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  1. To be honest I did not want to do it but friends gave me a cutting and i thought just low top it a couple times and as days past I got attached so not sure but as for smoke had some off the mother plant it a real down and dirty taste in a luxurious way stronger taste than exodus cheese and have one and your day is done feet are up and not even heavens above are going to make you move kick to it really stunning taste everyone says strong chemdawg taste but as I never tried chemdawg lol would not know
  2. So so much easier than string you could make a mesh any way you wanted over the full cycle by adding day by day
  3. Lol nothing had to wait till shops opened and Morrisons do 50m roll of thin coated garden wire and strong enough to pull branches up at back and can’t reach all for£1 even has a cutter on it
  4. When you look in on 50 of 65 ish and it decided to get fat fast and you can’t find a dam thing to prop it with
  5. My efforts on Brooklyn mango and money maker are on my wall phone not letting me post
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