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  1. Hello all, I've been having an issue with a zon order myself,it's been a few weeks now and it hasn't shipped, and no reply to multiple emails. I read here about his health issues and don't want to harass him, are you guys that have experienced the same thing eventually getting your orders? I keep hoping I will check and it will be marked shipped, but the way its looking that wont be the case. I guess the next step is to call him. The service there used to be unmatched, I have noticed recently he's not restocking much these days, I hope he gets back at it soon the zon was my favorite seedbank to use, I have recommended the zon to many.
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    OG Kush,,Heri

    Tbuds Nice OG! Your OG looks very very much like the Chemdawg 91 cut. I've been running reserva OG for a few months now but mine looks totally different. Mine looks more like FIRE OG. I am amazed to see how much yours looks like the real chem thats pretty cool. I will have to pop the rest of my pack and hope to find one like that, so far the 2 I did from seed looked and smelled pretty much the same with pointy nugget structure and no foxtailing.
  3. If the contest is still going on i would like to enter my name I would call it Normandy, after the city of France Where you will find the killing fields of beautiful blue green grass.
  4. I have 3 cocoa kushes and 1 blueberry this run, cocoa kush yields heavy compared to the BB. I have one plant that got all messed up early in flowering and has been growing in the corner of the room with little light and it produced very well too given its condition.
  5. cheeseberry haze is some very potent herb, also a really really good yielder of some 5 star buds. chbh has top quality high, taste, smell and yield also is very uniform. chbh has out performed many more expensive strains in my garden, you will not be disappointed with this one.
  6. clepter looks like you mastered choc rain!
  7. Here is a quote I found from breeder Chimera, it is concerning BB and BB breedings. I hope it is useful for anyone working with BB.
  8. My OG Kush's are S1 seeds from reserve privada. Altho the leafs look similar to SFV OGK's I have seen online Im not sure how close it is to the real deal. Theyre too early in flowering to tell if they'll look like the real OG. But yeah they did stretch quite a bit.
  9. Well it looks like Im going to have to use the indica even tho the sativa was so beautiful. The other day I noticed a few weird things on the sativa male, I was looking it over closely the other day and I noticed what looked to be a few single pistils growing out of developed male flowers. The only way I can really explain it is to say it was like one hair growing out of the bunch of banana's. I've never seen anything like this, it doesnt looking like an average herm it is very strange and I could only find like 4 of these on the whole plant. Hopefully the nute sensitivity of the indica male doesnt carry over in the cross and the short stature might be useful aswell because my OG's are crazy stretchers, not to mention the ind BB is one stinky little dude should make for some dank buds.
  10. I have run The Flying Dutchman "The Pure" skunk and Reserve Privada Really Killer Skunk and i can say they are both equally as potent as anything else I have tried. I have run a lot of strains, those 2 skunks are right up there with some of my favorites. One thing tho neither of these plants are skunky smelling both are sweet, with mild to moderate odor levels, I have yet to find an actually skunky smelling skunk. The RP RKS had really dense and large buds, the pure had nice buds too but they are pretty airy in structure.
  11. Hey guys, lots of good info here thanks to all. The sativa is getting ready to bust a nut any day now the indica has a little bit longer to go. I like the idea of just using some of both, I think I am going to use both on my OG kush. I have this vision of of a dank ass blue bud, taking the potency from the OG and bringing killer flavor and color from the BB. this is my first time making intentional hybrids, I cant wait to grow out some of the offspring. The sativa male is all around awesome in my book, I also have that same pheno in female form which I might hit with my SSH male.
  12. Hey everybody! lots of good info here. A little background on these, these are f2's derived from DJ's Blueberry. I rubbed the stems last night, the short one has an unidentifiable odor lets just say stinky, the sativa pheno on the other hand smells just like christmas spice, if you know what Im talking about you'll know the smell. Now for the short one, in regards to nute sensitivity this plant hasnt even received any, the plain soil is proving to be too much for it. I also know the retarded growth isnt from pH either because I pH all water to 6.4 in organic soil amended with dolomite. I keep this one around because I have read that the real "blueberry" pheno is very sensitive and often see it with twisted leaves and such.
  13. Here are pics of 2 males I found in few Blue Berry Indica F2 seeds. I need the most dankest of the two to use in a few crosses. I want to carry over the best BB traits in my crosses but dont know which one to choose. Here is a list of my plans BB x OG Kush BB x MNS SSH BB x Warlock BB x Cocoa Kush BB x (Sour D x Bubba Kush) BB x Chronic Here is BB Male 1, he is vigorous, fast flowering, very branchy, and very easy to maintain. Could anyone tell me if this would be considered Blue Berry "Sativa"? Here is a side by side of Male 1 and Male 2 also found in BBI F2 seeds, this one is more indica like with blue hughes and a bit stinkier. It is also slower growing and less vigorous and less branchy more sensitive to nutes.
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