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  1. Gorilla glue 4 on the left and sour diesel (AJ’s cut) on the right.
  2. Damn over a pound off a single plant. You don’t see that indoors often.
  3. This is the clone. I have seen a few people growing various back crosses and none seem to come close. However hybrid crosses seem to yield some crazy results!
  4. That is a citrus farmer girl. I popped a few of these but none looked like this one. Very purple and very healthy.
  5. I’ve read about the raids and civil forfeiture of legal growers in your state. Out of control!
  6. Our cops don’t do that. Best legal state! and I’m all legit.
  7. That wedding cake cross your popping has some awesome stuff in it. I’m betting it’ll be all keepers
  8. That wedding cake cross you’re popping has some awesome stuff in it. I’m betting it’ll be all keepers
  9. I’m looking for a couple of kush mints x triangle kush bx3 males. The rest will be female including a few phenos of km x tk bx3. I have other girls too. fire og skywalker kush amnesia haze cinex ssh drunk driver ( plum whine x sundae driver) rocky road ( Mochi x burnt toast)
  10. Come on by. Just follow your nose! My neighborhood is full of growers though.
  11. Breeding stock getting bigger Kush mints x triangle kush bx3 citrus farmer gelato 33 mac 1 purple punch do si dos chemdog d twisted metal gg4 sour diesel (aj’s Cut) warermelon starburst
  12. It is. These light are kicking ass so far. They veg great too. These next two beds will be the test. I’ll have the whole space running with all three lights.
  13. Another bed of gg4 on the left and AJ’s sour diesel on the right.
  14. Had 2 runs of terrible yields a year ago. I re-evaluated my grows and tweaked everything. Now I’m hitting the highest gram per watt numbers I’ve ever seen. You grow well man. LEDs make it easy to control your other limiting factors and I’m sure in your hands you’ll kill it!
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