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  1. Collie Weed

    Toker Autoflowers

    Oeoeoeh !! dark devil from sweet seeds. I reckoned there was some segregation in those seeds the last time i had grown these. Many differences between plants etc.,not too much bud on the smaller ones and so on...... I hope they have fixed that by now,and the genetics are more stabile blended. I DO hope you get a good crop out of em Toker !
  2. Collie Weed

    Collie's Weed

    Greetings OG ! I have ripped the purple heart out of their shoes,and replaced them with bigger ones and fresh soil. Look at the rootballs of these gals And here they are freshly potted and content under the LED lights. No more thrips in this tent....... YAY ! And ofcourse the Auto Candy Haze is going strong ever still,even with a low day temp. of 20 degrees C. That is also the reason why they are somewhat less fat then usual,plus the seeds they make as we speak drain some bud growing power too. I have started flushing the media with water and guano extract for flavor. In 7 days or so the bigger plants that were left to ripen,wil be cut and hung for drying. Also i have popped some RPP seeds,6 fem. S1 seeds and two reg. seeds i had left. Let's hope there is a guy in those two reg. seeds Next runner up for the autoflower tent is Auto Crimson Haze,which are hatching as we speak. Auto Crimson Haze will be selected to become F3 this round,let's hope i can select it as tight as this latest candy haze run ! Thanks for watching OG ! Jah bless!
  3. Collie Weed

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Auto Candy Haze Fem. Autoflower i made a while back,and just now i made the F2 selection to progress into F3. This species of autoflower will take 12 weeks from seed to maturity. As you can see this is a pretty smoke,and a happy high too ! Smells like haze with winegums/tropical fruits mixed in. Sativa dominant. I cannot wait to pop the F3 !
  4. Collie Weed

    Collie's Weed

    @Hamme Hydro Yeah they are but so are the predatory mites now. Next round it will not be so easy for them hahahaha(evil laugh)
  5. Collie Weed

    Collie's Weed

    @topic : Been away a little while,so i got stuff to show now. I've been having troubles with some thrips in all of my tents,but i have placed cards of spical mites to hunt them down. Nonethereless it failed this round due to the thrips already overruled this grow,and me ordering the mites too late. Anyway... Just had some F2 auto fems to show you guys,currently the F3 fem. seed is ripening. The plants consists of a few different genes,a mix between>>>>> haze/ak47/diesel/amnees. This strain is called Auto Candy Haze and is one of my own creations,created with a carribean flavor stuck to it that smells like candy/tropical fruits with haze as a predominant aroma. But this was not the only project that was managed over here. Ofcourse i got some fotosensitive plants too,also my own creation. Get creative he says ! So i have selected Purple Heart to an S-1 which resulted in only 10 fem. seeds. I have planted 5 of them and one did not pop. I have put them under T-LED lights from secret jardin. Thus said,it was chilly all of a sudden lacking the warmth from lighting,so i put a heating mat beneath their feet. As you look closely in the photo above the plants started with five pointed leafs already right after the fist leaf was formed ! Some seedlings have the purps on the underside of the leafs indicating the #3 phenotype. 3 of them show this trait now and one did not. The story : This strain consists of RPP x Chem,and from this F1 cross i selected one #3 pheno as mother which i cloned. Those identical clones i crossed on eachother to make the S1(selfie 1) narrowing it down to more #3 traits in the offspring which seem to have worked so far. And those are the four tiny ones i have shown you above ! Thanks for following an cya next time.... Jah bless OG!
  6. Collie Weed

    First Open Grow Gathering Colorado 2020

    Nice idea, i'll have to convince my wife too like Halforc . Donnow how to really,so that should be fun hahahaha. So maybe i'll be coming too if my wife won't stash me inna pickle jar over it........ or sometin' I know i would....... Atleast i have lots of time to grab my cohonez and ask her repeatedly
  7. Collie Weed

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Been away a little while,but man.......... what did i miss? Nice looking plants Hamme !
  8. Collie Weed

