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  1. Most Religions were thought up when the earth was presumed ''flat'' So really limited frame of thought back then,made man's religion assume the world is smaller then it is. Taking in account any scientific research from nowadays kind of expands your mind and makes you see the universe is bigger then man can imagine. But science does not have to rule out religion i say,the science DOES make you see the bigger picture. Think for yourself,and do your research before oneself proclaims any theorem. If you just try to imagine in how big the distances between objects are in the universe,we must be really important/interesting if you think them aliens are visiting us from outer space. Just saying my piece of mind on the subject,anyone travelling between dimensions or outer space must really make a big effort to do so. Not even talking about the costs to do so. So popping by in their ship just to mutilate/research cows is rewarding enough/logical to do? Abducting humans for research,does that pay off or sometin? Taking the earth for resources?naaaah outer space is full of mineral rich asteroids,so why should they? What im asking is,is it all worth their effort? i certainly don't think so. If you are a class 4 civilisation utilizing the full energy potential of your parent star,you have almost nothing to learn from a primitive race like ours i think. it's like walking to an ant hill and say to the ants : We come in peace....... Jah Bless!
  2. Heya OG ! Been busy lately,but still made the pics even though i was tired like a dog and literally had to drag myself up there So let's put a few updates in 1,that way it's easier for now. I have snapped their heads 1 week after transplanting them,still in vegg fase ofcourse. They didn't like it but they were a bit huge,so they took it for the team. Nice recovery dontcha think OG ? give or take 5 to 7 days after the trauma i gave them Wow ! i didn't have any time to tie them down at this point,too tired...... But still after this picture i tied them down,since the bottom leafs were already wilting due to light shortage. Binding it all down certainly worked as you can see,this is how they doin' right about now. i still have projects running a.t.m. like the autoflower afghani project and the purple heart project(clones) So stay tuned for more green stuff ! Jah Bless!
  3. Ohwyesss my OG comrades, Almost harvest time here @ house Collie and ofcourse some pictures of ripe RPP x Chem buds for ya. I have stopped feeding them like four days ago and they will be cut in a few days. There is one phenotype that went into foxtail modus during the heat,that is doing some flowering still.(right side in the back) But not gonna leave it flowering,not worth it at all. Best is to keep on cruising like the madman i am,because i have planted 6 little automazar from Dutch Passion. These will be crossed with Loki's Whisper. Why? one would ask me. To whip out the Afghani genes in the automazar,and make the loki's whisper bigger. Loki's Whisper has a real good afghani taste and a one of a kind landrace type of high that i havent felt in anything else yet. So it's too bad loki is such a dwarf,gotta fix that NOW. Since the automazar will get way bigger i'll just have to plant the Loki's Whisper within two weeks delay,this way the automazar will have enough pistels once the loki male is ready to dust. Stay tuned ! Jah bless !
  4. Hamme is busy filling his bowl with some sweet ol' mary J,we will be waiting patiently. Must be anytime now
  5. @Justcozz Thanks Justcozz!! i really cannot complain at all this round,even temp. is nice in there. exept for the fact that i need to update again inna few days But all are welcome to watch this here thing
  6. @Papalag Thank you Pops,stay tuned then ! T
  7. @JetDro In that case........ i hope you got the purple chemmie in there,or the purple heart
  8. @JetDro Nice to hear you got your hands on some of it,i hope it gives you a nice yield bruh ! It is indeed a weird and really stinky cross,no matter what phenotype you received. Some are diesel some are cheesy and some are chemmie taste,really a surprise bouquet when you plant the F1 seeds. And it's ready in about 9 weeks flowering,so that's no bad characteristic either. i could develope several lines but i think i'll stick to just the two best(in my opinion those are it)
  9. Huuuuuuy OG ! The heat wave has killed the flowering of the RPP,and the critters did their damage part too. So i have decided to clip them,and dry them. It's a bloody shame for crying out loud,but i'm never wheeping over spilled milk so i just keep on going. I had 5 cuttings of RPP x Chem S1 that were waiting in line,and almost became rootbound so it's good i had cut the RPP sooner. Now i potted those 5 in 20L pots,i have three sativa dominant purple chem pheno's one #2 pheno and one #4 pheno. So it's all going on full speed,and i don't mind at all. I have been watching all the phenotypes that were coming out of the RPP x Chem S1 cross,and i am pleasantly surprised about two of them. First up i found the #3 purple heart phenotype,second up i found the sativa dominant purple chemmie phenotype. Both are yummie ! Since you guys already have seen the purple heart pheno,i'm going to show the satty dom. purple chemmie above. Her fine leaves look nice,and she is a moderate grower and stretcher. The taste is mostly chem with a little extra stink on the background. Buds look like purple heart pheno,but are way more Chem in taste and odour. Please stay tuned,even though i update too slow Jah bless!
  10. The heat is getting to my RPP plants aswell my friend,global warming sucks There is no cure against heat rash,and that really izza big problemsch it will just have to pass,one of these days. 40 degrees C outside is no picnic inside either
  11. Hamme is still the best hydro grower i know,just sayin'' Just keep on cruisin'' like that bruuuuuuh
  12. Welcome OG ! Good 'n' hot over here,that's what it is. Temp. is over 30 degrees Celsius outside,so the tents were slapped into night cycle a while ago. momentarily i have three RPP plants in my hps tent,more or less 4 weeks into flowering. Despite my absence for two weeks due to my holiday in Austria,the sitter cared for them nicely and all is well. Still i have critters that crawled of the Origanum majoranum i bought from a gardencentre a while ago,and they have estabilished a colony of bastardous white flies. But despite that,the plants still keep on cruising. Also in the T-neon tent that i have ''volgepropt'' with RPP x Chem S1 plants,the buds are coming on nicely. They want to enter the 2nd stage of flowering now,as i can see. Not much to notice about this tent,no critters or such trouble. So let's hope they can stand the heat. i still have 3 weeks of vacation left,so i'll be planning some ''stuff'' with fellow member Sunnyvale. Enjoy your summer aswell OG,just like we do ! And to help you all get in the vibe,a little song for good karma......! Cya OG ! Jah Bless!
  13. Hello OG ! I have been busy lately,but the projects have progressed nonethereless. The autoflower round has been done for a while now,so we put 4 #3 F1 clones in there for fun. Plus the next round of Purple Heart S1 seedlings on the right side,got 5 plants of those. From the seedlings of the Purple Heart S1,i have selected one clone to become seedbarer,but i still have 5 more to check. Those 5 seedlings have been cloned by now,on number ofcourse. This way i can flower the moms and have a tasting of which phenotype will be a good match for the F1 #3 So i am getting all number crazy over here my brothers and sisters,let us hope i get exactly what i want from these rascals. All i know is that i am quite busy,but still progressing behind the scenes with this nice strain. Yes......... It is a selection made from the RPP x Chem F1 that @Hamme Hydro likes so much,and this will be the third generation in the making. So please sit back and let me do all the work Thanx fi follow my OG comrades ! Jah Bless!
  14. @SmokyHH Yep,to be used with any type of nutrient is ok,as long as you keep the dosage right.
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