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  1. douglasfurtrapper

    Ghetto grow 2018

    The GM x LF is looking very happy.
  2. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    That's right it's a 2013 sg standard. I would kill for a Les Paul, especially a vintage. Someday maybe... I do have a 73' Guild s-100 that has a nice classic sound though. And Mr. G, that plant went 8 weeks from day one of 12/12. The trichs were all cloudy and some amber! It was one the quickest. I can't say how many phenos there are, but I'm sure some go longer.
  3. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Ha, nice mr g. I think justcozz is getting more than he bargained for. There's a good chance another package just went to his neck of the woods. The boudica/silverfields cross is very sour and fruity. The high is easily one of the best I've had. Right now I have a buddy who's growing all three crosses outdoors. I would plant those seeds in a heartbeat.
  4. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Good to hear man. I gifted a few to a buddy who tossed them in the ground. They are looking epic.
  5. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Tent 2 is full of blue cookies still in veg. I like the look of these plants.
  6. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Blue cheese day one of 12/12. they are some leggy girls. I'm gonna have to do a lot of tying and staking for this tent.
  7. douglasfurtrapper

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Nice man! Zkittles is going for like a billions dollars a cut around here.
  8. douglasfurtrapper

    Looking for some info on Heribei X Killingfields/Chronic

    I have grown the black afghani. It was a cool short indica with deep purple leaves and bud. The taste was exotic and the high was relaxing.
  9. douglasfurtrapper

    Looking for some info on Heribei X Killingfields/Chronic

    Hows the effect? -brought to you by fishy joes
  10. douglasfurtrapper

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Big up man.
  11. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Well I'll be. Looks great to me. Can you get it to shatter?
  12. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    I get the concern. Around me I don't know anyone that blasts indoors. As far as purging goes, I'm just gonna run the vac for at least 3 days. That should do it I hope. Are you getting a similar product with alcohol?
  13. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    It's a loner, Ms. G. I have been curious about making BHO for awhile and had access to this vacuum purging system. I don't know if it's for me honestly. I like the idea of having a bunch, but I didn't like using butane. And just watching the vac chamber over the last 24 hours I can't believe how much Butane is still coming out despite the hot water bath and whipping beforehand. I think did everything right being anal about this sort of stuff, but I don't trust solvents. No weight yet, but I used maybe 6-8 oz of material. The slab feels pretty heavy.
  14. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    it's vacuum purging system. Cleans the BHO. By creating a vacuum chamber you can manipulate air pressure and boiling points. The starting material was Og x pineapple express and herijuana x shiva.
  15. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner