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  1. Hey fellow growers! I’ve recently popped some Jalisco IBL, and as there are few (no?) other grow reports on this or any other site, I thought I’d chronicle my progress for the world. I’ll be hanging out on this thread for a while, so feel free to pull up a seat or check back as things progress. Since I hear Esko isn't himself generating new strains for the shop anymore, it’s my goal to make some more seeds to play with, while also leaving myself at least a bit of smoke. I’m fairly new to the world of breeding/pollen-chucking with only a few runs under my belt, so I expect to make plenty of mistakes, and hope that the more experienced old-timers won’t hesitate to pipe up and yell at me when I’m doing it wrong. Given the affection for all of Esko’s strains on this forum, I was pretty surprised that nobody else had documented a grow of this strain from beginning to end, and I’m excited to contribute to the knowledge-base. If anyone has any suggestions or advice for keeping this variety happy, I would be eager to hear it—I’m particularly eager to hear about how much stretch I can anticipate, as well as the advisability of 12/12 from seed, supercropping, or other height-management strategies, since I’m growing in a pretty short tent (5’6”/167.5cm). I’ve managed to keep a crop of RSC’s Highland Thai under control in the tent, and since I’ve decided I like landraces and challenges, this will be my second experiment with wrangling sativa-type plants indoors. I’ll be growing in organic soil under a 300-watt Mars Hydro LED in a Gorilla tent with a footprint of 2’x2.5’. For the moment, though, the seedlings are under a fluorescent bulb. I know you’ve all seen a billion seedling photos and they all pretty much look the same, but here are mine. Wish me luck!
  2. AbuKeif

    What New Breeds are You Running

    I've got some of Esko's Jalisco IBL seedlings under the lights for the new year, and am planning on doing the first grow journal of this strain... ever, anywhere? At least, I haven't been able to find anything else out there online. Exciting!
  3. AbuKeif

    Re-introducing myself!

    Thanks everybody—glad to be back! @Misterdirt—am I correct that you grew out Esko’s Jalisco IBL at some point? You seem to be the only one on this forum (or dang near anywhere else online) who talked about it much. I’ve got some beans in the dirt and will start a grow log soon; I’d definitely be interested to hear anything you have to say about how to keep it healthy and happy in a tent over the next few months.
  4. AbuKeif

    SANta's back !! (xmas giveaway)

    Just saw this: wow, this is incredibly generous of you! I hope to have the breeding chops some day to do a similar gifting on a larger scale... so far, it's just local friends and family who benefit from my modest seed runs, but you're an example to aspire to.
  5. This consideration may already be on your radar, but it's something I need to remind myself of when sprouting: temperature can make a big difference in sprouting speed! I've had older seeds sit for a week in a paper towel at 60-ish degrees Fahrenheit, but once I moved them to a slightly warmer spot on a table a few feet above a heat vent where they were in a 70-ish zone, they grew big tails overnight. (Moderate heat is key, of course--you don't want to bake the poor things.) Good luck!
  6. AbuKeif

    Re-introducing myself!

    Hello everyone— It’s been a few years and living situations, but I’m back and growing again (in my very own place, so no worries about landlords!) I’m grateful as ever for the knowledge that has been dropped here over the years, and hoping to contribute more actively now that I’ve got a stable setup. In particular, I’m planning on doing a n00b grow journal of Eskobar’s Jalisco IBL, since I can’t find a single one on the entire interwebs, and I’ve been on kind of a landrace kick lately. I’ve also been on a seedmaking kick—after all the years of fearing male plants and avoiding any trace of pollen, I’ve swung the other way around and begun chucking pollen gratuitously—mostly just reproducing packs of worked lines, so far. Why isn’t every hobby grower making their own seeds?! (Don’t worry, Sannie, et al., my bank account can attest to the fact that I haven’t stopped picking up your gear.) What I still don’t know about best practices could fill volumes, but I’m looking forward to continuing this journey. Here’s a picture of my not-nearly-finished seed run of RSC’s Highland Thai at 14 weeks of 12/12 (hoping to get a little smoke out of it as well!), and another of the Jalisco busily sprouting:
  7. AbuKeif

    Swamp Grow 3

    That's a bummer. Rain has been terrible here in the northeast US as well. At one point this summer, it was raining every day for a month, and random shoes in my closet were blooming with mold. If inorganic materials inside out of the weather are succumbing, what chance have our plants got? Hope things dry up for you!
  8. AbuKeif

    picture test

    Well that was a lot easier than I thought it would be! Somehow I always figured posting photos would be a giant pain in the طيز
  9. AbuKeif

    picture test

    Trying to post a picture of my lovely self... Can I put some text after it and include another pic? Let's see: Be safe out there, folks. Or as we say, ديروا بالكن على حالكن
  10. AbuKeif

    Smokeys newly legal Smokeshack

    Yay hooray! It's a great feeling to be in a newly-legal spot, ain't it? I'm looking forward to getting a garden up and running again (We had to go on hiatus six months ago due to increased traffic in and around the place, but just popped some beans on election day). Your grow's looking great!
  11. AbuKeif

    Neem spray mix

    I've had luck with peppermint Bronner's, but I don't think it really matters. It's my impression that it's the stickiness of the soap that you want, and there's no particular aromatic element that will make it more or less effective. The fact that some people use Dawn or other sorts of dish soap with success--with or without neem oil--would seem to confirm this. On the other hand, the peppermint does smell nice--and with Bronner's, at least it's non-toxic, and you can pronounce the ingredients, so you know more or less what you're putting on your plants. Rinsing soap buildup from treated plants can be a pain, and if you miss a spot, I imagine that you'd be better off ingesting the coconut, jojoba, hemp, and essential oils of Bronner's than the synthetic detergents in Dawn, Joy, etc. (For the record: I don't go drinking soap.)
  12. I lost a few beans and a lot of clones with rapid rooters, and just never had the level of success that I did with soil! I also found that usually I had to widen the gap in the middle with a pencil before planting a seed. I'm willing to believe that my technique(s) were faulty, but I've chalked it up to mojo...
  13. Yes yes yes! Assuming it makes financial sense for Sannie, I'd love to pay money for all the cool Indican strains I'm hearing about.
  14. AbuKeif


    Aha! Also, derp! That sounds pretty logical.