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  1. Nearly there still not happy with my disaster from my own stupidity
  2. One of small lower little side branch I broke off
  3. Done 8 week veg but did stretch for three weeks my main stem is about inch and half to two inch across but think I had ballast problem as it went pop yesterday after two weeks of thinking this just not right on light but definitely looks like 2g a watt and smells of grapefruit but almost with cream on then suddenly I get mint in spots then other spots are earthy lol it’s pretty twisted but leaf has very little bling because it all seems to be dripping and running down the bud I have took very few photos as not happy with my results so going to run it again on single 55ltr and may take my bed down and run against a three blue kings and cmog I have and this should destroy both as neither have genetics as strong as this as from day one it just powerhouse of growth on Sannies bio feed
  4. I’m lucky I got bud there 2.1 meters tall in a 2 meter tent lack of light but through scope still just cloudy and few clear getting the odd amber I think but only glance so very unclear of what stage I’m at with all the mistakes lol in close they are just coming on heavy last few days it’s acting like it’s week five -six so just letting run until I see about 20% but going to run single 55ltr scrog as not happy with this disaster underestimated the genetics and Sannies bio feed lol
  5. Just getting there probably 10-15 oz
  6. Badly lmao well bad ish but going to run again under scrog less veg lol tbf it’s run over by over two weeks but are now starting to show few amber and now getting hit with grapefruit then other spots seems more mint so it’s disaster messy leaf curly looking for light but my yield is massive
  7. I think 6-7 would of been a better idea than 8 dreading opening tent tonight lmao I would say they was monsters but that was three days ago tonight I’m expecting monkeys lions and tigers pmsl lmao
  8. Well that’s what you get for smoking and posting I think I may of done it once or twice on here insta Duby Snapchat well just about everywhere tbh lol no problem peace love and got any spare lmao
  9. It’s definitely pulling me in every time I pull few leaf off rub them I get different smells sometimes you get that grape smell I swear and just keep thinking mmmmm maybe but don’t want to read reports on what it’s like as anticipation is more fun
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