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  1. Real happy to hear that brother. Is she outside? How does she smell and yield? I ran a few plants threw a small closet test grow but havent ran them in a good enviorment yet. She is some extreamly aromatic flowers even without a cure. Send some pics when you can
  2. looking good as usual my friend. the crosses you are making are very interesting
  3. Chuckies bride x Lemon cindy (cheese/c99 X Lemon thai/c99) 10 gal still in veg.. pic taken last week
  4. Killing Feilds/Chronic X Heribie Outdoors in northern USA .. She is fast develooment and frosty Chuckies Bride (cheese/c99) X Lemon Thai/c99 Sunshine Daydream Durghanchitral X Blue Hammer 91 Gorillas (gg4/91Chem/sfv) by Motarebel
  5. Super busy at work latley. Charm City (Goji Og X Blue Magoo) Also a Killing Fields/Chronic X Heribi fenale outdoors getting her stretch on
  6. Shes is a beautiful plant! Pretty leaves and purple branching Confirmed female I can not wait to she what she does Heres a sour diesel clone someone gave my dad. I Don't know where it came front or what seeds. But she's a beast! She's about 3 weeks older then the herbei X KF/Chronic and preparng for future fat colas
  7. Chuckies Bride (cheese/c99) X Lemon thai/c99 Transplanted from solo cups last night and shaved there legs I'll leave them under 24 hrs light until they show sex in the next 4 weeks, take clones and flower them. Hoping for some terpy exotic beauties. We'll see
  8. The NlXodus by Eskobar actually is pretty decent smoke lol I like the high, it's back in the day teenage high... Zone out and indulge in whatever your thing is, Stoned! But not to strong, just chilliin Chocolate rain makes me nice and chill but don't like to socialized to much, but good Silver fields is my all around fave out of the test closet... great sativa taste and definitely smells of grapefruit haze just like sannie says. Love the "sharp" focused clear high from her... she is truly connesur quality bud even in bad conditions Charm City (Goji OG X Blue magoo) is what I would call "show off" weed... super sticky to the touch and loud ass smells, frosty bluish bag appeal and potent. But it's not my kind of potent, I'm sure I can find the perfect high sutible for me if I search threw the magoo phenos, but this goji OG pheno is too strong, can't drive straight and find myself saying dumb things lol I like it after about 45 mins but the first 20 mins are crazy. I drove out to the thumb in Michigan for camping and smoked this driving, guys I thought I was gonna die lol Cars felt like they were space crators flying all around every which way, i just wanted it to be over... I drove 40 on a 55 and everyone was flying around me at like 700000 lol it was crazy. I had to come down. Will be a while before I smoke that again I much prefer the silver fields then charm city, that stuff is a GOOD high. Not crazy Rebel Yell X Selene is real good high too strong rank smell when squeezed
  9. Sunset purple temple sunrise? Lol idk... here's some silver fields:)
  10. Rolled up some charm city (goji x blue magoo) Sticky
  11. Straight blue magoo will be fine outdoors, professor p did a great job with these seeds. I love that strain as a grower. Actually Maybe all 3 strains I sent you should work outdoors flower time wise, but only one way to find out the cookies x bm should have some crazy terpy but they will be all over the place pheno wise. I pollinated 3 different huck cookie phenos and mixed all the seeds together.
  12. Well i just rolled up some chuckle cheese, she is FIRE!! Super potent smelly weed, and real sticky, crumbles of stickiness weed sticks to your fingers while breaking it up and super clean direct smell... right up my alley, you can tell it's berries genetics but doesn't smell directly like berries, whatever it is it's NICE!
  13. It was/is a rest combo!! @smilestyle I have the Chuckues bride x lt/c99 in solo cups now. Only had 3 seeds left, hoping for 3 females:) I'll throw some pics up in a week or 2 when they are worth looking at
  14. Mint, sweet tarts, berries, menthol, and powerful clean vics vapor rub aromas on the Charm City (Goji OG X Blue Magoo) Sticky and a very thick creamy clean berries taste that lingers in the mouth. Magoo stands out strong in this pheno, can't wait to chop the goji pheno and get some jar time. The effect is super happy, just chiilllllll social and creative. I spend a few mins smelling the joint before lighting it
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