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Good things will come to those who wait Nice to see they decided to start 'n grow for you
  9. germination temp. should be between 22 to 24 degrees C,any hotter and they'll rot away. Any colder and it will go too slow. Air in the medium is important and spongepots being too wet can also pose a problem Maria. Better to use slightly moisted toiletpaper in a small petri dish or plastic container,one layer to put the seed on and one on top as a blanket. Make sure it is not too wet. Read them a little bedtime story and three days later they'll hatch.
  10. Collie Weed

    Inexpensive Soil

    @mosey Mix one part compost to two parts of coco,that is now your basic cheap soil. Put in some Maerl lime some guanokalong powder Some plagron supermix. Lava loam. Worm castings Basalt meal(optional) Bentonite grit. (optional) For growmix : add some seaweed powder. For flowering mix : add some weed powder residue left over from extraction instead of seaweed powder(optional) Myco's Make sure it is mixed and then leave it alone for a minimum of two weeks. And use some buffertablets in your pots,in case of this soil mix use 1 tab. to 10L soil Like Hempy said : brix levels determines the taste,just make sure the minerals are there in the soil. This way your soil does not cost a whole lot to make,the stuff you buy for this will last you a while anyway. You will reap the benefits from mixing it yourself,it's way cheaper&way better. Just put in your sweat and you'll be paid back in weed.
  11. Collie Weed

    Collie's Weed

    @Hamme Hydro Thanks my brother ! I used to spray permethrin on my pants to shield myself from ticks when going guerilla,worked for 6 weeks straight. But it is a contact insecticide,and neem did the trick for me thus far on my plants. Without worry's missing the bottom of the leaf here and there. I have sent you a sample of the #3 that was grown under t-neon and seems way better. (no heat stress) So you just enjoy that conciously and let us know here what u think about it tastewise? Just post it up here........ @topic : I have received pictures from some friend's friends of mine. These friends have ''aquired'' some of my chemdawg seeds,which they wanted to test outside for fun. Just to see how they would be doing in those conditions,well they absolutely lacked any form of mold/sickness. These seeds i got from humboldt and made some new seeds from them. 2000 fem. seeds in total from one little T-neon plant This way i could spread the joy ! These buds were from outside,ain't they pretty? He also tried to put the Chemdawgs under LED,and with nice results too is say.......... I have to keep it short this time so i'll cya later OG ! Jah bless!
  12. Collie Weed

    Collie's Weed

    First up OG..... My baby Auto Candy Haze fem.F-2 These twelve on the picture below will be the pollen donors. The pollen recievers have yet to be germinated (i'll set those up tomorrow) The picture above are 4 plants total in 5l pots but a bit eaten up on the old leaf by thrips which is now under control (yay) 2 haze plants 1 chemdawg and 1 RPP, from which1 haze is a definite male shown to me in preflower. The other didn't show anything. And ofcourse a microscope picture of #3 purple heart that has been under hps and heat stress due to summer temp. But still it looks tasty i think. The nicer buds of #3 that i harvested last are still in cure at the moment so tag along if you want to hear about that later on. Jah bless!
  13. Collie Weed

    Collie's Weed

    @ Topic : And we have another lift-off !!! Three days ago i put 12 Auto Candy Haze fem.(F-2) up for germination. Made a nice n fresh baby soil mixture and watered it in with coconut juice and feed with bacto ofcourse. As soon as the beans have popped enough to my liking i'll put them in their little dirt beds and water them a little more around their cute 'n' tiny roots. i owe you some pictures,but those will have to wait a bit.......... Also i ordered a new usb microscope,a qualitative technically doodad thingy for sure ! It's the Bresser biolux DE ,so always better then the cheapass plastic thingy i had before so stay tuned OG ! Jah bless !
  14. Collie Weed

    Collie's Weed

    Nice ripe purple heart buds,overripe to be exactly. Cut them down yesterday....... But i have been flushing them for a week with water and some PH- now. That made the purps come out really well,and the smell is more overpowering then the summer run under the way too hot HPS last time. Frosty rockhard buds......... Need i say more??? Cya next time my OG homies ! Jah bless!
  15. 25/28 degrees C is a little hot for germination i reckon. They would like to have it between min. 20/24 degrees C max. Then there will be no problem popping those. If temp gets too high the baby's can reduce to a snotty pulp.