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  1. Day 53 already. The update has taken a while, but here I am with some nice pictures. The cold is affecting the plants quite a bit and unfortunately I have also noticed mildew on the leaves. This will nevertheless be a nice round. The room on the right: The room on the left: Have a nice evening! Thomson
  2. Thanks StankyDank30. I have never smoked this GG4 before, so I cannot compare the end-product with that of Kolossus. Kolossus is not one of my favourite strains, and I like the smell of GG4 so far, so I think I will like the flavor of its bud more as well when smoked. As far as the growing pattern goes I can say the following: the GG4 produces a lot of small branches, whereas the Kolossus generates colossal branches. The GG4 plants do become big and grow really fast, but the Kolossus does it in a more orderly fashion.
  3. Well saxo, now it has been a while again, but here is another update! Today is day 32. It is cold. At night, the temperature in the rooms drops towards 15 degrees Celsius. The water heater struggles to keep the water on the right temperature. An advantage that the coldness brings is that the buds do not seem to burn, despite the small distance between the lamp and the canopy. It is quite annoying though, that the light is not spread optimally. Below some pictures of the room on the right. From the 9 Madberries and 5 Jackberries I planted, only 1 has purple buds. Most of yellowness that you see on the pictures is from the lamp that I use to light up the room for photographing. However, some plants do have light-green leaves. The Gorilla Glue #4 which are situated on the left are starting to get going. I do think that they are bit more influenced by the cold when compared to the plants on the right. Below the pictures. Greets, Thomson
  4. Don't have much time, I'm sorry about that. Day 17 This is the right side (Amnesia, Kolossus, Jackberry and Madberry) From the bottom it looks like this On the left side it is getting really hard to make proper pictures. The plants are growing too fast I'm afraid, but I will manage. Greets, Thomson
  5. Haha, you're right about that hidronesia and I'm no different to be honest! I have removed some green on the bottom, but a very modest amount. Although I have never been a fan over defoliating, I am willing to try it out. So, what would you guys recommend? Remove the big fan leaves so that the light can shine on lower buds? Or would you rather cut the lower buds away? Or both?
  6. Today it's day 9. On the right it looks like this: On the left it looks like this: The plants have grown about 10 centimeters too tall, so I have snapped all the buds. I will do the same to the tall buds in the right side of the room. I have nothing to complain about. The temperature in the day is 26 degrees Celsius, at night it is around 21 degrees Celsius. The relative humidity is 55%. I haven't spotted any bad critters. I'm off to look for a piece of wood to knock on. See you!
  7. Thanks hidronesia I agree with you that everything is about balance. I think I have added a nice balance of nutrients to the soil. I am not very familiar with the practical implications of the nitrogen cycle. I understand the concept though. One question remains in my head though, I hope you can answer it Hempyfan: Does the mineralization of nitrogen by bacteria in the soil not happen to all kinds of nutrients that are in there? --- Day 4 The right side A picture to show the length of the plants. The MadBerries in the left and middle aisle are seedlings. The GG #4 (you should blame Opengrow for your neck ache, the website keeps rotating the picture)
  8. Hamme Hydro: Overkill? No man. One can never have too much soil in one's soil container haha! On a serious note: yeah it probably won't be colonized by roots as a whole, but well.. I don't care! Hey Saxo: great to have you here again! Hoping for a great run as well.
  9. Thanks Papalag, I'm looking forward to tasting it for myself!
  10. My jars of ganja are close to being empty, so I had to get going again. The setup has remained unchanged. For the people that are not familiar with it: two cabinets, per cabinet two 600 Watt lamps and a soil container filled with organically fertilized soil and a lot of animals. The soil containers have been supplemented with some extra soil on top of the old soil. The containers now hold about 650 litres per container. I am still terrible at making high quality pictures and I still use a crappy camera. This the cabinet on the right. In the back there are four Amnesia Hazes, after that you see three Kolossus. The five plants to the right are JackBerries and the other nine plants are MadBerries. This is the cabinet on the left. You are mainly looking at Gorilla Glue #4 plants, but there were a lot of really bad clones in this batch. In the back of the cabinet a lot of them died. I replaced two spots with 24K Gold plants. The yellowness that you see is from the lamp that I use when I make photographs. Greets, Thomson
  11. Thanks for keeping us up to date Sannie. I feel sorry for you and Knutsel. Hopefully things will get better! As many of us already said: we will be here, don't worry. Good luck!
  12. Day 59 One day until harvest day, you would say. The plants are pretty much harvest-ready. However, I am unable to harvest them before Monday (day 64). I think that it is probably fine. Here some pictures of how they look right now. I have discovered some bud rot, which I snipped away. This is the famous clone: I will update you guys with more info in a few days.
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