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  1. When I grew corn conventionally I always used a preemergent Herbicide. When I grew organic I used a buckwheat/clover combo. In these beds I use anything I have. The latest cover crop seedling have been arugula and cilantro. The arugula is a brassica which don’t tend to form symbiotic relationships with fungus. So in true practice that isn’t a great cover crop. It’ll still maintain a healthy relationship with bacteria and act as a green mulch. White clover seems to be a standard for indoor no till. Just remember all living cover crops can be a vector for pathogens be it bugs or fungus.
  2. @Hamme Hydro I built the soil indoors with a basic foundation of peat, coir, perlite, and worm castings. I top dress with a local bagged lobster compost and mulch with organic straw. I amend with a bunch of other organic inputs. The only bugs I have are worms, centipedes, and IMP beneficials. Since using malted barley meal as a top dressing my worm population has exploded.
  3. This soil is over a year old and probably on its fifth to sixth run. Also I’m building a new chicken coop.
  4. @shiskaberry savior yup. First run with Mac1. It’s a notoriously bad breeding stock according to capulator. I threw pollen at her last summer and maybe got 3 seeds. the thing about Mac though, is it gets boring pretty quick. She reminds me of hash plants I’ve had. But she is a looker for sure. Easily some of the prettiest flower I’ve ever seen.
  5. Thanks everyone. Growing is keeping me busy and sane right now.
  6. Mac1 purple punch Mac1 and purple punch coming up. Flip in the next few days.
  7. Sounds good @Misterdirt I always have plenty of hash material. Mac1 almost ready to flip. next round of purple punch veg room is packed with crazy genetics wedding cake. This strain smells so good. It’s gassy and cake. Not sure if it’s the clone only but I don’t think so. and finally purple punch. She’s got a week left
  8. Been a minute. Things are nuts on the east coast right now. ive sheltered in place with many months of supplies. I’m most excited to have some great smoke coming my way. Wedding cake purple punch
  9. With my grow, my best practice is maintaining the problem. Someday I’ll Nuke everything. But for now a zen balance is just fine.
  10. They are huge! Definitely a robust plant/cut. resistant to pm and mites.
  11. Week 2 at 12/12 purple punch. wedding cake.
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