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  1. @ g what ballist are you useing the old mag or new diggy theres a big diffrence between the to of them as for useing 1 x1000w 2x600w would be way better BUT if you can fit them in 4x400w will kick the ass of the last to as you can get the 400w lights a lot lower to the plants space
  2. i would go with what beachbud better to all ways have new bulbs after 3/4 grows space
  3. have a cupper and a ciggy just waiting for the show to start nice looking girls there carps space
  4. yo yo carp you bin spending to much time on the lakes lool space
  5. spacecake

    Mapito run

    @ hamme hydro calmag is a must in hydro as the plants grow quick and in doing so they use lots more cal then the mag weed bitchs are pig for cal hope this helps space
  6. spacecake

    Mapito run

    @ santa next time put some black and white on the walls them tiles will not help your girls as they do not kick the light back to them like black and white dose space
  7. spacecake

    Mapito run

  8. spacecake

    Mapito run

    yo santa at last you see the light that we put up as hidro says we all fucked things up a long the way but from the look of thees girls your out of the woods for sure you will not look back from now on keep rocking them girls till the end karma up +1 space
  9. spacecake

    Mapito run

    good work santa picks will look better with lights out space
  10. HI thomson i would do as hidro says it will also stop the leaves make each others wet from touching plus it will also help with air flow a round the plants space
  11. @ ian just how do you mix the res up . as from the sound of it you feed one lot of nutes then feed agian with diffo nutes if this is what your doing from what your saying you got it fucked up just mix them all in one go and feed them that in one go space
  12. also take better picks as thees ones are shity to look at space
  13. ian bring your base nutes to e.c 1.3 then add the pk 13/14 so your e.c 1.5 you dont need to keep adding calgreen space
  14. what e.c are you giving ?? @ week 5 you can start to give the pk13/14 @ 5 mills to 10 liters space
  15. @ ian you dont need the so called light to get to the lower buds that a lot of bollocks they need the big fans to feed them now all the plant is going to do is try to make the fans grow back this will slow the buds way down as i told you be for yop started dont lissen to all the shit out there just copy what we did on OLD HD and your do good but its your girls to fuck up not mine space
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