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  1. I have the components to make another 2. hopefully get those up and running soon.
  2. Made a big change from 1000w hps to diy Samsung led strip spyder type light.
  3. I use hydrogen peroxide on stubborn seeds. Helps with old ones especially. I had luck with popping those seeds, so if you have more I would keep trying. It’s a great cross.
  4. Yo bro, I have a junky munky phenotype going right now that is one of the nastiest plants I’ve seen in a while. It’s at 3 weeks and is the stickiest. The smell so far is a crazy blend of herijuana and gassy berries. Looks like it’s gonna be a yielder too. I’ll put up pics soon.
  5. New bed rocking along junky munky Humboldt kush x boudica/silverfields
  6. Myco tek’s sour claws chugging along
  7. They sure are Mr. D. She’s great. Huge yields and very gassy smell. Potent as heck too. Definitely moving forward with f2’s on this cross.
  8. Headband x Hills and Valleys.
  9. The straw came inoculated with blue oyster mushroom mycelium. It’s from build a soil. Going forward I am trying to go no till, but at the moment I am in standard super soil. I’m waiting to build these beds onto a castor system so I can wheel them in and out of rotation.
  10. Laid down a layer of compost and then a layer of inoculated straw.
  11. This girl grew in a one gallon pot on the edge of a 4 x 4 grow. If given the chance it’s clear it would yield buckets. The smell is very gassy. I have a ton of these going for outdoor. I’ll get a bigger picture up soon.
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