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  1. if you come back I have made 1000s of Jalisco seeds and am willing to share


  2. It doesn’t seem well-advertised at all, but it looks like FatRasta’s Athina is for sale over at the Tropical Seed Co. site: https://www.tropicalseedscompany.com/shop/vip-store/143-athina-north-greek-landrace-club-strain.html No experience ordering from them myself, but I think I’m going to roll the dice soon!
  3. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your friend's (multiple) losses... this outdoor stuff is almost making me nostalgic for the days of battling spider mites inside. Almost. Never even heard of Trichoderma before! It's mind-boggling to realize how little I understand what's going on in terms of soil life. The more I read, though, the more it seems like our goal should be to encourage a healthy diversity with a little bit of everything, so that nothing can take over and cause us problems. It reminds me of botulism--there were almost certainly botulism spores on the apple I ate today, but it isn't until we can with dangerously-low heat and kill off all the other microorganisms *except* botulism that it pose us a danger. Maybe I'll toss some yogurt and sauerkraut into the soil next round to get those lactobacilli in the mix too!
  4. Aha! Thank you for cracking this case for me! Funny, I hadn't come across that brand name before... I guess Defguard is just General Hydroponics' brand name for the stuff? The internet seems to have a bit more info floating around for "Double Nickel 55" thank for "Defguard."
  5. It's humbling, isn't it, this lack of healthy solutions? Since one of my main goals was to wind up with some seeds to continue propagating and selecting the Lebanese (after starting with just 5), I think my strategy is going to be: 1: chop and toss the bits of bud with visible bud rot 2: move the affected plant into a small tent indoors with better temp/humidity control 3: wait and keep my fingers crossed! Even if the plant is a bust as smoke, if I wind up with a dozen seeds (hopefully many more), I can do another run in a more controlled environment. I've had a fan running in the greenhouse ever since I spotted the first signs last week, so hopefully that will also help with prevention on the remaining other plants. Apparently the active ingredient in Defguard is "Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747... a bacterium that is found globally in most terrestrial environments, "which has "produced no adverse effects (disease or toxicity) when it was administered orally to rats and it is not known to produce metabolites of toxicological concern," at least according to the Canadian government. There's much I don't know (including whether it will actually be effective as a fungicide), but it doesn't sound inherently more dangerous than foliar spraying with compost tea?
  6. Hi Haze-- Thank you for your input! Indeed, if I could start my greenhouse grow again, I think I would have put more effort into cultivating a rich microdiversity in the soil earlier in the season. Organic methods are important to me, so I would be interested to hear any suggestions you (and our fellow growers) have for organic systemic fungicides that could be applied to soil. I have removed the small amount of mold that I saw on one plant (out of nine), and will definitely be very vigilant about checking the plants every day until harvest! An aside: the only plant that I noticed was being affected was a very indica-looking wild-pollinated Lebanese landrace. I have a slightly taller, wispier Lebanese plant as well--that one and all of the other "name-brand" strains don't seem to have been bothered yet! Maybe it's that they're hybrids with some sativa lineage and mold resistance, or maybe it's that the Leb plant had larger, denser buds earlier than all of the others...? I had been hoping that landrace vigor would result in fewer disease problems, but that seems not to have been the case.
  7. Hey OpenGrowers, I'm doing my first outdoor-ish run in a small greenhouse this year, and everything had been going wonderfully until last Friday, when I spotted a little bit of mold on one of my girls--looked like the beginning of bud rot. When I was working indoors, I never had any difficulties with mold, but now that temps are starting to drop into 50F range at night, I guess I'm about to experience some of the classic outdoor issues. The very friendly folks at my local grow shop recommended Defguard as a deterrent for both botrytis and powdery mildew, but there seems to be very little information about it online besides the info supplied by General Hydroponics. My non-scientific understanding is that it's basically beneficial bacteria that colonize the plants' micro-biomes in a way that leaves detrimental molds with less of a chance to establish themselves. The grow-shop advice-givers suggested that it was safe to use all the way through flower, but I'm having difficulty finding any reviews online that might confirm this--can anyone share some opinions or experience regarding this product? I'm particularly interested in opinions on safety for human consumption, and hearing about whether it might affect the flavor of the bud if applied this late in bloom. And yes, before someone says it, I now understand that it would have been ideal to use this stuff (or another similar organic fungicide) all through veg and into the first weeks of bloom in order to create a healthy bacterial community and minimize the chance of mold late in the season... live and learn! I now know what I'll be doing next year.
