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  1. They are huge! Definitely a robust plant/cut. resistant to pm and mites.
  2. Week 2 at 12/12 purple punch. wedding cake.
  3. Well personally I will die today for someone else to live.but shit..,
  4. Glad I choose isolation. I have a ton of dried and canned food and water. Plus I just reupped my 3 month insulin supply. oh and I have enough drugs for the next year.
  5. Purple punch. This is how I prune. wedding cake different pruning for very different behaviors.
  6. Kush mints x triangle kush bx 3. Just hitting veg
  7. Probably both. I added a little alfalfa meal before transplant but the punch seems to be bushy in general. That’s kinda why I held off flipping. I was hoping they would chew through some of that N. I have a lot more microbiology thriving right now. I’m wondering if that kicked things into overdrive. This is the fourth run in this soil.
  8. Finally flipped! wedding cake purple punch looking good!
  9. I am the rabbit! I use the greens in recipes. I have plans to try other frees too. They do seem to get along!
  10. Hey mr. g. I am definitely liking the no till beds. My worm population is robust and self maintained. I just sprinkle some ground up malted barley every couple of weeks and the worms go nuts and the microbes flourish. having the beds on casters is also a game changer. Moving established plants from veg to flower is easy.
  11. I use Jonny’s select seeds. I’ve never had a problem.
  12. About to flip purple punch and wedding cake.
  13. It’s actually cilantro. An ingredient I use in meals a few time a week.
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