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  1. Hmmm . . . I've got JOTI Blue Afghani but I haven't been impressed by blueberry crosses (except Killing Fields). The dispensary Blueberry I tried was boring.
  2. The Genesis amazon reviews look astroturfed. I'd buy Ushio myself.
  3. Football (soccer) is my new favorite spectator sport. I watched an entire match on TV for the first time last year when the MLS Seattle Sounders FC made the playoffs. The Sounders lost but I was on the edge of my seat the entire 90 minutes. Afterward, I realized why--no instant replay officiating! So anyway, tribalism can be fun. Props to Sounders World Cup players Dempsey and homeboy Yedlin! I realize MLS is minor league but here are more than 64,000 at CenturyLink Field for Seattle vs Portland last night:
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    From the album: trippin's first album

    Portland vs Seattle, 64,000+
  5. I bought some JOTI stuff during the Xmas crush last year. Big mistake. My bubble envelope was run over by a hard wheeled cart (I believe) and many seeds were crushed. HempDepot tried to make it right but I don't have as many Cactus seeds as I wanted. Offtopic, but has anyone run Cactus or Zeus?
  6. I just discovered how dim the Hydrofarm two-foot T5 "HO" fixtures and lamps are. I have the white as well as the hammered gray models and they both seem to have underpowered ballasts as well as having the Hydrofarm lamps which are noticably dimmer than GE, I've heard. My four-tuber draws 74W as I recall and a competive ballast is rated at 84W. I recall an amazon review that found the same type of underpowered ballasts in the four foot series. Side note: the T5HO two-foot series is really an underpowered lamp if you look at the lumens, which only apply if you are operating at temperatures hotter than what you want your plants to have. Do MH lamps work better? Well, I have a 1000W MH in my veg room that I used last winter instead of my 512W of four foot T8 6500K highbay lighting. I couldn't say either light grew green plants any better than the other.
  7. trippin

    Dutch grown seeds

    Griot, I couldn't think of a nice thing to say about the woman. I have 20 Sweet Cindy seeds (Swt#3 x C99) but I don't think I'd admit growing them.
  8. "Vaping feels like a protracted hassle to me, and it cuts the bottom end off an indica high and makes it more sativa-like." That has been my experience as well. For big-time flavor, the VapeXhale Cloud. (I haven't kept up at fuckcombustion.com--I don't know what they are selling now.)
  9. I'm not too proud to use a rolling machine. I've got two sizes with the Raw label to go with my classic brown Raw papers. They are very seldom used, though--I'm a bong head.
  10. Haven't cooked with cannabis for a long time but back in the day . . . Spaghetti sauce is a good use of Mexican brick weed.
  11. Thanks for the update Flashman, and yes--Sannie is adamant about keeping the Sannie seeds "in house".
  12. How does your dog feel about porn now?
  13. hermanni, the Sannie fan is industrial surplus. Even if you knew the exact part number, buying one would likely be very expensive.
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    From the album: trippin's first album

    Basic Beer freebee
  15. I've got some of the limited edition Punta Rosa seeds: Panama x Punto Rojo I'll check out the CBG forum when I get around to doing those.
  16. I recommend getting Ace seeds from the source: http://www.aceseeds.org/all3.php
  17. I haven't heard of a three-day rule but this works: Click on the picture in your album. On the right side of the screen, click Options. Click Edit. Upload a replacement image.
  18. I was a little confused as to what Amnesia is--does this look right? http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Amnesi...e_Only_Strains/
  19. I've read about plants autoflowering when the pot is too small but that's clearly not the case here. Thanks for posting, RM. I have some of these seeds. Edit: 13 weeks? maybe rootbound?
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