  8. Thanks! I've been trying to find/make time this summer to put into "stretch training" for other athletic stuff I'd like to improve at, so will definitely check it out. Now to get into the habit of actually making a Practice out of it...
  9. In my experience, words you've heard before but never understood ("bunions," "sciatica," "rotator cuffs") start to mean specific, concrete things, usually with ouchy consequences? I'm about halfway through my thirties, but this is the year they caught up with me. I look forward to many more years of slowly falling apart, and am grateful for all of the exciting things that I did during the years that my knees did anything I asked of them without complaint!
  10. Torn rotator cuffs are the worst! Had my first back in March or so, figured out what was up in May, maybe ("welcome to your 30s," said the doctor), and can just now achieve about 80% of normal range of motion after a month of therapy. Healing vibes sent!
  11. Welp after six months of radio silence, I decided to offer an update so that others might learn from my mistakes! I learned something important: temperature matters, a lot a lot. I knew this in theory, but working in a room with no temperature controls that got down to ~45 degrees Fahrenheit during the bitter cold of winter stunted my seedlings, and I don’t think they ever truly recovered. Despite this, I will have at least a couple dozen Jalisco IBL seeds to play with, so I will call it a successful experiment. Here is one of the girls at about six months old--she’s now in a greenhouse outside, since some of those seeds can still mature. Please pardon my lack of ability to get good macro shots: As you can see, she’s positively petite, while still the largest of the females. I assume that this is due to some combination of low temperatures in infancy, and my decision to flip to 12/12 starting only a few weeks after she sprouted. I was wary of giving a sativa-dominant strain too much airspace, especially after my (very successful) experience doing a seed run of RSC’s Highland Thai, which were all gigantic monsters that looked like they were going to tear the roof off the tent and gobble me up. Here, obviously, I had the opposite problem I think I’m going to do a second run with the Jalisco IBL early this fall, in which I count on some warmer temperatures, and give them several more weeks and some topping/supercropping so that they fill out and are a bit less spindly. Thanks for reading! I’m always kind of disappointed when I read a grow thread that ends with a vague ‘crop failed, trying again’ update. You could accurately characterize this grow attempt as ‘crap,’ but I hope that this accounting of my miscalculations will enable some other motivated amateur to have a more successful grow experience. At the very least, I hope this inspires someone to do some pollen-chucking at home, since I’ve now got at least 500% more Jalisco IBL 'F2s' to play with next time around.
  12. That trichome shot is gorgeous--what's going on there? It slid past amber into purple? Also, it's reassuring to hear that even the pros make mistakes--I've got some temperature issues right now myself that might ruin a crop. Still can't wait til the Killing Fields regulars are back in stock!
  13. Welcome aboard! And yeah, we're all a little bummed about Eskobar...
  14. Thanks guys! @Sacred Plant Warrior I'd be curious to know more about what you mean when you say a 'satty-specific environment', especially if we're talking indoors. My grows have been strictly indoors so far, and at 42 degrees north in a snowy part of the world, finishing these longer-flowering sativas outside would be a non-starter anyways... It's been tents and aggressive supercropping, which the plants don't seem to hate me too much for. Until I move to Thailand one of these decades (or design a multi-story grow room that can accomodate 14' plants), that seems like about the best I can do, but if you have any tips and tricks for maximizing my opportunities and the happiness of the girls (and boys), I'm all ears! And frankly, I like the challenge. Whenever I read people giving advice like 'don't do those crazy landrace sativas indoors,' I was always tempted to do exactly that, and now I'm even more confident that it's possible. Here's a recent pic of the RSC Highland Thai at week 21 Kindly forgive my crappy photographic skills. This strain will probably never be the best yielder indoors, and the plant in the back is looking a little raggedy from some combo of nute/senescence issues, but I should still get a little smoke and several hundred more seeds to learn, play, and experiment with! One of them also smells exactly like the Bubblicious chewing gum that I would beg my mom for in the supermarket line when I was eight years old
  15. @gardenartus Hi there, thanks for your help! I believe I managed to figure out my issue... I think I've been having trouble because I don't always compose my posts in the space provided in the forum itself, so if I cut and paste '@xxxxxxxx' as part of a document written elsewhere, it doesn't look like a tag in my final post. Hopefully it's smooth sailing from here on out!
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