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  1. I don't know about KF but Mad S grows slowwwwwww and is a short squat plant - at least the ones i grew.
  2. Turned out awesome - was one of my keepers. I LST'd after she topped herself and she delivered boat loads of prime smoke. Easy to clone also.
  3. jp139

    First Hermi

    I had 2 mad kush and a mad scientist throw a couple of nanner balls. Moved them to another building to let them finish. checked them everyday and none ever came back. Dumped the clones and the seeds (had 8 mad kush and 7 mad scientist seeds left) - bummed me out but what are ya gonna do?. Better than future aggravation, wasted time and money I figure. good luck with your decision. Madberry finished no issues and no issues with sugar punch (same environment). Figured might have gotten a bad batch of MK and MS.
  4. All I use are hempy's now (3 parts perlite and 1 part vermiculite) mix 3 - 3.5 gal buckets. I use the "useless" formula (modified a bit) with gh 3 part nutrients. like said above ph every feeding. I start seedlings with about 150ppm's and never ever seem to go above 800ppms for full blown flowering plants (no matter the strain). Maybe that's why they call it the "useless" formula. This year have added no cal/mag and no issues-plants green up through 7th week. No pumps, no air stones, no cleaning res, no root rot, can't over water - works for me. Good Luck.
  5. Thought this was funny.....So me and my girl are checking out the plants and I still have 1 bagseed I grew as a test plant (doing marvelously - hate to throw away good herb) and we also have several different Sannies shop strains flowering. Now my bagseed plants always did us well and taught us alot and was always decent in taste and got the job done. Anyway, as we are looking at the plants, she looks at me and says " ya know, I'd rather smoke the leaves off of any one of sannies strains than smoke any bud on that bagseed plant, or anything we have grew and smoked." I just cracked up -because it's true and sounded funny. If I knew there would be that much of a difference, I'd have switched along time ago. Sannies looks like a sugar factory in comparison.
  6. wow pretty frosty looks like it's gonna be kick-ass! will be cutting my purple down in a week (56 days), looks like my green will be 2 weeks - we'll see. Anticipation. good luck..almost at the finish!
  7. tried soil, tried dwc, - tired of bugs, power outages, etc. - hempy buckets for me - will never grow another way - it's almost stupid simple which is what my black thumbs need (lol). Since I went hempy style - have only had 1 problem (thrips) and that's because I decided to give them nature's best lighting and put them outside and brought them in - live and learn. Good luck with the soil grow dude!
  8. here are some trich pics at day 49 12/12 of a purple and a green madberry leaf section - almost done! no issues !
  9. jp139


  10. well, 6 days for the first and 5 days for the second since 2 nanner pods found on each, and NO new nanners! Day 1 of week 5, glad I didn't chuck them (they are far away in another building) as they are pretty darn frosty and should yield some fine smoke. BUT it aint over till it's over so not counting the chickens before they hatch. Alot can happen in that time. It ain't good and done until it's hangin. 2 weeks left of madberry - NO nanners, 4 weeks left of MS - NO nanners. hoping nanner free. Maybe the Mad Kush spits a coup[le out early and is done - I don't know. Weird things happen when growing.
  11. I walked by my tent into another room and was gone for only 5 minutes. When I came back thru, I swear my sugar punch grew another 6" in that time. A growth beast for sure.
  12. jp139


  13. 2nd Mad Kush - out the door - 1st pod showed up tonight......nnnnnnnn out the door she went....f-n bitch. Pisses me off. Now.... off to kill it's clones.
  14. Found another set of nanners this am on the tall mad kush (bitch) - so out the door she went. Yesterday there were none, today found 1 pod of 3 so she be gone as she will just produce more I guess. I know when you find them this early (day1 of week 4 12/12) that there most likely is going to be trouble and typically dump them right then and there if there are multiple nanner pods that sprout up overnight. I start nanner patrol usually toward the end of week 4 - glad I checked her early! I Put her in another building (far far away) with a 400w hps on her. Guess I'll make some hash or some shit out of her when she's done (if she does not become a full fledged banana factory). Since I grew bag seed many many years, I have become a nanner ninja and can spot those fuckers a mile away. I have never had a fully seeded crop from them (even with early ones). My finding is that they stay within the bud or get covered (almost protected) by leaves covering/hiding them. In all my grows with nanners, I have only ended up with less than a dozen seeds in a couple of plants out of say 9-12 plants in a 5x5 tent. Most bud was unseeded, some contained unfound/hidden nanners. Smoke was always good and I use the seeds (not to grow out) but to test things I want to try out but not on a good plant. I don't care about the ones that show up late (week 7/8) as they don't make a difference (still nice to not get them tho). Since I do this for my self, I don't sell or tell, I might smell a bit...lol, It does not matter if I end up with a few seeds altho I would prefer none. This was my first grow with fem seeds and was not sure what to expect as far as herms and nanners. Guess the jury is still out! My 2 madberry and UBS are fine (week 6), My mad S and the other kush (week 4) show no nanners yet, and my 2 sugar punch are only in their 2nd week of 12/12 - so too early for them. So life goes on........
  15. they have been growing well with no issues until today - both have big thick stalks for their size otherwise I would have lst'd them. Stalks look like the very very hollow kind. Have a tall one looks like one main bud with a crown around it and some side shoots - christmas tree type kind of open structure. this is the one that had one clump of nanners on the very bottom popcorn bud. The other is shorter and a lot bushier but similar in structure. Both kushs have a nutty/coffee type smell to them. If I find any more, I will relocate it to another building and let her finish as long as the nanners do not get ridiculous and i'll make some hash or something out of her I guess or give her to someone who doesn't care. If the nanners get ridiculous, I will designate her to the appropriate landfill I guess. I have had a couple of nanner shooters that ended up being awesome smoke - we ll see how it goes.
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