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  1. Collie Weed

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    @saxo My reaction aswell bro,first see it till i believe it. Most of politicians always making a problem of it,nonethereless they should do it just for me(and you) It would mean nice relaxed holidays for me,without worry bout mista constaple trying to fine me for herbs posession. But i didn't hear much about it anymore,meaning it's not developing like it should? @Hamme Hydro Yeah bro. Still need the 5 plants to be grown,under decent values atleast. We need the rules to change,i'm bumming out a bit a.t.m. (stoopid Dutch conservative politicians) i cannot pop as much seed as i would like to for selections. Still have batches of 10/15 seeds i need to make new beans out of and prospect the genus on dem strains. But easy must do it for now....
  2. Collie Weed

    Collie's Weed

    @ topic All plants have been harvested,just need to cure the #3 fem.seedplant and find out if i have some seeds. Although i didn't see any while trimming,and didn't see any while i put them buds in jars i still hope for a few beans.... Otherwise it's me to blame......... You should have gotten the silverthiosulfate suspension right the first time you dodo ! The only plants that are still budding on their last legs,are the 4x #3 in the T-neon tent. Nice temp. there of 25 C,should become a good tasting bud looking compact and reeking more then previous runs. When fresh : smells like petrol/fuel/skunk with little sweatsocks on hitting you in the nose as last. After cure: Really complex smell euhm best to describe as a sour like smell that comes after a good cure. A bit of sour daiper poo smell,like your kid is comin thru with it's first teeth and that hump of sour poo that comes out afterwards kinda smells like it. But in a good way though strangeley enough. You won't catch me sniffing daipers but i will sniff this plant time and time again. Stay safe my OG comrades ! Jah Bless!
  3. Collie Weed

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    And still they say we are the dealer of Europe !(right now) And if we say legalise it,they say again that we don't want to be Europa's dealer country. But speaking with fear they do,about what they donnot know. And if you bust their theory....... they just walk away and say no comment But a fact is......... Spain produces most of Europa's Ganja,ya dumb nitwits..... Germany is thinking of de-criminalisation of di herbs , !yes! Germany which was so anti-weed? Look @ colorado they don't seem to be exporting more........ or do they? How about we was running in front of the rat race when it started,now we don't even run way in the back.......behind all the facts.
  4. Collie Weed

    Hi there OpenGrow crew! -- from Maria

    @Maria sanchez welcome to OG Maria. Nice little plants you had there,despite the humidity they really made the best outta the worst. If you attempt to grow on waterlogged soil,you can also plant bags of soil with the bottom removed/pierced in a undeep hole. You just leave 2/3 of the bag out of the ground so you have some elevation. OR you can put in a drainage tubing since you grow in the mountains,you have different elevations and thus you can let the gravity take te access water away better. I'd take the last option since you'll be back for more in the future i guess? Just takes more sweat,but is better for the soil and thus your plants. You can also use a thick layer of cocosfibers packed loose in a small trench with gravel on top as a drainage,since you live somewhere in Asia that cocofibre should be an abundant resource right?
  5. Collie Weed

    What is this bug?

    @Shoeless kill them dead bro... It's aphids indeed. Sharply commented/noticed guys
  6. Collie Weed

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    @Hamme Hydro Hey bro ! They look good but indeed they did look better on canna. You think it's the feed? I can recommend the silica power from BAC,makes your brix value somewhat higher. It costs a fine buck too. And thus a stronger plant more resistant to funghals/microbials/pests. Didn't know if it exists/uses for hydro use too. Would be nice though
  7. Collie Weed

    Medicated Soda!

    @gardenartus Nice work gardenartus Nice and fresh,and healthy too ! Next stop>>>>>>> medicated italian style ice cream ? (i would buy a plane ticket to come taste that stuff) i would eat so much they wouldn't fly me back being too heavy luxery problem It's funny how the first fizzy drinks were given as medicine by pharmacy's.(Coca Cola) People loved the taste,so it started to take off. Now YOU just put the car in reverse and make the fizz drink like a medicine again,how awesome ! (applauding loudly and looking stupid by himself behind the desktop)
  8. Collie Weed

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

    2nd Fiddle
  9. Collie Weed

    Dinafem seeds

    I still have the auto Cheese XXl from Dinafem in my fridge. Still not going to pop em,busy schedule hahaha. No matter,it will come when it comes
  10. Collie Weed

    Clean up Crew :)

    My doggy uses dry cannabis twigs to chew out on. Really good toothbrushes if ya ask me,and fresh breath too. He likes it more to play with then a normal tree branch,must be that ''new plant smell' that draws him in every time.
  11. Collie Weed

    Collie's Weed

    Eyo riddim wise........check how red my eyes...... With a clean heart me never stress,Jah guide me study so me pass all di test......
  12. Collie Weed

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  13. Collie Weed

    Trump Changes Stance on Recreational MJ

    @HUFFnPUFF Sad to say but yes,especially the prisons . People getting busted for MJ posession,their whole life goes to heck and for what? Because some one says you can't smoke the herbs? For me it's like some one saying i cannot put oregano on my freakin' pizza..... you just try and you'll see no pizza without oregano for me. . Money for the government leeches,that's why dem all in prison getting sucked dry of their life years..... They want you to think it's about the herbs being illigal,but it's about money and power for them. Herbs is a basic need for some folks, they should just accept that and make money the right way. Then we can use the old prisons to grow the herbs in
  14. Collie Weed

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    @Sunnyvale Healthy looking Neesjes bro,i enjoyed their taste already. And with guanokalong powder added to the bio mix,they get really pungent and spicey. I think you'll like this one. Are you letting this one make one central cola? Or do you wanna top her later on ?
  15. Collie Weed

    Collie's Weed

    @HUFFnPUFF Lenghtwise the same as normal 1.5 litres,only double the width so i think it's 3 litres orso? So extra wide load i guess I estimate four full jars in total so that's.......between 200 / 300 grams max i think? ** What you describe with starches i have had as a problem with Chemdawg in the past. It was just too tickelish in the throat to smoke pure on the bong or in a joint,so it made me cough. Never knew it was those starches being processed at night,so i cut them down in the middle of that process(in the middle of their sleepy time) And thus it was way sharper/tickeling to smoke pure,don't you think? Never had that again with Chemdawg. i always chop them just before start of day now every time since the Chemdawg...... So there is the difference maybe. Thanks Huff