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  1. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Hey pup I've been away for a while do to work. I think the swell looks good on that plant. Without going into to much detail here, your pm was both humbling and heartbreaking. I'm so sorry about your cousin, Ivak. I forget how good things are here in the US. It's easy to take simple things for granted.
  2. douglasfurtrapper

    Growing Just Cozz

    Looking tight man. That hk x sp should could come out tasting like strong bubblegum or fruity candy. Every seed out of that project has been a candy sensation.
  3. douglasfurtrapper

    Sugar Punch

    I've had sp phenos that finished in early october here in central western maine.
  4. douglasfurtrapper

    Sugar Punch

    Had to order some. Glad to see her back
  5. douglasfurtrapper

    Survived Day 1 Legal Weed

    Is the hemp for cbd or fiber? If it's cbd they probably remove the males for maximum production. That's the norm for hemp farms nearby me.
  6. douglasfurtrapper

    Sugar Punch

    If it makes it through customs I don't think it matters what state you're in. It's not like it gets reinspected once it hits your post office. I'm sure if you email the shop directly you could arrange something if you really want.
  7. douglasfurtrapper

    Growing Just Cozz

    Hey man, the grow's looking killer. That oddball Humboldt x sugar punch just looks a little hungry. I just harvested some from an outdoor run and it's killer. Fruity and funky.
  8. douglasfurtrapper

    Sour Kush in the shop?

    Not yet but I have two mothers that I have cloned. Those clones and clones from a mad chem are in veg right now. I should be flowering them in a couple weeks. The sour kush has a tall growth but with classic fat indica leaves. I am also very excited for the sour kush. I'll start updating my grow thread with progress. I'm with you on the confusion... Seems like one of the more exciting new offerings.
  9. douglasfurtrapper

    Sannies' Jack, Killing Fields + Jack Candy - Tropical Guerilla Grow

    Maybe the temp is too warm, but I've definitely germinated around those temps before. Might be sponge pots? I would replicate conditions from your past successes and see if you can get at least one jack to pop. Stinks that you're having issues. Good luck!
  10. douglasfurtrapper

    Sannies' Jack, Killing Fields + Jack Candy - Tropical Guerilla Grow

    Just popped 3 Jack f9's with no problems. Paper towel and a heat mat. They popped in under 24 hrs.
  11. douglasfurtrapper

    Freebees Sannie shop

    grape stomper x killer queen sounds nuts
  12. douglasfurtrapper

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    One of my favorites
  13. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    One egg for days? Sounds heavy. I once ate a 40 quail egg omelette.
  14. douglasfurtrapper

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    Ha. Dudes a better rapper than Stalone. RA is the man and only getting better with age.
  15. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Jerk sauce will compliment most tough meats, imho. A visit to the great U.S. of A. will warm any soul to the bone. I will leave you with a wonderful American quote: "Light a man's bowl and you'll get him high for a session. Light him on fire and you'll keep him warm for the rest of his life" -Ed Rosenthal