc Rain or CR cross. 3. sweet & sour = sour diesel ibl 2006 (riri cut) x chocolate rain (eskobar's f2-male) Never had chance to try real SD cross(exept Jahliceus which if im not mistaken is Chem cross, and helped me with my heavy medical issues on similar level as Heri and Madberry) but sadly hermi prone and was shortly available. 4. chocolate boulder = NLx (nl/widow clone) x cocoa kush (f1, father of choco rain) Voted for this because i havent chance for nlx/widow clone, look as temptation. 5. kinky cheese´╗┐ = shiva (t13clone) x cheeseberry99 (esko's CB keeper x bg c99 f2) vote vote vote love love love. p.s How much phenotype have C99 because im reading online that Pineapple pheno having kinda rushy or paranoid leaning type of smoke.True or false? Thanks
  8. Very healthy plants, i love such plants. Btw im having similar issues with super cropping when im breaking their necks and sometimes i snap main stem. For healing purpose im using few drops of Algae(A. Nodosum ) and then im using some softy strap for tie spot and again few drops of Algae. After 1-2 days plant continuing like nothing happened. Also im very satisfied with foliar application at least once per week in vege.
  9. Before i stopped from lurking OG forum and going deeper i had more than few passions. First on my list was Cuore Sportivo( Alfa Romeo) sharing spot with Motorcycles which i ride around 20 years( now i stopped because health issues) and i sold bike Second passion is very special breed imho, (Pit Bulls, Amstaffs, Red Nose, Blue Nose, XXL pits etc, whatever they call them) After i found my self literary read more than 70% of forum content and 5-6 years of growing i still have two but sharing place! Now Grow passion share my 1st with dogs and Alfa went down not by her fault Motorcycle riding stopped because health issues and after i got busted i had to sell bike to cover some of expenses. I became obsessed(after tried San and Esco gear for 1st time) with good genetics and going deeper into genetics requiring loads of time and endless nights spending on forum and eu.seedfinder comparing and learning gene pools. Every who had more than basic knowledge of dog breeding know what im talking about, its basically same thing, founding recessive and dominant traits and eliminate or keep them. In dog breeding great success is when you maintain pure line but imho real success is when your offspring is better than parents. For my luck i had very good mentor for over 30 years of my dog breed experience but sadly because im living in stateless state i havent real life mentor but thank for OG and people who sharing their experience and more than that! Thank You OG, from all my hearth rate!
  10. Here is update for Jahliceus! Cured 3 months in jars with rubber band around, mostly in dark.Opening them once in 10 days for 1 hour+-. Short story, smoke from Jahliceus is imho sharing 1st spot with S. Jack and SugarP even Jah is from different genetic pool. I cant enough describe smoke but buzz its like mixing little SJack and Esco's freebie Chocolate cheese with Herijuana (Choco cheese is another strain that im dreaming together with Sugar Punch) This is my experience and smoke report: While im crushing nug with my fingers to put in grinder there is petrol smell with earthy notes. Rolled, got ready with some fresh prepared Juice on table... Lighted up and after few tokes i enjoyed in nice aromas of tastes and take few min to feeling first effect which was kind of rush narcotic effect with little numbness (very very relaxed body effect) but in natural way and feeling. My bone and legs pain was gone!!(i have serious medical issues with thrombosis among others). Reaching half of spliff i slowly started to getting some way of stone, very slow stone but that was stone.. Jah is not two hitter, but more than 3-4 hits are enough to feel effects and you have first feeling like falling down from bed but not in unpleasant way. As i wrote above first wawe is totally body relaxing and continuing while enjoying spliff and after reaching end there is mouth watering effect.. Im sitting and enjoying relaxed, feeling stronger and stronger relaxing body effects while listening some erotic lounge mix and drinking juice. And there after maxed 15 minutes there is suddenly BUM BUM!Like drums from Amazon tribes!!! Strong and TOTALLY cerebral effect! Never experienced in that way, soaring and euphoric!From relaxed mood laying into sofa i got up and started to walk around flat, waking dogs to play with them! Mixed strong euphoric effects and happiness but in relaxed manner, not strong or scary..kinda reminded me of 1-2 hours of my first LSD experience 30 yrs ago in Dam, taking half piece of Acid(Im remembering like was now, square of green underground with red green peace sigh) Soaring and euphoric effects lasted at least 50-60 min, starting slowly to fade out, but that narcotic effect was there whole time. After playing with dogs i sit down and listened some chill out music and think that's all, but after short time there was strong wave of relaxed effect slowly taking me to stone. Not stone to the bone but nice pleasant stone, lasting over half hour.. But that was just my though that lasted half hour or so, because i wake up after little more than 2 hours with CTRL on my front head!( stoned i fall into sleep while sitting on my PC) and CTRL mark on my front head was from my pressure to keyboard! In short story that was my first smoke of Jahliceus. I am very very sorry for Jah hermi issues and taking out of shop but i hope Sannie and Knutsel will sort that out in future because that strain deserve to be always in stock because imho strain is simply impressive. Have on mind that i had never chance to try out any of Chem crosses before and this is biased smoke report. I fell very sorry for not taking cuts from Jah but guess what? I got 22 seeds from buds(I didn't notice them while i was trimming them probably because i trimmed just big fan leafs and i saw them after i opened jars and started to broke nugs for smoking). Seeds was fully ripen and they are pretty big and looked very healthy. I put 5 of them to try germinated them with old proven paper towel method and they sprouted less than 24 hours. All 5 plants were female( i guess from selfed female seeds i can get only female plants or not?) and result is this: Edit: I got two phenos. One is with more leafs and second is identical to their mom with just big fan leafs and few smaller and im leaving them to dry out without triming them, just cutting big fan leafs. Sugar coated, 1st pheno with leafs covering calyxes reaching milky trichomes 8.5 weeks(vegging them 3 weeks) and second pheno identical to mom rippened 9 weeks with 80% milky and 20% amber, vegging them 4 weeks. Yield was equal to 0.8 gr/per watt, growing them in soil with 70% Soil, 20 % worm castings and 10 % bat guanno, adding fish mix in last few weeks.
  11. JB also near end of wk6 under 150 w led- Hans panel. From my humble experience close related or most of blueberry hybrid strains respond very well under led lights. Or its just my personal exp. Cheerzz Jackberry green pheno under led. P.s Just noticed that led is overpowered by 600 hps but you can get picture. For shooting purpose i moved led far away from 40-45 cm where stands.
  12. We will see smoke report in month at least but smell of Jah is unmestikable blueberry with diesel tones. I had no chance to smoke any diesel strain with diesel notes.
  13. Jah 7l pot veg4wk, Pic taken end of 6wk started to fox tail buds. I cut her at 8.5 wk cause most of thrichomes were milky and amber.
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