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  1. appreciate it dude. I love organic practices and cannabis!
  2. Kushmints x triangle kush bx3 Aj’s sou Diesel Gg4 And for some reason km x tk bx3 again
  3. jbeezy is amazing. Amazing stability. I've popped whole packs of regs and all the females were so close to each other, they could have been clones. GLG? Good life gang?
  4. Km tk bx3 is from seed junky genetics. Easily one of the best in the USA. I have a male currently dropping pollen on every elite cut I could get my hands on. This year will be a great one for securing seed stock to play with. As always I’ll be looking for people to test them!
  5. Gorilla glue 4 Kushmints x triangle kush bx 3 Aj’s sour diesel
  6. kush mints x triangle kush bx3 kush mints x triangle kush bx3 Grasshopper from my seed project this season. gorilla glue 4
  7. Killing it with the new lights. Nothing but water this run!
  8. My calendar says soon but my plants don’t. I’ll keep an eye on the trichs. Hopefully in a couple of weeks though. Yup the beds are 4x4 120 gallon. They were like 20 bucks on 247 garden. Check out the website. They are super cheap.
  9. Keep an eye on your mail box. Looking good dude!
  10. It’s in the sour family like most hype strains. Good luck on yours. Sounds like it could be great!
  11. corgis and cannabis are a terrific combo! Gg 4 looking tight. With a month or so too go.
  12. She’s mine jet. This is scully the 8 week old corgi!
  13. After some hunting I found a keeper pheno! Elite stuff!
  14. The dude who runs dvg is a fucking clown. Most of these new “breeders” are. The citrus farmer came free. The dude sent me like 30+ seeds, so I figured I’d pop a few. There are a few guys on the scene now I can justify dropping some cash on. The top of that list is seed junky genetics.
  15. Yup. I got a few going. Along with some false teeth.
  16. Thanks man. The roll out of this concept is taking forever, but it’s starting to function well.
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