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  1. Airborn jack is absolutly amazing! Its pure smoking pleasure; you simply cant help yourzelf from rolling or ripping anotherone. That is when you have setled back to earth after your previous toke. Airborn jack Day 15 Hmm... wel thats a bummer; i can only add one pic per post..
  2. You've totaly forgoten the last step! Assure all current afairs are taken care off, future schedules cleared, a security cable tightyl connecting you to this reality, and your mind are wide open. Truly earth shatteringly potent!
  3. It's Always good to see things from a new perspective... The new perspective is still quite cold at night, but they'll pull trough just fine. The worst is in the past. Testing testing, Airborn Jack. They are still in veg atm, but growing verry rapidly. They will bloom with 8 of them and 1 G39#17 in there. There's some other things in there wich will be spoken about later. There's also a mixed cabinet going on, allready in the first week of 12/12. Above them a 600 watt sun shines. Blue Shaze, my cut. Shonny GM x G39#1, kush pheno, kingsbreed. A super stinky vigours plant. BBH BX, kingsbreed. Another pheno of the BBH BX, also kingsbreed. Headcandy#2 She's done something with her main trunk tough that scares the living hell out of me... There's a giant crack in it... it looks to me like a growth crack like you can get on potatoes, carrots etc. when they grow faster then is good for them... Any one with any pointers? G39 F2. And last but not least, Hammer of Dawn.
  4. Neem meal? Now what does this do? I only know liquid neem wich you spray..
  5. Lol, I baked a bananabread for the excact same reason vakman. It works wonders to the point I can hardly belief it!
  6. Absolutly amazing, love the look of the pieces! Never liked the abstract art that seems done by a 5 year old but this looks amazing! It reminds me of the grafiti by the artist Does! The paterns are strangley similar.
  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... you put 10-15 grams in a whole bananabread...That sort of explains the amazing vista's i was seeing yesterday from the incredible hight eating close to an entire baking tray with some coconut cookies brought me to... Made em with 75 grams of cannabutter and 20 grams of StrawberryBlues buds...then decided i shoud eat as much as i dared... The longer i stare at those jars filled with potent outdoor buds with a substandard smokeability... the more they are starting to look like a bunch of ajar doors.......
  8. Airborne jack does look freaking impresive indeed, what a monster of a plant! Mr G, no euforia does. Eufonic got this note in her with a lot of forresty dampy goodness added to it.
  9. Rhino gave me a bunch of weed to smoke and report on, in amongst these there are Atomic Jam, Blue Shaze, GreenManalischi F2 and T.P.R.6. A report on those will follow soon; i'll probbably wait till i get my new bong with those and Judge them in a fresh piece of glass. So keep your eyes peeled for those smoke reports! This however does not mean i have to get high on my own supply; here's a lil smoke report of some of PG's supply . Eufonic - Euforia x Green Manalischi HHP Looks: Excellent! White and sparkly whit long thick fingers of calyxes with loads of lovely long brown hairs sticking out left and right. Verry good bud to leaf ratio. Smell: Pretty damn pungent. Euforias smell can be explained brilliantly by just one picture: Eufonic clearly has this smell in her, but with some kind of wet forresty old school feeling aroma added in, making it much more attractive! Taste: This is where she shines, but also where it gets complicated. It's best explained by saying it's a great blend of both the strains and a lovely one indeed. It's just so effing hard to define. Effect: Great morning/daytime smoke. A pleasant high wich doesn't distract or ends up slowing you down. Some truly great smoke when you wanna get baked, but not fully baked.
  10. It's just an online intelligence test. The fact you even took 2 ms. to question it's validity means you have failed.
  11. @Barrie Tbh... i don't much care for it.. i like the smell but i don't like the smoke..nor the effect. @Mr Goodfellow Better late then never;) Thanks for your words on the aphids, i've got them covered tough! Pesky lil beasts indeed but haven't caused any problems this year besides the sudden invasion of the GambyaRyder.. Some pictures... Hammer of Dawn - harvested and jarred by now.. Some buds left 3 weeks longer... less flavour more thc... (excactly like rhino told me... lol..) Closer Flashier... StrawberryBlues - Partly jarred, partly drying, partly still standing... A random purple gal.. And BlackBerry Haze Time to smoke a teaser of her...
  12. It It looks amazing, I can wait till we can start converting those lovely green and sparkly buds into thick clouds of supp0er tasty and potent smoke! @MrG, we can only dream of the entire world appreciating their work, for the most part the world won't even begin to understand it:)
  13. Lmao, freebasing cocain like richard did only confirms you have to be utterly stupid to touch the stuff, let alone freebase it... WHO the fuck introduces a flame to ether? Using ether the way i do is just as dangerous/safe as using Butane... Both will have you in trouble if your stupid enough to intorduce a spark to them.... Heck.. knowing how ether vapour is heavier then air, so it sinks instead of rises.... i actually prefer it.
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