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  1. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Smells are sour and fruity. All 3 jack f9’s are female and cloned.
  2. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Sour kush 1 sour kush 2 mad chem
  3. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Week 5 12/12
  4. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Hey Mr G. I had smoke some of the seeded plant I had. It got me stoned as hell. Definitely some couch lock effects. I can’t comment on the flavor because it was heavily seeded. After harvesting seeds the rest of the material had been beaten up pretty bad. this new one is smelling funky already.
  5. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

  6. douglasfurtrapper

    2019 octopot first run

    Great genetics for the new year! Gonna have some dank man. Lemon gas x 91 chem sounds promising af.
  7. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Sour kush 2 is also showing purple! Cloning like crazy tonight. Here’s the GG4
  8. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Sour kush 1 is looking like it’s gonna be purple.
  9. I did grow a couple. They were great! And the best part is I crossed one with junky munky! I still have 6 or 7 seeds of Jahliceous. I would pop a few but I just popped a butt ton of other seeds. If I remember Jah is blueberry indica x chemdawg/killing kush.
  10. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    That sounds like normal weather around here. And yes you should get growing. You got enough seeds to do some serious pheno hunting.
  11. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    I hope so. I’ve been smoking the same strain for a while now, and I’m ready for something new.
  12. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Mad chem sour kush 1 sour kush 2 there are two pics of each.
  13. douglasfurtrapper

    Trapper's corner

    Week 3
  14. douglasfurtrapper

    Please Help! My Shackzilla is dying...

    To me this looks like classic light burn at it lowest expression. Spraying and light intensity causes a very similar effect. If it's nutrients it's happening in the "canopy" which is an immobile situation. Using soil over and over is fine if you understand what you are doing. I hope you can figure it out. Shackzilla is a great smoke!
  15. douglasfurtrapper

    A re-introduction

    I knew I stayed on og for a reason!