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  1. They like either sabbath or willie nelson. Nothing in between. Your space looks awesome Mr. G.
  2. Oxrious is long gone. And mostly over reactive and wrong. Don't eat cannabis because of virus's? Fuck this guy.
  3. Purple punch transplanted and and kush mints crosses are out of their cell trays and into solo cups. LA Wedding Pops by seed junky genetics are about ready for a topping...
  4. Swapped veg and flower spaces before things get too full.
  5. Before and after pruning- Before: After:
  6. Sounds like your space is coming along mr. G. I would kill for 9’ ceilings. Mine are a little under 7.
  7. These LEDs are great! sundae sunset by cannarado.
  8. With a lack of infrared spectrum the temps need to be increased at the leaf surface for optimum growth. with LEDs lacking that spectrum. I’ve run them both hot and not(70-80+) and still pulled over a gram per watt. The optimum temps(80+) absolutely yielded more though.
  9. If you like energetic peppery weed with some citrus thrown in you’ll love a well selected sannies jack!
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