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    God must have a love for crazy people,for he has created a lot of them.
    But don't worry,most genius people are mad as a doorpost.

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  1. Collie Weed

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    @gardenartus I heard it too,it's funny. i'm crying,of laughing that is......
  2. Collie Weed

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    @Sunnyvale If you strooisel a bit of that bud-sugar in their coffee you'd be friends in no time with those popo's. they will be laughing and dancing,and not wanna go to work screw my boss attitude. They'd be like : what evidence? Let's go do something fun ! MMMmmMm donutses...
  3. Collie Weed

    Collie's Weed

    @Sunnyvale In that case i'd try and emergency clone the last female,and sow new seeds later on.(just check this) Select out the nicest looking/smelling male,let him pair up with mamma while your fresh cut clones root. Rooted clones go to flowering room later on but first you cut 2 more clones. Then you put the clones on 12/12 to flower for buds only. Sow the seeds you made in round one when dried and ready,and select out and pair a similar looking male as in round one with the 2nd batch of identical clones. then test sow the new generation(number them and clone them numbered),test smoke them on number carefully just for fun. Then keep the clones you like and repeat the process once more,by sowing and selecting the proper male to your clone. Autoflowers don't clone so this time i can do nothing with these dwarfs,but it was rank B on my list to do. The # 3 purple heart phenotype is my A ranked mission. And try not to cry over spilled milk,those who dare to roll the dice get snake eyes once in a while. It's what you make of it afterwards that defines character my friend Jah bless!
  4. Collie Weed

    Reduction of Green Dragon

    @Justcozz Thanks for your reply,not really known with foreign names people give to it.(im just a little Dutchman) But i have made AHO already without the refining process Gardenartus has shown us here. I didn't even know that's even possible,get it smooth and all. I just reduced it to resin only for medicine,and took a drink halfway through reducing. That other process is a whole new thing for me,since i did try and drink the stuff but thought it's way too harsh on the throat even as a mix-drink of 5% alc. orso. Did get me up in cloud 9 and all,but didn't want to do it again....blegh! @gardenartus Thanks for telling me this,especially about the coconut oil. I am known with the process of extraction,but not the whole smoothing out you show here. Must be a real treat to drink that stuff I use BHO extract made of sugarleafs,weigh 1 gram to 9ml of sunflower-oil as a 10%(resin) suspension. So it's 10% not really based on thc%,but on resin weight. How many ML coconut oil do you think can i replace the sunflower oil with? It needs to stay fluid to be used as drops,and it can always use extra medicinal punch this way people can do way longer with the meds i make for them.
  5. Collie Weed

    Reduction of Green Dragon

    @gardenartus What is the green dragon tincture used for? And what is this green dragon? A cannabis cultivar or a medicinal herb? Fascinating subject to say the least,i am totally un-educated when it comes to herbal/funghi tinctures. All i do is prepare cannabis oil to help those around me get off the pharma meds and improve their quality of life. If i'd learn something off this maybe i'd have greater means of helping people. I do know something of wild herbs,but not enough about alcohol based tinctures and what to use em for and how to dose them. Fascinating stuff really.
  6. Collie Weed

    Back in The Saddle (outdoors)

    Maui WOWIE indeed Mr. Baq Nice and reallly clean looking,it's an outdoor example of how it should be done........whoa
  7. Collie Weed

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    It was nice to drop by for a few minutes,it was very gezellig. What kinda herb did you feed me? I was singing the whole way home haha.
  8. Collie Weed

    Collie's Weed

    @Mr-W Nuh-uh no cross dressers here , this autoflower is stable i just picked the wrong seeds hahaha.
  9. Collie Weed

    Collie's Weed

    @Mr-W: I think that being too gentle is a no go in this case,it maybe harsh for a second. But it's like pulling of a bandage,just do it controlled and do it fast and full of self-assurance Just get grippin' and rippin' ! @Sunnyvale Nice man,keep your notes on the side because that's how you keep the good stuff in your head. Just tie them down to keep them inside the expected/wanted perimeter,and they will thank you for it ! And IF you were a bit too rough(partly broken),you can use the paper painting tape for a bandage. That closes off from the air and prevents drying in of the wounded knee,so it can form callus tissue. If they start make callus tissue (scar tissue) they can still burst trough that tape with ease whenever ready. @ Topic : The unrelenting heat has dropped away a little,so i have been turning the knob on the dimlux up as far as 480 W now(everyday one click) Still keeping the tent going in the night time,keeps it way cooler now. Not much to say about it other then i think that they go a bit sluggish because of the 250W period and previous summerheat. I should see the difference in metabolic rates within this week though. In the small tent i have switched the clock to 12/12 since it was a week ago when i first treated her with silver. Subsequentley sprayed her again and switched the time table on her,a bit of low stress training on the left and pruning back to size on the right. it's an absolute delight to see em grow like this.(atleast i think so) I see in this picture they may seem a bit hungry,but it looks way worse on the photo then 4 real. On my second location i have had a minor hickup,i wanted to select some autoflowers to try and feminize them. In the second batch of seeds i grabbed,there seemed to be almost only males in there. I have never seen this before in all my time of growing,maybe the other way around with females but never so many blokes ! from the 21 seedlings i ripped out 16 males so ONLY 5 females left to select a seedplant from,it's hilarious actually. For punishment i pushed 'em outside into the yard,and now i have planted 4 clones of #3 in that bigger T-neon tent just for the bud. I think they will make a few seeds outside,so no problemsch........thash grape! (* no problem.... that's great) Jah bless!
  10. Collie Weed

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Yup....... cristal covered clubs,to beat your friends with
  11. Collie Weed

    Trump Changes Stance on Recreational MJ

    I hope dat Trump guy does see money in legalizing,it's the only thing he care about. Not even spending more then a few hundred bucks for his rescued mom,just sayin'..... It does not matter what kinda turd is running office,dem all smelly turds anyway although each turd smells different. most of dem politician are whitebread criminals,richest getting richer while the poor reach the end of the employement line..... Jah bless!
  12. Collie Weed

    Alaska Pure Kelp plant food = a better ph down?

    @Darth Budder Have you tried a water ionizer?(donnow how to name it in U.S.) It can remove access calciumcarbonate thus lowering your PH,straight from your tap. They cost some money,just like every piece of hardware for our plants. Also makes stepping under your shower a bit nicer too,with water so hard it would take ages to get the soap of your body man to all soil recipes i have read over here,i like it !
  13. Collie Weed

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    This song is a cover of milk&honey from Dennis Brown,but it's done well enough if you ask me.
  14. Collie Weed

    Identify these little buggers

    @gardenartus sorry 'bout that. It confuses me a bit not knowing what you talk about,but i never ment to say or do anything wrong. Cheer up Garden artist,that's what i meant. ** b.t.w. i hate people who look down on women,makes me wanna beat 'em silly with a stick AND i think women who are cannabis fanatics are a good thing anyway,there are way to little of those around if ya ask me. So nah worry and keep up the good work garden-artist. Jah bless ! @Hempyfan Yeah ! Humble pie ! Why can't you be at all topics all the time ! i thought you were superhempyfan the professor !(no... really you are)