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  1. @SmokyHH Yep,to be used with any type of nutrient is ok,as long as you keep the dosage right.
  2. @SmokyHH You will have to try coconut water,it has cytokinine that will activate your root tips to grow out faster. And make them a little more stress resistant and makes them eat their meal faster and more happy while doing it. i use it every other watering gift,dosage is 15ml. per L. of water,it can be combined with nurients if you wish. It is a cheap root stimulator that works more then fine,i already dropped my old bottle of BAC rootstimulator in the bin to prove it Good luck !
  3. Helloooooo OG ! I'm a little pooped from yesterday,so let's keep it short shall we? Changed the lightbulbs from hpi to hps since the growth is outta here and only buds are being made now. Also i detected with my keen eye some purps on the calyxes of plant #3,so my observation was right of this plant,and #3 is the right label for this one. And...... All the cuttings have rooted and are growing out in their new containers,as you can cee i have got 3 of each plant number. rooting = 100% @ifish they will crawl everywhere anyway,so no matter @Hamme Hydro Thnx my brodda ! Thnx for following ,next time i'll be less pooped hahahaha. Jah bless!
  4. Those worms almost look like snakes man,they are humongous !
  5. That autoflowers are less strong and so forth is a description of the first gen. autoflowers way back. That idea has become stuck in some peoples minds,and used to be true. nowadays it's just all good if ya ask me,tastewise,and highwise. Auto's really got evolved for the better,by some tenacious breeders. So when i see some 1 doing auto's these days,i get all warm and fuzzy inside
  6. The picture up above was one week ago hahahaha. Sometimes i get confused especially when Sunny dropped by with some awesome herbs he grew. Well you know how that goes....... Eyes like slids that will not open for an hour or 4,and miss placing some pictures too Nah matter my OG comrades,still a phat foto>>> The wierd black thing you cee in the bottom is my shroom incubator,yes....... i cultivate shrooms like a madman If anyone wants some pictures of that stuff,i'll be willing to post it so just ask. The smallest plant is the biggest stinker of these 4,and has the prettiest leafs. The two plants in the back are quite similar,also in stemrub smell the same. The plant left in front seems to be a #4 pheno,so it's not important (except for smoke) I'm soooooo curious what it all will become,i am practically jumping up&down like a crazy around here hahahaha Thanks for following this thread,more to come my friends! And ofcourse.......... blessings for all who read this thread !
  7. "Sup OG ?! The rpp x chem i selected THE #3 S1 from,are currently growing in my tent under the 600W HPI lamp. They have been switched to 12/12 two days ago but i have forgotten to make cuttings first,so i will be doing that today i reckon. The holiday season is coming eventually,so i stuck their rootballs in complete batmix soil one week before they went under the HPI lamp. This way the sitters only have to water. Anyway..... I tried to pop some thai seeds from a decade ago,but they died on me being so old. But atleast i popped the other 5 beans of the S1 at the same time and conditions and they hatched within 72 hours. How those will be going,you will all cee later on.
  8. @Hamme Hydro They seem to be a little wet my friend,maybe that is the problem? What is your temperature range max./ min.? Germination temp. is ideally around 20/24 degrees C. most of my seeds will pop in a day or three,and rarely take longer then five days.
  9. Anyone who has an interest in this particular Fem. F1 cross can pm me for some beans...... Looking forward to see this strain in action all over OG ! Blessings !
  10. @Hamme Hydro Thank you for the compliments regarding this strain bro ! You really take her where she can go and beyond my brother ! momentarily i'm distilling Purple Heart from this fat n sticky cross called rpp x chem. I made a selfie from cutting of the purple heart phenotype,and the fem. seed from those cuttings are now growing out. Just put them in their final 20L containers this week. The plan is to make another new generation by selecting out the purple heart phenotype from those seed by number and cross back to the original purple heart cut. ** Edit** I just remembered... That when you open a jar of this stuff in a room full of people,they WILL be looking under their shoes (did i step in poop or did you?) .
  11. @Hamme Hydro Yuuuup ! Those look amazingly good on hydro,they seem to like your touch no doubt! No lots of orange hairs yet so they will be cruising on like that ! I reckon give them a week or two perhaps,they are still budding out like crazy bruh ! I cant help using the ! !
  12. Oeoeoeh !! dark devil from sweet seeds. I reckoned there was some segregation in those seeds the last time i had grown these. Many differences between plants etc.,not too much bud on the smaller ones and so on...... I hope they have fixed that by now,and the genetics are more stabile blended. I DO hope you get a good crop out of em Toker !
  13. Greetings OG ! I have ripped the purple heart out of their shoes,and replaced them with bigger ones and fresh soil. Look at the rootballs of these gals And here they are freshly potted and content under the LED lights. No more thrips in this tent....... YAY ! And ofcourse the Auto Candy Haze is going strong ever still,even with a low day temp. of 20 degrees C. That is also the reason why they are somewhat less fat then usual,plus the seeds they make as we speak drain some bud growing power too. I have started flushing the media with water and guano extract for flavor. In 7 days or so the bigger plants that were left to ripen,wil be cut and hung for drying. Also i have popped some RPP seeds,6 fem. S1 seeds and two reg. seeds i had left. Let's hope there is a guy in those two reg. seeds Next runner up for the autoflower tent is Auto Crimson Haze,which are hatching as we speak. Auto Crimson Haze will be selected to become F3 this round,let's hope i can select it as tight as this latest candy haze run ! Thanks for watching OG ! Jah bless!
  14. Auto Candy Haze Fem. Autoflower i made a while back,and just now i made the F2 selection to progress into F3. This species of autoflower will take 12 weeks from seed to maturity. As you can see this is a pretty smoke,and a happy high too ! Smells like haze with winegums/tropical fruits mixed in. Sativa dominant. I cannot wait to pop the F3 !
  15. @Hamme Hydro Yeah they are but so are the predatory mites now. Next round it will not be so easy for them hahahaha(evil laugh)
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